What do men want in bed

What do men want in bed?.

, What do men want in bedSex – This is an important part of family life that can make a joint life bright and passionate, or boring and everyday. If you notice that a man gradually loses interest in you, if his desire is no longer so strong, and sex has become more and more rare and cold, then to preserve the relationship you need to show attention and fantasy.

By making a little effort to seduce and satisfy your man, you can save or even improve not only your sex life, but completely all relations. In order for your man to lose his head from passion for you, you need to know what exactly he likes in bed and start actively using it.

  • The desire of a woman

Wish – This is what a man wants to feel from his partner. Many women perceive sexual life as a burden and an empty waste of time, which very negatively affects the male desire. Most often, men in such relationships begin to desire other women. If you want to avoid this, then try to pay attention to this point and set yourself up for sex with special attention.

This can be done by accepting a relaxing bath and trying on beautiful sexy linen, because for every girl it is very important to look attractive and well -groomed.

  • Sexy groans and screams

Each man experiences additional excitement, seeing what pleasure a woman experiences during sexual contact with him. Therefore, do not hesitate to express your emotions not only with words, but also with moans.

  • Prelude

Many people believe that only girls are necessary for the prelude, but this is not at all the case. Try to caress such places like a neck, nipples and an area of abdomen and hips. You will see how pleasant it will be to your man and how his excitement will intensify quickly.

  • Sex in the light

Girls experiencing sets regarding their appearance experience great difficulties in sex not in the dark. However, for any man, visual contact is very important, which he can satisfy by watching you when the light is turned on. Remember that during sex, a man does not pay attention to the ideality of the body, first of all he concentrates on your emotions and your pleasure. Therefore, do not be shy to show it.

  • Pleasant words and compliments

Try to tell your man pleasant words during sex. These can be words said in a whisper in the ear, or there may be loud exclamations said in a fit of passion. Tell me how much he excites you, how strong he is and how well you are with him. Make a compliment to his strong hands, delicate lips and a powerful cock.

  • Frank conversations

Do not be afraid to share your erotic fantasies with your partner. Tell him what exactly you like during sex, what poses, movements and pace causes the most excitement and pleasant emotions.

  • beauty

Pay special attention to the underwear in which you will appear before the gaze of your man. Stop the outright lace underwear of black or red, as well as on a sexual peignoir. Using these clothing items, you can favorably emphasize all your advantages and hide the disadvantages. Thanks to erotic linen, a man can see the forms and bends of your attractive naked body.

  • , What do men want in bedA variety of your sex

Try to offer to use various sex toys during sex, which will help you both experience completely new emotions. The most popular are vibrators and phallimitators, strapons that can be used by both a man and a woman, as well as various devices for nipples and clitoris.

Now you will not want to look for new sensations on the side, because you can get them with your partner thanks to a variety of toys.

  • Show the initiative

Many women are the first to be shy about the initiative for sex and expect it from a man. And in vain, because men are extremely pleased to feel that his partner is longing for sex with him. Therefore, try to overcome the shyness and flirt with him.

Remember that you can flirt not only at the stages of dating, but after several years of life together. First, try to do it on SMS. Write him a sexual message in which share your erotic fantasy that you would like to realize that night. Tell me what emotions in you the husband causes and how you want to be in his strong arms now.

Pay attention to the fact that often for a man sex is necessary as a discharge and relief of stress. Therefore, if you see that a man is experiencing severe stress at work, then help him relax with a blowjob or passionate sex. After this, a man will experience strong gratitude and tenderness for such a partner, which significantly improves the relationship in general.

Beautiful erotic linen and sex toys that will help you bring your relationship to a better level, you can purchase in the online store of erotic goods.

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