Squirt: All about him

Squirt: All about him.

The word squirt itself has English origin and translated into Russian means stream. This word is called female orgasm, in which the liquid is erupted from the urethra.

For many years it was believed that a woman at the peak of pleasure could not restrain herself and urination occurred, but after careful tests it was possible to establish – the liquid has nothing to do with the urine.

Since the release occurs in the form of a jet, this type of orgasm was called jet. Since then, every lady dreams of experiencing such pleasure, and men consider themselves real heroes if they managed to bring their partner to this.

In fact, in Sovkirt women are attracted not by the fact of some discharge there, but the sensations experienced at the same time. It is scientifically proven that the usual orgasm lasts only 15-20 seconds, while squirt up to two minutes!

Despite the many inconvenience, such as a raw bed and suspicions from the guy that the girl was described, the pleasure is clearly worth striving for him.

Then, of course, it is urgent to wash everything. The liquid has no color and does not smell at all disgusting, but it is still better to wash off right away.

How to bring a girl to a squirt?

There is no particular secret in Squirt, it occurs when stimulating points G. For this, a special point g. It’s just that many couples are not very aware and generally have conservative sex, without the so -called experiments.

During standard sexual intercourse, the member practically does not apply to the upper wall of the vagina, where the coveted area is located.

Only a few poses and a special structure of a member can lead to stimulation of point G involuntarily, in other cases, targeted actions will be required.

It is also very important to understand that squirt is not achieved by pressing the button, this is the result of a long effect. If earlier G did not receive attention, then it can be in the so -called sleepy state.

Its awakening will take more time, sometimes not one sexual intercourse. Only labor and perseverance will bring your partner to the peak of pleasure!

First you need a long prelude, you can include cunnilingus in it, and then go to the very sex. It is important to choose the right rhythm. Many believe that the faster frictions, the better, but this is not fundamentally true.

Experiment with the speed of shocks when, according to the reaction of the partner, it becomes clear that she is good, continue at the same pace. It will not be superfluous to change pos 2-3 times per act.

After that, you can already proceed to stimulating the point G using fingers or special sex toys.

We will have to show patience, to achieve the result, it may take from one to twenty minutes.

Squirt and possible problems

Recently, the inkjet orgasm has become something fashionable, mandatory. Men love to brag about the fact that the woman had arranged a whole fountain, he is such a wonderful lover.

Girls with whom this did not happen, feel flawed, devoid of something very cool. But is everything so unambiguous and what are the consequences of squirt?

With a lack of experience and the absence of the king in the head, attempts to bring the girl to Squirt may end with microtrauma. You can’t just have the strength to rub the area G and get the result.

There should be a long prelude, high -quality sex. Only at the top of pleasure can the stimulation of the ji point can apply, which will lead to squirt.

Hygiene is very important. It is very simple to bring an infection with such a lesson, but getting rid of the consequences will be much more difficult. Epithelial irritation often ends with urinary incontinence.

Do not turn sex into sports competition and do not try to achieve trophies. The proximity has completely different goals.

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