The experience of a couple learned how to make a squirt. Review

The experience of a couple learned how to make a squirt.

This article presents an interview with a couple, who learned the secrets of how to make a squid and successfully applied all this knowledge in practice. You will learn, as they say, from first -hand what a girl experiences during and after an inkjet orgasm, as affects sex, relationship, harmony and happiness within your family. These revelations will help to expand your understanding of what squirt is and give you more inspiration to start bringing this powerful topic for you to your relationship as soon as possible. They will also give you absolute confidence that it really works and is able to literally completely change your life in the best way. So, let’s start our interview.

You managed to experience a squirt in your pair?

She: Yes.

He: I’m just watching!)) When she has what is happening there?)) I only see the result))

Then the question to the receiving side. What do you feel under Squirt, what do you feel and what is happening to you?

She: This magic is just some kind. Because in this period of time, and this is not 1-2 minutes in principle, this is a fairly long process, you just lose touch with reality and a kind of reboot occurs with you. This distracts you so much from everything around you. And if you completely relax and surrender to this process and these sensations, then you are completely updated and charged with new energy and new forces. That is, it is completely rebooting. This is magic.

I recently have in the process of Squirt, who took a total of about 3 hours, the girl, when it all ended, the rock is an amazing thing: “That everything is already?”. For her 3 hours passed like 10 minutes.

But how comparable to other sensations of other types of female orgasm? To give some scale and coordinate system, so that people understand what to attach it to and count can be compared.

She: these are just completely different sensations and a completely different experience. I can’t say that I would give up ordinary sex for the sake of only an inkjet orgasm or now I would be ready to return only to ordinary sex and refuse squirting. This is a completely different fruit. It’s how to compare chocolate and ice cream. After all, we want to taste both of them and another in our own delicious, and from both of them we get our pleasure.

And something in the sensations during sex after squirt change?

She: yes it changes. For example, it happens to me often that if we have sex right after squirting, then my orgasms go much brighter and stronger if you compare with conventional orgasm without preliminary squirt. That is, it seems to me that the sensitivity in general in the body increases and some new erogenous zones are opening, their sensitivity increases. We sometimes just wonder that sometimes some completely mediocre movement or touch on some part of the body that we did not even suspect that it is erogenous, gives some incredible flash. But this does not come after the first jet orgasm. This comes gradually and always in growing as we began to practice this type of orgasm. That is, all this is constantly developing and we really like it.

Now the question for the male (giving) side. Well, it’s clear that your partner likes. And you? You have tried your sensations?

He: I am madly like to give her pleasure. I see how she likes it. I see that every time she likes in different ways – absolutely different. This is not stronger, not weaker, not lower and no higher, it is just different – differently. I see a return and how she likes it and it starts me even more.

But did you hear something about jet orgasm from other couples, about some of their experience, or at all that they heard something about it?

He: Nobody knows anything about this, that is, he does not know at all. And even if you say the following will turn out: for men this is a closed topic, because they believe that everyone knows, and for women this is an even more closed topic, because they believe that men know nothing and there is no talk about sex with themmeaning. As a result, there is no one to communicate about this!))

And what are your sensations the next day? It is clear that everything is super in the moment and you already said about it, and the next day?

She: some kind of ease appears. Indeed, the brain is cleansed of some negative emotions that sometimes all of us. After Squirt, I flutter around my beloved as a butterfly and is ready to do everything for him. I just touch him and I’m already so good. All household problems conflicts are almost naught, although we have lived peacefully before, but now, as they say, the soul is in the soul.

Hence the arising question: how do you, after you learned to make a squirt, began to perceive your man? Inkjet orgasm is a fairly significant step in sexual life and here’s how to compare the attitude towards a man before and after. How your partner’s perception has changed?

She: I will not say that it has changed. It’s hard to explain … I always loved him very much. I will say so that I did not think that you can love a person even more – it turns out you can, I didn’t think that you can want more – it turns out you can. I’ll say that there was more confidence, since I opened for him from some side, something else he found out about me, some else saw me. And this revelation, it added to us confidence in each other even more. That is, there was more opportunity to talk about sex, because for Squirt it was very important for us personally, since we have always agreed on our actions among ourselves. So that everything works out you need to agree. And all this gave us some new platform for relations and conversations. But the most important thing is probably even more trust.

And for you how your attitude towards your partner has changed, something has changed?

He: crazy tenderness was added of course, because it is all different. Hands are engaged in completely different, not just touched there or stroke something. Hands do completely different actions. And every time I try to do more and more, with some big feeling, because I am constantly afraid to harm her, although she says that I am not afraid, because this place where the children are born!) Here!)

And for life, this somehow influenced in general or in some of its areas besides intimate?

He: This is how my beloved says, by the way, she often said that she formed some kind of internal rod, that she feels more confident from this and feels calmer in many situations.

She: Here are often ready to forgive each other more. Someone somewhere tired began to grumble, and in response finds affection instead of mutual grunt. In principle, we never really suffered this, but now it is somehow completely better. I liked how at my last birthday my dad wished me in addition to traditional happiness, health, etc.d, he also wished me that my husband always followed me and lick his lips, like a cat for sour cream. That is, I want to say that from the outside people notice more how we have changed.

He: I still think that not every man will be able to do it right away. This is actually a big and serious step. For this you need to prepare a man himself. He must understand what kind of woman it is and how he will behave with her in the future.

Was it a shock for you the moment when squirt occurred?

She: I was very worried because I already knew about it, they told me, especially since my husband and I watched the training program together. I was very worried that I couldn’t work, I was at immediately worn on this topic and I think that is why I did not work right away. And when it turned out in the first, of course I was very happy. The main thing was to relax both physically and psychologically.

Do you need to know the girls what awaits her under the squirt before giving her it?

She: Honestly I don’t know. This is a difficult question to which I find it difficult to answer. Because when you know what happens is you worried whether you have it or not, and if you don’t know, then you need to very trust the partner to let him do this with you. Because if he suddenly begins to do something like that with you, and you are not aware of what it is and why, then somehow it’s wildly perceived, at least for me it would be just like that. That is, you need to completely trust your partner and completely believe that he knows what he is doing and he will not harm you.

And do you feel this false urge to “I want to write” before Squirting and how you overcome it?

She: Yes, I had it, but literally at the beginning. You really feel as if you want to write. This continued during our training, but now this is not, since I learned to distinguish between these feelings. Now that I have experienced more than a dozen jet orgasms, I can firmly say that these are completely different sensations when you really want to the toilet, and when you feel the approach of squirt.

That is, given the previous interview with girls, such a picture comes out that some have this feeling and they always need to take this step and cross this false sensation, but in your case, on the contrary, you stopped feeling these false urges, or more precisely, they became clearly clearlyDistinguish them.

And what basic mistakes did your man make when he learned to bring to a jet orgasm?

He: As it seems to me, I made more mistakes with preparatory massage. Each time after practice, I again looked through the course and analyzed that I did wrong. The next time I already took into account these mistakes and, by the way, my wife immediately noticed this and told me about it that they say today you are doing it somehow differently.

She: And I think you need to look for this point or area inside, since it can move, at least I have. Because sometimes I understand that my husband does everything the same, but the feelings of that one. And now you need to do it somewhere, something else to do. I thought that something was possible with me today, I was tired, I can’t tune in or something else there, in general, I constantly looked for these reasons in myself. And then my husband and I noticed that on certain days I get it much easier than the rest. At the same time, on favorable days, I really feel the whole bouquet of sensations about which they talk about, and on other days it is not so bright and there is no lightness after. In general, something like that.

Have you had any psychological blocks that prevented you from testing squirt?

She: We were conscious of this, but I don’t remember that something slowed me down, at least it’s hard for me to formulate it clearly. I don’t know, well, it seems to me that I did not have any such serious block that slowed me down.

And how do you think and how do you feel what your partner should provide for you to reach Squirt?

She: I need the space to be equipped, so that there is no such thing that the children there are somewhere in the next room and can come or someone should come soon or call. There must be some calm and balanced environment. Therefore, we all plan to make such an environment to the maximum. At first, when we just learned how to make a squirt, we even turned off the phones. Now, when you already have some experience in this, it is already much easier to relax.

He: Well, for so many years that together we (and this is a lot) I already see and feel according to her behavior, what and why and in principle we always agree on everything, that is, there is no one that we spontaneously took and ran.

Would you recommend other pairs to learn squirt? And if so, why why?

He: definitely everyone needs it. Just almost no one knows anything about this. Can be afraid of something if someone found out something. This must be done for a woman. I see how it relaxes it, fills and satisfies. For me, a great happiness to see my woman by 200% satisfied.

She: I sincerely feel very sorry for people who did not bring it to their sex life and no matter why: because of non-knowledge or because of any doubts or fears. I know from my experience that often when you give people information about jet orgasms, they immediately reject it, without really understanding this issue. I don’t know why … maybe it’s too wild for them, because it goes too far with their already established understanding of “normal sexual relations”. This brings together and gives pleasure. I personally see absolutely nothing negative in squirting. It’s just funny to think that it can harm someone. It’s a shame that a lot of people simply abandon it out of ignorance.

And what would you advise people who want to master a jet orgasm?

She: I would advise using these techniques only in already held relations, that is, in stable. Because it is a very powerful thing that brings together and ties a woman to a man who gave her this. Therefore, men be selective in who you do this.

Thanks for sharing their experience.

These were the reviews of ordinary people who still did not even imagine that the theme of the Swig in general. As you can see, this incredible experience fundamentally turned their idea of what skill in sex is actually, and brought their life and relations to a completely new level. If you want to achieve the same or even more cool results and in your own life, watch how your woman will look at you as the only and unique and firmly realize how amazing for her and unforgettable will be every moment of sex with you, then this topic forYou.

By the way, see 68 photos of squirt – how girls end in jet.

Just imagine how much high and unshakable your self-confidence will become, especially if this area is almost inaccessible to other men, whether they are powerful politicians, top stars, businessmen or millionaires. Imagine how happier and rich your relationship will be from this moment. What eyes your woman will begin to look at you and what place in her inner world will you now occupy. This is the whole power of knowledge of how to bring the girl to Squirt.

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