We shoot homemade “hot video”: what products from the store for adults come in handy?

We shoot homemade “hot video”: what products from the store for adults come in handy?.

, We shoot homemade “hot video”: what products from the store for adults come in handy?

If your goal – for real «hot» Homemade video, not a video causing shame mixed with disgust when watching, certainly make a list of accessories for yourself that will help create a real masterpiece. What adult toys will decorate your pornatmade?

That we will shoot? And what to dress in?

This will depend on the preferences of the couple. Someone prefers classic sex, and someone – BDSM. The more unusual preferences, the more difficult it is to make sure that everything looks with dignity on the video.

"He and she" Recommends: erotic linen.

Classic genre for women

If you decide to start with a simple plot, you can’t do without beautiful underwear unequivocally. Immediately note that not all women are proud of their body and consider it ideal. In order not to suffer from thoughts about which side to turn to the camera to look beautiful, but just have fun, it is worth buying special erotic lingerie. The basic option – peignoir with thongs or a set of linen. Cut and density of fabric – At the discretion of the lady (depending on whether she wants to demonstrate a chic chest or elastic ass).

The girl will be able to effectively and seductively tighten the thongs, remaining in the translucent peignoir, which will allow both the figure and hide stretch marks on the skin or cellulite.

A set of bras and translucent panties with a skirt is suitable for those who are ready to show the bust, but not the lower part of the body. The bra will be unfastened and dropped, and panties can be moved aside and indulge in love, not thinking about what is visible «Orange peel» On the hips.

Real finds – body, corsets, belts and stockings, body-bud, mesh overalls with cuts in intimate places, Catsuits – All this will allow the girl to look amazing in the frame.

Male erotic linen

But what about men? For them – Models «Tanga», underpants «Joki», who leave the buttocks open, visually making the figure more fit (just imagine how gorgeous such a male ass in the frame will look gorgeous!). An interesting solution – Panties-farts (they do not need to be removed, the front part is enough to raise and – forward!). And for lovers to have fun – Fantasy panties (male «dignity» will «Packed» In the form of a lion cub, elephant or snake).

, We shoot homemade “hot video”: what products from the store for adults come in handy?

BDSM-video: Choosing clothes and accessories – There is no shyness here!

Can’t do without an appropriate costume. For men, it can be panties, which resembled the cover «chastity belt» or panties with a leash (if a girl is dominated). What about the weight for the scrotum and member? Very exciting!
For girls a good solution – Latex, leather. Body made of belts (or latex stripes) look original and very exciting).

For both men and ladies, masks, collars, gags are suitable for ladies. There are even gags-straps and gags-pnseries (oral sex with a girl who put on such a gag – Enchanted spectacle). Handcuffs for hands/legs will be needed – Where without them?

Ezmable accessories – slopes, whips, stacks. They can be used both for its intended purpose, and as a dildo or anal stimulant (depending on the shape of the handle).

Well, then – It all depends on how hard the entertainment is the couple!

Role games: we get used to the image!

Maybe the guy had long dreamed of sex with a depraved nurse or maid? To realize it is simple – A special suit will help. What about the mistress-brow?!

Men can become tough cowboys, strict police officers (ready plot: a guy in a policeman’s outfit and a girl discharged as «moth») or funny cannibals (trying on Schrek costume).

Fantasize and do not hesitate to embody fantasies into reality!

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