Symptoms and methods that will help easily determine ovulation

Symptoms and methods that will help easily determine ovulation.

Ovulation is a complex physiological process that occurs in the female body. In order to identify the function of the female body, to competently approach the issue of pregnancy planning, the correct choice of contraceptive means, you need to know everything about your menstrual cycle.

The work of the female body is a very complex, sometimes quite unpredictable process. It is very difficult to be sure whether the long -awaited pregnancy will come in this cycle. But if the organs of the female reproductive system work like a clock, this will be a great advantage, on the way to the desired pregnancy. If a girl watches the duration of her menstrual cycle, then she can calculate the days without any problems when the probability of conception increases significantly. The time of ovulation is the most short period of the entire menstrual period. It was then that the ripened egg comes out of the bursting follicle and begins its movement through the fallopian tubes, to meet the spermatozoa.

Families who plan a pregnancy for a long time, are sure to know about the most favorable period of the menstrual cycle, and diligently move towards the approach of a dream. In most cases, gynecologists advise couples who cannot conceive a baby for a long time, devote more time to sexual intercourse, completely not focusing on a particular day of the cycle. This is due to the fact that the girl’s body gets used to and disappears the psychological barrier that could interfere with the onset of the desired pregnancy. A segment of the menstrual period, which is considered an exception, is the period of menstruation. The onset of pregnancy during menstrual bleeding is impossible.

In the ovulatory period, the possibility of conception becomes especially high. As soon as the girl begins to feel the approximation of the favorable period, the amount of sexual contact can increase significantly. The role of ovulation in the body during the ovulatory period, the ripened egg is freed from the follicle shell and moves through the fallopian tubes towards fertilization. If the process of fertilization has not happened, respectively, the pregnancy does not occur. Then a layer of endometrium, which increased throughout the menstrual cycle, begins to separate from the walls of the uterus, followed by menstruation. The duration of ovulation can occupy from a couple of hours to two days. Before starting its movement from the ovary, the egg awaits in the wings next to its relatives. Throughout the reproductive period of a woman’s life, the eggs replace one another, wanting to make their mistress make a miracle of the emergence of a little life.
If the woman’s menstrual cycle is stable, then reasons for the excitement and tracking of the ovulation period should not occur. The most standard method for calculating ovulation is the calculation by the calendar. Having exactly the value of the duration of the menstrual period, it is not sacred to calculate its middle. Sensations that help notice the beginning of ovulation? In the modern world, ways to calculate ovulation, there is a whole set. But usually a woman will be enough to be able to listen to her body. By recognizing certain signs, you can determine the approaching favorable period for conception, which usually occurs in the middle of the menstrual period if it is stable.

So what symptoms you need to pay attention to to recognize ovulation? Closer to the middle of the cycle, the general health of a woman can worsen. This is due to the surge of hormones that entail apathy and general weakness, as well as small tingling in the abdomen, the mammary glands can swell and respond with painful sensations. But all these signs are considered to be secondary indicators of impending ovulation. The first sign of the onset ovulation is considered to be painful cramps in the lower abdomen. Typically, pain occurs only on one side, so you can find out in which of the ovaries the ovulation occurred. Sometimes unpleasant sensations can last a couple of minutes, and a woman may not even notice them. But in some cases, the pain can persist for two days, while the egg moves along the fallopian tubes. Feeling unpleasant tingling, do not worry about the likely presence of any pathologies, this phenomenon is considered the norm.

A change of hormonal background can directly affect the emotional background of a woman, she can feel depressed, probably a sharp change in mood. The change in the work of the hormonal background can affect the change of taste preferences. Normal food can cause disgust, and favorite aromas can lead to nausea or vomiting. All these symptoms may indicate impending ovulation, their appearance is provoked by a change in the hormonal level in the body. Increased sexual attraction can also be considered a sign of ovulation. Everything here is laid down on an instinctive level, the body seems to pushes its mistress to what has come for a new attempt to conception. An increase in sexual desire is observed in the period from 13 to 15 days of the menstrual cycle and indicates the approach of a favorable moment.

It happens that during menstrual bleeding, a woman may feel an increase in sexual desire. This phenomenon is also explained by large changes in hormone levels. Obvious signs favorable for conception of the phase process of ovulation in any girl, an individual phenomenon. Nevertheless, there are a number of signs, it is by them that you can accurately recognize the impending ovulation. In the first place, you can make the presence of characteristic discharge. Hormone jumps in direct impact on the state of cervical fluid. In the ovulatory period, the cervical fluid will be viscous and in appearance it will be similar to egg protein, and the amount of mucus will increase markedly. In the preventive period and at the time of its onset, vaginal discharge changes – suggests that the body is fully prepared for the conception of the child. If throughout the cycle you are observed by a gynecologist, he can easily show you a period that is most successful for further light origin of a new life, when the cervix is modified in some way, it becomes slightly open, to the touch more supple to the touch.

Determination of the beginning of ovulation by temperature and calculations

With a stable menstrual period, the onset of ovulation will not be difficult to determine by calendar calculation. To do this, it will be necessary to have the simplest mercury thermometer and a sheet of paper, in order to mark the basic temperature indicators. It is necessary to start making measurements from the very beginning of the menstrual period, it is necessary to do this day a day. It is advisable to repeat the procedure for several cycles to see the dynamics. It is important to know that measurements should be made daily, at the same time, preferably in the early morning, while they woke up without rising from the bed and not making sudden movements. Any processes occurring in the woman’s body are affected by the basal temperature: the use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, enhanced physical activity, stressful situations, poor -quality sleep and many other factors.

All such situations must be indicated in the schedule as notes. In order to draw up the schedule correctly, it is necessary to draw X and Y axis on a sheet of paper or find a suitable template on the Internet. If there are no inflammatory processes in the body of a woman, its basal temperature will have stable and reliable indicators. A day before the estimated ovulation, a decrease in temperature will be reduced, this is called an ovulatory deed, and after it will again be in growth. Ovulatory trash indicates the onset ovulation. This is the perfect time for conception. If you measure the basal temperature in dynamics, for many months, it is possible to determine the exact date of ovulation for yourself. The main thing is that every month ovulatory settings fall on the same day of the menstrual cycle. Measurements must be carried out for 3-6 months for the most correct indications.

Another method is to divide the total duration of the cycle into two equal parts, the obtained date of the cycle will be the alleged ovulation. Confirmation of the accuracy of this method, you can be guided by such improvised symptoms as pain cramps, the nature of cervical secretions, the general state of health. Late ovulation also exist such cycles when ovulation occurs a little later than the due date indicated in the menstrual period. Closer to the period of menstruation, cervical mucus accepts the necessary consistency, and follow it by the manifestation of other signs, accompanying ovulation.

There are reasons that explain this phenomenon. Belated ovulation can provoke posted stressful situations, infectious viruses and other grounds that negatively affect the work of the reproductive system organs. Comparing these reasons with late ovulation, you should not rush into panic, you need to wait for the complete restoration of the menstrual cycle. If the late ovulatory period is repeated monthly, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since this can be not only a personal feature of the body, but also an indicator of the body’s functioning. Therefore, couples who could not conceive the baby for a long time and suddenly learned about late ovulation, calculating its offensive, correcting their problem without any problems.

Laboratory signs

Not all women have the ability to recognize ovulation on indirect symptoms, to a greater extent this is considered a personal feature of the body. Cervical discharge may not be modified throughout the entire menstrual period, and the general emotional background is not amenable to the influence of hormonal bursts. A blood test that will indicate that the egg has matured and is ready for the fertilization process will be able to confirm the onset of ovulation. The assistant in the recognition of the pre -alignment phase will be analyzed for the level of hormones of the gland of internal secretion. In order for the egg to leave the ovary, luteinizing hormone shows its effect on the rupture of the lining of the follicle. If the indicators of the blood test indicate that the level of the hormone lutein is at the peak, this means that the female organs of the reproductive system are in the preventive stage.
The most elementary way, to determine ovulation, is the analysis of urine. This analysis can be done yourself, at home, without making any special efforts for this. To do this, you need to buy tests in the pharmacy to accurately determine ovulation and soak it according to the instructions in the urine. The principle of action in such tests is exactly the same as in tests to determine pregnancy. In a container with urine for 5-10 seconds, a test is soaked – strip. Then it remains only to wait, the result will be visible within 5-10 minutes.

There may be several options for the development of events:
– First – The lack of a second strip, it means that the level of luteinizing hormone did not reach the desired mark;
– Second – On the test are two bright strips, this means that ovulation is at its peak.
If the test strip has a weak color, then this indicates that the cycle is in the pre -valuable phase. It is necessary to start soaking test strips a few days before the onset of the alleged ovulation to see the dynamics of the growth of lutein. If you use tests to determine ovulation throughout the menstrual cycle, you can spend a considerable amount of money. Therefore, the best way to determine the impending ovulation will be the ability to listen to the language of his body, he will tell you when a favorable moment comes for conception. Change of cervical fluid, painful cramps, mood swings – These are direct messages to refer to ovulation, and already directly a couple of days before ovulation itself, you can resort to the help of test strips. 100 percent method – Ultrasound.

If you have not managed to catch the desired ovulation, you need to use the advice of doctors. When using ultrasound, you can trace the entire egg cycle. From the growth of the follicle, to its decay and exit from the ovary of a ripened egg. Doctors have their own standards, looking at which, the doctor can accurately determine favorable days to conception the baby. In order to have accurate indicators on the hands, it is better to start monitoring the egg and a couple of days before the likely pre -proportional period.
In the middle of the first phase, the woman will have to go through the first ultrasound. According to its results, it will be possible to determine the growth rate of the follicle and the endometrial layer in the uterus. If measurements of indicators are below certain standards, then it is better to come to an ultrasound examination in two days.
Having studied all the results of an ultrasound examination, the doctor will be able to indicate the exact date for a favorable conception. This method of determining the favorable ovulatory period is resorted to women predisposed to early or late ovulation.

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