The guy quickly ends. Why, what to do? How long can not end. How to finish the girl faster


, The guy quickly ends. Why, what to do? How long can not end. How to finish the girl faster
The problem of fast final in men is often found. How to react to this woman? Can she slow down the satellite? How to learn to get an orgasm at the same time and manage to receive your portion of pleasure. Simple tips for girls, useful accessories that improve the sex life of any couple.

Girl actions when a man finishes very quickly

If the process of copulation lasts 1-2 minutes-this is not enough, it often happens that the girl does not have time to get pleasure during this time. And in such situations there are 2 options for:

  • Accelerate yourself. Try to be more excited during the prelude and help yourself in the process of sex in order to experience your own pleasure faster. With the help of additional stimulation and exciting means, this is possible.
  • Slow down his finale. Correct movements and accessories can be delayed by the process of his orgasm for several minutes. Using such funds will help him restrain longer.

It is ideal to use both methods at the same time to control the duration of the process. It is advisable to help the man himself in solving the problem, and not just watch the efforts of a woman. Therefore, before experiments it is worth talking, honestly identify the problem and start looking for solutions together.

How to end a girl faster

To get an orgasm to a woman faster, 3 most popular methods are used. They can be used together, they do not contradict each other.

  • Long prelude. Long preparatory caresses enhance desires at times. Therefore, hugs, kisses should last at least 30 minutes. The maximum excitation is necessary so that the orgasm happens in a matter of moments. Here you can come up with dozens of ways to flirt, do massage, realize bold fantasies, etc.
  • Exciting creams. Special components are applied to the genitals before sex. This causes a surge of blood and strong excitement. Each movement seems more intense, as a result, orgasm occurs faster. The cream should only affect the girl so that the man does not accelerate even more. The composition of the composition begins 5-7 minutes after application.
  • Adaptive masturbation. In the process of intercourse, a girl can also caress her body on her own. She knows very well that she gives her pleasure, and the use of these skills is not superfluous. Often connect the clitoris stimulation, this increases the chance of a quick orgasm. Additional stimulation is often performed using sex toys, vibration acts more intense than hands.

Female excitement is a complex process. So that everything is fast, you need love, openness and trust to the partner. Accessories help if a woman herself wants to get more pleasure.

Causes of quick ejaculation

To help a man in bed, extend the process, you need to find out why he ends quickly? It is necessary to eliminate the reason, then everything will be much more comfortable. Sometimes you can ask him directly, sometimes observation helps. And although there are thousands of premises, the main ones can be identified:

  • Diseases. Problems can be with the spine, with the urine system. Any inflammatory process in the body also serves as the cause. Prostatitis, hemorrhoids require close attention. If the signs of a disease are noticeable, you need a mandatory consultation with a specialist. If everything was always good in bed, and then everything changed, you need to talk to the doctor. The doctor will prescribe an examination and make a diagnosis.
  • Psychological problems. Stress, overwork are able to worsen sexual activity, cause premature ejaculation. Changing lifestyle, rejection of habits also serve as a temporary cause of quick ejaculation.
  • Fear. This is found in a new relationship. He is afraid to seem inexperienced, as a result, excitement leads to the rapid end of sexual intercourse. The fear of conviction, rejection is very strong, and it is important to give a man to understand in advance that sex is not the main thing.
  • Hormonal imbalance. This is the problem of young people. For example, at 18, hormonal background is not stable, as a result, sex lasts little. The older the man, the less often hormones cause such a reaction. But after 45 years, the background changes again, and the problem of quick achievement of orgasm may arise. This is also a medical reason, the opinion of the doctor needs to be found out.
  • Exhaustion. Non -indifference is rare, but diets are actively used both men and women are actively used. A lack of trace elements or vitamins can affect sexual intercourse. Sometimes the body is trying to finish the process faster in order not to lose strength. In such a situation, the diet needs to be changed, and also add vitamin complexes.
  • Supersensitivity. This is a situation when any touch of the penis head can lead to ejaculation. Men with such a problem do not tolerate intense caresses, sometimes they do not even allow the genital organs to touch. To reduce sensations, you can use subsequent creams, they reduce temporarily sensitivity. This is not a disease, it is an individual sensation, you can change it by making circumcision. But this should be decided by the man after consulting a doctor.
  • Fatigue. After serious loads, not every man is capable of exploits in bed. And a quick finish allows the body to maintain strength and health. But often this is due to lack of sleep if it sleeps less than 4-5 hours a day, sex is short. Whatever the problem is caused, it is necessary to organize the daily routine and devote at least 7 hours a day to the rest.

, The guy quickly ends. Why, what to do? How long can not end. How to finish the girl faster
It should be understood that the duration of sexual intercourse for each man is individually. For some, the norm is 20 minutes, for the other-3-5 minutes. And the reason must be sought if there is a change. If he always finished so, then this is his norm, and it is already worth working with this, and not try to identify the diagnosis.

  • Change the poses. A pause can be a change of position. It also changes sensations. But it is precisely the stop and the beginning of new movements that allows him to take a breath and start the path to the orgasm again.
  • Support emotionally. Encourage a man, say that he is the best. Let him know that you love him and not leave him. Try not to feed his fears, but to convince that you are all right. Excess excitement will pass, and this will allow him to feel her to feel in bed.
  • Skip the first final. Some men at the first contact finish very quickly. But for the second time they are able to make love for 20-30 minutes. If this is your case, just do not emphasize the first finish, but enjoy the second attempt. But this is not available to everyone, someone is not capable of repetition at all.
  • These actions give results, but they are much lower than from the use of special accessories. Sex industry has long solved the problem of premature ejaculation, creating dozens of useful devices.

    Accessories for slowing ejaculation

    To use any of these things and drugs, a man’s consent will be required, they cannot be used without his knowledge.

    • Condoms with anesthetic. Special slowing components slightly reduce the sensitivity of the penis, as a result, it is more difficult to experience an orgasm to a man. The anesthetic does not act long, but this is enough to give pleasure to a woman. Sometimes products have a slightly larger thickness, enhancing the effect of lubrication. Double effect is a reliable method.
    • Erective rings. Are created specifically to control the duration of the process. Put on the ring at the time of the maximum erection, and it does not allow blood to be cast from the penis, it interferes with quick ejaculation. Some rings are also equipped with a vibrating element, it massages the woman’s clitoris, helping her have time to have the first to have fun. Hundreds of models are very practical and convenient. The ring takes up little space, you can always carry it with you.
    • Extending creams. Special cosmetic drugs that reduce sensations. If the problem is hypersensitivity, they help. All experiences are slightly dull, and you can make much more frictions to orgasm. Apply the composition immediately before sex, the effect lasts 30-40 minutes.

    Psychological difficulties associated with quick ejaculation

    A woman rarely worries the speed of his orgasm, she experiences more often because she herself does not have time to enjoy. This is a difficult problem that needs to be solved. If several possible solutions:

    • Honest conversation and joint attempt to fix everything. There are many options for satisfying a woman. A man can help the lady achieve orgasm in different ways. And he is also able to agree to the use of accessories described above. Working together on the solution of the problem, it will be possible to achieve the best result.
    • If he refuses to discuss. If a man is not ready for a dialogue, you should contact a sexologist. A woman can go for the first meeting alone. The specialist will tell you how to discuss the problem of how to find an approach to a man. Sometimes it will be possible to solve a number of psychological problems in pairs.
    • He is sure that everything is in order. Most often, the woman herself misled him without indicating the problem. She could be afraid that he would leave, wanted to marry or looked for solutions to other problems. But over time, it became clear to her that such a situation does not suit. And here an honest dialogue will help, you need to talk about the problem, offer solutions. Sometimes the participation of a psychologist is also useful.
    • He knows that the woman is unhappy, but refuses to change something. In this case, you need to either come to terms with what is happening or change a man. Perhaps its other positive qualities will allow you to maintain relationships. Lack of sex can be compensated by sex toys.

    Fast ejaculation is a pair problem, not a separate woman or man. It needs to be solved together., The guy quickly ends. Why, what to do? How long can not end. How to finish the girl faster

    Questions about the extension of sex and quick ejaculation

    There is no clear norm, it is individual for each pair. Early ejaculation is the duration of sex less than 1 minute, all that is higher is normal. But there are men who do not finish for 20 minutes, but there are those who are enough 3 minutes.

    What if he does not recognize the problem? How to behave if he ends in 1 minute?

    If a man believes that he is all right, it is worth talking to him. No need to condemn it, it is important to convey information that you do not get this period. This can be solved in different ways: with additional stimulation after his finale, bringing you to orgasm even to his orgasm in other ways, sex toys or cosmetics to extend the act. If he is not ready to improve sex, it is worth consulting a psychologist or changing a partner.This is the opposite problem, but it is also solved. The maximum excitement will help to accelerate, and for this there are creams that enhance the sensations. And you can also help him with the help of sex toys, if there is no desire to adapt under his time.A certain dose of alcohol affects the duration of sex. A man simply cannot finish, and the process lasts up to half an hour. But this is not the best way to control the process. Firstly, it is difficult to determine the dose, it is individual. Secondly, alcohol is addictive, no need to abuse. Thirdly, the man does not end at all, does not happen the final desired for him or he is not pronounced, the sensations are dulled.

    Alcohol before every sex will cause great harm to health, so this option is not worth practicing.There is a connection between the duration of sexual intercourse and age. In his youth, a man is capable of many sexual intercourse, but they do not last long. This is a reaction to the production of testosterone, there are a lot of it. After 25-30 years, the process changes, the amount of hormone stabilizes, and the duration increases, but the number of attempts decreases. But after 45 years, when male hormones become smaller, the duration is different, it is individual, associated with genetics and habits.

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