TOP-10 of the most famous gays

TOP-10 of the most famous gays.

Not so long ago, an official announcement of his own non -traditional sexual orientation was able to put an end to the career of any celebrity, to cause public censure to a person. But now the situation has changed significantly, the actors, singers and dancers of the world level of popularity are not embarrassed to admit this. Naturally, it is pointless to resist nature, trying to fight with the unusual majority of the population with a sexual essence. Each man has every right to intimate happiness. The article lists the most famous gays of show business, compiles the top celebrities of this plan.

Jim Parsons

, TOP-10 of the most famous gays

The list opens this star actor. Rumors about him have been going on for a long time, but the fact that he was gay managed to find out exactly only in 2012, when Parsons told in an interview with the authoritative American publication the truth about his own homosexual orientation. The role of Cooper in the series called “The Big Bang Theory” brought a talented artist a lot of all kinds of prizes at festivals. Among them are authoritative awards “Golden Globe” and “Emmy”. For the past 10 years, Jim has constantly met with his producer and art director Tod Spivak. Four years ago they were officially combined with marriage. The star claims that he never intended to promote his relationship with Todd. He emphasized that they live in an ordinary life – in the morning they boil coffee, then walk dogs. There is nothing special in their relationship that can excite extraneous attention.

Neil Patrick Harris

, TOP-10 of the most famous gays

The list of famous gays continues the famous American actor, in his films playing the roles of passionate conquerors of ladies’ hearts. During schooling, the guy was a very exemplary boy, having done his studies with honors. Over the years of creative life, he starred in ninety -three films, although some belong to the animation genre, where Patrick was performing the main characters. Harris is noticed in a protracted love story for the scriptwriter of a popular television series named David Barlet. This pair of men brings up two children on their own, born for them by a surrogate mother.

Nile told the world about his non -traditional orientation in an interview with PEOPLE. This event occurred in 2006. He said that he was glad to dispel numerous errors, because he is proud of what is able to openly declare himself as gay. The actor shared his joy, because he lives happily, does his favorite thing, in which a wonderful person helps him. Eight years later, Patrick was combined with his colleague David Bartka.

Tim Cook

, TOP-10 of the most famous gays

This talented manager recently took up the post of General Director of Apple. He is known as a billionaire and the famous fan of yoga. In recent history, he managed to lead the list of the most influential people among the American community of popular gays twice. The businessman publicly opened, saying that sexual relations are more attractive to him precisely with men.

Vendworth Miller

, TOP-10 of the most famous gays

This American actor gained fame after playing the role of Scofield (film “Escape”). He has Africano-Yamaic roots. Having become adults, the man admitted that his inclinations to same -sex love appeared in his child. Once, in an interview, Veffant told how he made a suicide attempt to make a suicide in his youth that the surrounding him would hate due to unconventional attachment to the guys.

The orientation of the famous actor was opened when he publicly announced this by boycotting the International Film Festival held in St. Petersburg. It was a protest sign against Russian laws prohibiting gay propaganda.

Nikolai Tsiscaridze

, TOP-10 of the most famous gays

Russian ballet artist – domestic celebrity. He prefers in an interview to bypass the theme of homosexuality. The questions of this plan provoke an outbreak of anger from him. Nikolai Odinok, although he is often seen in the society of Alekseev – the main gay of our country. Tsiscaridze was also suspected of a novel with Baskov. Although he replied that this was only a close friend, but could not dissuade anyone. Also, in favor of non -traditional sexual orientation, the drain and correspondence of the dancer speaks.

Matt Bomer

, TOP-10 of the most famous gays

Back in 2010., In an interview, the star was asked what kind of sexual orientation he has. Matt hinted that he was a homosexual, although he refused to talk about the details of his intimate life. Only two years later, he publicly admitted that he was gay.

This blue -eyed brunette, captivating with a charming smile, would like many of his fans. The seductive guy voiced Superman in the cartoon of the same name, starred in a horror movie. He embodies brutal masculinity. The man officially registered marriage with a publicist from Hollywood Simon Halls, they bring together three children.

Andrew Scott

, TOP-10 of the most famous gays

Irish actor has long confirmed his non -traditional orientation. Back in 2013. He told in an interview that he was happy due to his recognition by his right to homosexuality.

Zakari kuinto

, TOP-10 of the most famous gays

This American actor stands out among the geys. He admitted to non -traditional orientation back in 2011. The man constantly sought to achieve the legalization of marriages between people of the same sex, although he did not believe too much in such an opportunity. When the Supreme Court of the state allowed pairs leading an unusual sexual life to legally formalize his relationship, Kuinto instantly responded to this: “My sincere gratitude to thousands of activists and legislators who fought for a long time to achieve victory. We waited for the historical moment “.

Ian McCellen

, TOP-10 of the most famous gays

Fans of the film “The Lord of the Rings” did not even imagine that the actor who played in the series of the fair old man Gandalph is a homosexual.

This man told about his sexual addictions back in 1988, giving interviews on the BBC air. This recognition did not prevent the fact that he later received a knightly order for the most stellar roles. The actor was also noted as a civil activist fighting for the rights of all sexual minorities. Ten years ago, he called the coward of the mayor of Moscow, because he canceled the gay parade appointed in the capital.

Kevin Spacey

, TOP-10 of the most famous gays

A long period of his life, this film actor, who is a successful producer, carefully hid his non -traditional orientation. Truth was discovered only thanks to a loud scandal. The famous singer from the USA, Anthony RAPP, giving a resonant interview on television, he said that Spacey had molested him with harassment when the guy was only fourteen years old. After that, Kevin had nothing left to do – he openly admitted that only men loves all his life.

Although homosexual relations in almost all countries have become an ordinary topic, in the world people of non -traditional orientation are not respected, referring to them contemptuously. If foreign stars only attract additional attention, admitting to their belonging to LGBT (this also applies to celebrity-Lesbiyanok), domestic celebrities prefer, usually, carefully hide it. Otherwise, they can put a fat cross in their further career.

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