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Video Kamasutra — 13 best training films.

Healthy and cool sex is not only the key to our good physical and mental health, but also the key to strong relations with a loved one. Its meaning in our life is difficult to overestimate. But if you treat sex as something fleeting or only as a means to relieve stress, then this page is clearly not for you. This page is primarily devoted to those for whom sex is something higher, sensual and passionate, to those for whom this is a whole art — The art of enjoyment. It was for such people that the best learning online films from the video of the Kamasutra video, where hundreds of different poses were considered for sex, were collected. These textbooks will help expand your imagination and add to your sex life, something new. Yes! It is new and fresh, since this will never let your passion cool. Well, enough la-la, let’s move on to our list of films of the video of the kamasutra, which you can download and watch online for free!)

Kamasutra – Erotic sex poses

Kamasutra — 366 different poses for sex

After watching a porn kamasutra — 366 different poses for sex you will understand that posing for sex is actually not 100, not 200 or even 366, but exactly as much as your fantasy can come up with. The uniqueness of this video lies primarily in the fact that all the most extreme and incredible poses for sex are collected here, seeing which you will want to try immediately. Why is it precisely 366? Because the authors of this material decided to make a film in the form of a calendar, in which for each day of the year their own pose for making love will be provided. Almost all poses will demonstrate one pair. This will not be distracted by different faces, but more focus on the variety of all the presented positions.

Duration: 04:08:00
Size: 820 mb

102 Pose for sex from Kama Sutra

, Video Kamasutra. Watch online for free, download
I posted this textbook video of the Kama Sutras in 2nd place, since in my opinion it is more saturated with useful material — diverse scenes demonstrating various posts for sex. No unnecessary retreats and no unnecessary water, all in the case. One couple in love for 1.5 hours will demonstrate about 102 posts for you for sex online, while they will absolutely not be fixated on the same bed, they will do it all over the house and use everything that is possible: balcony, stairs,chairs, ottomans, floor, etc. D.

Duration: 01:30:59
Size: 1340 mb

Kamasutra — The art of sex

, Video Kamasutra. Watch online for free, download
This free Kama Sutra can be very little inferior to the previous in terms of the number of things discussed for sex, but an indisputable plus of it is that it demonstrates more exotic and I would even say extreme poses, for the use of which special physical training is needed as a man and a woman. In the film, for 1 hour and 20 minutes of the pose, one pair also demonstrates, but unlike the previous video, the steam camaters will demonstrate almost all the postures on the bed or next to it.

Duration: 01:21:03
Size: 659 MB

Kamasutra lessons — Sex in different poses

, Video Kamasutra. Watch online for free, download
This video of the Kama Sutra also depicts a large number of poses for sex, but it is no longer a continuous video, where one pair continuously demonstrates various poses. These Kama Sutra lessons are designed on the similarity of the program, where there are two presenters who comment on each pose and explain all the subtleties and features of using each individual posture. And three pairs will clearly portray and demonstrate many different poses.

Duration: 00:51:40
Size: 355 MB

Kamasutra — Erotic sex poses

This video of the Kama Sutra is a continuation of the previous film «Kamasutra lessons — Sex in different poses» and belongs to the category of erotica. As in the previous part, various erotic sex poses will be considered, only this time a man will be paid to the poses from above, a woman from above, sitting and a man from behind. As always, 2 beautiful leaders will give comprehensive comments about each of the poses.

Duration: 00:58:51
Size: 569 MB

New Kamasutra — Better pose for sex

, Video Kamasutra. Watch online for free, download
New Kamasutra — Better pose for sex — This is the next movie Kamasutra. In terms of design and content is very similar to the previous textbook. There are also 3 couples in love, who will take turns showing various posts for sex. All poses will be divided into categories such as: a man from above, a woman on top, standing, sitting, on the side, etc.D. It should be noted that this textbook considers quite a lot of unusual and very interesting poses for sex, which you will immediately want to try in practice!).

Duration: 00:56:13
Size: 700 MB

Kamasutra — The sexiest posts for sex

, Video Kamasutra. Watch online for free, download
Kamasutra — The sexiest posts for sex — This is a wonderful film that will give a new charge to your sexual imagination and life. 3 young couples will demonstrate to you a pleasant relaxing music of more than 50 different poses from Kama Sutra. The camera constantly moving around the bed will show you everything from all sides, so I think that after watching this video you will have no questions. Look, study and give your partner the highest pleasure.

Duration: 01:15:31
Size: 399 MB

100 sex positions Kamasuters for lovers

, Video Kamasutra. Watch online for free, download
Great Kama Sutra movie for those who want to add a little sharpness and extremely to their intimate life. This textbook demonstrates approximately 100 different sex positions of Kama Sutras for sex. Moreover, in addition to using classical sex positions, the authors decided to give free rein to the imagination and give this manual a more modern spirit of sexuality. Therefore, the use of sex swing, sex toys and various objects for sexual games will be guaranteed.

Duration: 01:57:08
Size: 1012 mb

Kamasutra — Sexual positions Tao

, Video Kamasutra. Watch online for free, download
Kamasutra film — Tao’s sexual positions are a collection of especially intimate poses for sex, allowing a man and a woman to exchange their energies, which help them go to a qualitatively new level of intimacy and sensations of each other. Together with 3 famous American sexologists, you will plunge into all the subtleties and secrets of high sex. Although poses in this video Kamasutra are not depicted as much as in previous versions, they will allow you to feel yourself with a partner as a single and inseparable whole.

Duration: 00:52:46
Size: 701 mb

Modern Kamasutra — Beautiful poses for sex

Perhaps the most modern Kama Sutra, which was shot only in 2012 with a studio «No Tabooos Canal». Great quality and wonderful actors deserve this video worth your attention. Despite the fact that this manual is considered not so many poses as in the previous ones, everything will undoubtedly delight you with the skillful game of actors, the perfect ownership of their bodies, the transfer of feelings, emotions and passions. In total, about 50 beautiful poses for sex are demonstrated in the video. Particular attention was paid to numerous varieties of missionary pose and pose of a rider. In any case, as in the rest of the previously considered films, you will find something new and useful for yourself.

Duration: 01:02:46
Size: 911 mb

Russian Kamasutra — Encyclopedia of sex

The domestic manufacturer, as you see, also does not want to lag behind the West. Russian Kamasutra — Encyclopedia of sex — also falls into our list of films video of the KamaSutra. One of the most pleasant features of this textbook is that it is in Russian. If in previous videos you mostly watched and at the same time did not understand anything about what they were talking about there, now everything will be clear to you. All the actions of partners will be in detail comment and explain. Although poses, as such, not so much is considered here, but carefully told about the preliminary part of love, which is also very important. You will learn how to prepare the body for sex, how to choose a place and an atmosphere for intimacy, how to organize a romantic evening, smoothly shimmering on an unforgettable night, study the basics of erotic massage, various types of preludes, etc.D.

Duration: 01:29:34
Size: 712 mb

3D Kamasutra

Until now, the Kama Sutra video has not been so realistic. Amir Essad and his film «3D Kamasutra» They made a real revolution in this genre, since no one has yet removed the Kamasutra in 3D format. You seem to be transferred to a live seminar on sex techniques, where a young couple is studying all kinds of sex positions. The guy and his girlfriend — It will appear before you as if alive and you can fully empathize with everything that happens with them. This is perhaps the most important advantage of this video and its main distinguishing feature. You are unlikely to meet new, some special poses for sex, but nevertheless, as they say, repetition — Mother of Teaching!))

Duration: 00:47:11
Size: 664 MB

Indian Kama Sutra — Beautiful Indian sex

Indian Kama Sutra — This is another film about the poses for sex, the main feature of which is the production of ancient India. Actors, their robes, jewelry, the interior of the room, etc.D — Everything is saturated with Indian culture. All this will allow you to plunge with your head during the writing of the famous treatise of love and see truly beautiful sex. A couple that is being shot in this video demonstrates extraordinary tenderness in relation to each other, and those poses in which they make love express uncontrollable mutual passion. Actors will show not only positions applicable in bed, but also those that you can use in water, for example in a bath or jacuzzi.

Duration: 00:56:16
Size: 406 MB

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