What color should be the sperm of a healthy man?

What color should be the sperm of a healthy man?.

The normal sperm of a healthy man should be white and thick consistency, can have a slightly grayish tint. The degree of whiteness is determined by the concentration of germ cells in the seed fluid. The higher the content, the more saturated the white color of the sperm. And with a decrease in the content of spermoids, the ejaculate becomes slightly transparent.

In reality, the color of the ejaculate can change. This happens for various reasons – harmless (for example, the use of a large amount of water, frequent sexual acts, etc.) and quite dangerous (infectious inflammation, injuries, etc.).

Normal sperm: what color should be

The fluid that flows from the penis during ejaculation is produced by three different organs:

  • seed bubbles. They are located in the rear of the prostate, and vulsion ducts depart from them, which at the end are connected to the urethra. The seed bubbles are responsible for the production of the base of the ejaculate, that is, liquids are the basis of sperm;
  • prostate gland. Also produces seed fluid, but the share of the latter is only 25% of the total ejaculate. The prostate iron also regulates urination and erection;
  • testicles. Located in the scrotum and produce sperm – male germ cells. The share of the latter in the volume of the ejaculate is approximately 5% – but it is these germ cells that determine the degree of whiteness of seed fluid.

The basis of the ejaculate consists of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and various components. Together, they give a white ejaculate. This color is a sign of normal sperm of a healthy man.

The composition of the ejaculate also includes spermatozoa – the degree of transparency of the liquid depends on their content. The more germ cells, the whiter sperm. And the smaller there are, the more transparent.

Why the color of the ejaculate can change

This is influenced by various factors – both harmless and dangerous. The first, for example, includes the factor of the concentration of sperm in the sperm. There are other completely harmless factors:

  • eating products in which there are coloring properties. For example, beets, coffee, various additives and dyes. All this can affect the color of seed fluid. The shade is normalized if you stop eating such foods;
  • Drinking too much water. The larger the volume of water drunk, the more transparent the seed fluid becomes;
  • Long -term sexual abstinence or frequent sex. In the first case, sperm acquires a thick white color (since the concentration of sperm rises), and in the second – the color shifts towards transparency.

All these factors are harmless. The color immediately normalizes if the reasons considered above are excluded.

However, there are dangerous factors:

  • injury to the penis. For example, this can happen during experiments during intercourse;
  • infectious diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • taking some drugs (in particular those that are aimed at increasing potency).

If you notice the uncharacteristic color of the sperm, then you need to consult a doctor. Only a doctor can establish an exact cause.

What color can sperm get and what it is talking about

The color of the ejaculate can change from a very transparent to brown with an unpleasant odor. Consider them in more detail.

Transparent color

In most cases, such a color of ejaculate can be normal and not cause concerns. Sperm can become transparent if a man drinks too much liquid per day. Also, the ejaculat becomes transparent due to frequent sexual intercourse – when there is no time between sex, sufficient to develop a new portion of spermatozoa.

If a man does not drink a lot of water and has not had sex for several days, and sperm still remains transparent, then this can be an alarming symptom. Typically, in this case, we are talking about azoospermia – the absence of germ cells in the seed fluid. This is a sign of male infertility.


This is a normal state, although not so frequent. The fact is that the seed fluid before standing out, passes through the urinary channel, where it can mix with urine residues. This leads to the acquisition of a sperm of a yellowish tint.

Also yellow color can be given by some drugs and vitamin complexes. This should not cause fears.

However, if the color of the seed fluid is dirty yellow, then you should be checked by a specialist. Perhaps we are talking about infectious diseases.

Red or pink

If a man often eats coloring products, then the pink or red sperm is quite normal.

Also, pink color can be caused by microtrauma of the urethra capillaries, which can happen due to frequent and active sexual intercourse. This problem is eliminated by itself without the intervention of a specialist.

Also, red or pink color can be caused by various diseases of the prostate, seed bubbles and urethra. Only a specialist can determine the exact cause.

Green, dark or brown

Usually in this case, the seed fluid acquires an unpleasant odor. Green, dark and brown sperm colors indicate that infectious diseases occur in the genitals. A man could become infected with unprotected sexual intercourse with an unhealthy partner. If sperm has acquired such unhealthy shades, you need to see a doctor, even if there are no other symptoms. Most infectious diseases of the genitourinary system occur in a hidden form.

The pronounced brown and dark colors of ejaculate indicate that the composition of the seed fluid has old blood. This is a clear symptom of malignant neoplasms in the genitourinary system.

With any change in the color of the ejaculate, you need to seek help from a specialist. If the cause is harmless (microtrauma, eating coloring products), you just need to wait out. But if the liquid acquires unhealthy shades and an unpleasant odor, then the problem cannot be ignored. Perhaps we are talking about serious diseases.

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