Uterine rabies in women. What is this? Symptoms

Uterine rabies in women. What is this? Symptoms.

“Frenzy of the uterus in women” is not a scientific term. Sometimes the PMS is hidden behind this definition. However, more often we are talking about nymphomania – pathologically increased sexual attraction in women, hypersexuality.

The modern words “hysteria” and “rabies” have a common Greek root. The designation “rabies of the uterus” was introduced by the philosopher Plato.

He described the uterus as a kind of beast with his own creature, which lives in the body of a woman and requires the performance of a childbearing function.

Uterine rabies: what happens?

  • congenital;
  • acquired;
  • meno (manifested during menopause);
  • imaginary.

The term is formed from the words “nymph” (“bride”) and “mania” (“passion”). Similar male disorder is called satyriasis.

How to recognize “uterine rabies in women”: signs and symptoms of the disease

Sexual dissatisfaction and an unchigning thirst for intimacy – only what is on the surface. In fact, there are much more signs:

Woman gets hung on the topic of sex. Hobbies, work, communication with friends and other types of activity can not only go to the background, but completely replace the life.

Erotic fantasies are part of the daily routine of Nymphomaniac. Often she cannot take a break from exciting images even in a dream.

Surface, concern. With girls suffering from nymphomania, it is impossible to build a long relationship. In most cases, they are devoid of empathy.

However, if nymphomania is expressed non -cortical, a woman can express an interest in a man’s life. However, this is almost always pretense, perceived as part of the prelude.

Promiscuity connections. Nymphomaniacs are constantly in search of a sexual partner. At the same time, the selection criteria are almost completely absent: a woman is ready to intercourse with almost everyone, without thinking about the consequences. Accordingly, marital fidelity from such a woman is pointless to wait.

Reduced instinct of self -preservation and inability to control the situation. In the first place, Nymphomaniac is always a thirst for sex.

For the sake of her satisfaction, a woman is ready that many would call negligence or complete madness.

If it becomes possible to make love, a woman will not be confused by a dark lane, nor the apartment of a completely unfamiliar man.

A woman with “uterine fury” always flirts, everywhere and with all. Even if she is on a date, for example, in a restaurant, and opposite the man with whom she plans to have sex that evening, this is not a reason to deny herself a frank flirt with a waiter.

Inability to get enough. Even having experienced multiple orgasms, a nympho cannot feel discharge. She is always not enough, because of which life turns into an endless marathon.

Uterine rabies: the main symptoms

  • love for pornography;
  • uncontrolled masturbation;
  • sexy “breaking”;
  • tendency to exhibitionism;
  • lack of a sense of shame;
  • Often high self -esteem;
  • increased irritability, sometimes bordering on aggression;
  • In particularly neglected cases, depression, up to suicidal behavior.

Symptoms and their severity depend on the degree of nymphomania. The manifestations of the disease can also vary from fixation on sex until all of the above signs.

Uterus rabies in women is a disease, not a banal licentiousness. This is a pathological inability to control sexual needs, so it is impossible to behave decently to behave to the situation. Diagnosis and prescribing treatment in accordance with the cause of the disorder can only be a doctor.

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