Slave punishment: 11 ways

Punishment options for slaves.

, Slave punishment: 11 ways

Education is an important element that couples include BDSM in their relations. Slave punishment is used to correct unwanted behavior. Some dominants seek to find the perfect method of influence. We will try to throw a few effective options.

Why punish the bottom

, Slave punishment: 11 ways

An important component of many relations d/s – dominant/submissive, is discipline. This is a systematic process of designating the frames – red flags for which the girl should not go out. The principle of whip and gingerbread work here. You behave correctly? Get encouragement. No? You can’t do without behavior.

Punishment is a way to help the dominant train your humble slave. We write an article for the upper ones, but if the lower one reads it, it can transmit information to her master. So the relationship will become harder. There will be fewer disagreements, contradictions.

Every time a submissive girl does something wrong, you punish her to learn the lesson. On the other hand, you encourage her for doing the right thing. This forms clear and transparent rules. The lady understands what is expected from her, and pays due attention to the details when performing these tasks.

Tasks and relevant punishments for non -compliance can be prescribed in the BDSM contract. At worst there is another option – to speak all the conditions verbally. The list of restrictions can expand.

True, no one forces you to use punishments. Perhaps you are more interested in the aspect of sadism and masochism. Then dominance and submission does not play a special role in relationships.

The principle of conformity

The punishment must correspond to the severity of the misconduct.

Lower error – not a tragedy. It can be poor behavior, a violated rule or another “jamb”. But everything that you choose to punish should be more or less equal to a violation. For a small mistake, you can simply ignore the submissive woman for a couple of hours.

You should save strict measures for serious or repeated violations. It is like raising children. Follow the simple rule: first use the least painful punishment to convey your message. Only then use heavy artillery.

If you are not able to observe the proportionality of the misconduct and physical remark, you are in a state of anger. On emotions it is impossible to make balanced decisions. Stop and take a small pause at 10-15 minutes. When anger passes, you can soberly assess the situation.

But remember the restrictions on the lower partner.

Determination of borders

, Slave punishment: 11 ways

BDSM-ordering should be practical and executable. It should not be ordered that your Saba is not able to execute. Otherwise fail in the study of discipline. You will feel that you are losing control, and the partner will cease to trust you. Failure is not your ultimate goal.

You cannot expect someone with arthritis or injury will stand still for a long period. Despite the fact that this can be a good form of BDSM discipline for a healthy person, the risk of slipping or falling can lead to further injuries.

Avoid potentially dangerous punishments, including dehydration, strangulation or stopping blood circulation. If the slave tries to give you pleasure, following the instructions, she can keep silent when she feels bad. But you must ensure the security of the partner. This is your main task.

Pay attention to any signs of stress. Stop or change the punishment before it becomes a problem.

There should be no strict actions during executions. If the submissive is afraid of flogging with a stick, then this is not the best tool for use. Going beyond reasonable limits, you undermine confidence. You can cause excess pain to the one who must take care of.

But if you feel the resistance of the lower, it must be overcome. Methodically adding new restrictions means to educate a submissive slave, which is comfortable next to you.

No surprises

We found that the development of discipline is a constant and not fast process. The law of the sequence must be observed:

Misconduct → Punishment.

If you for no reason during the game session will begin to flog the submissive girl, she will not understand what she was guilty of. Especially in the case of your silence. The main task is to make it clear where the misconduct was committed. Then say aloud what punishment will follow.

So, in the submission of the Nizhny, the logical connection “Reason is the consequence” will be formed. Plus ladies prone to subordination, pleasantly languid expectation of execution. They are scared, but this inevitability of “retaliation” incredibly excites.

Just do not postpone the punishment. Maximum – a few hours. Otherwise, after a couple of days, Saba will forget, for which she is going.

Sometimes there is a noble impulse to regret the bottom, not punish it. Forgive, so to speak. It is not right. Because it leads to the rejection of submission. A couple of such episodes, and you can forget about the results achieved in a month of training.


Psychological and physical health of the lower – your responsibility. Put her? Lubricate abrasions to healing and antibacterial cream. Do not forget about aesthetics. Scars decorate a man, not a woman. Each new appearance defect is an occasion for many hours of depression. This cannot be allowed.

Take a few conciliatory steps after execution:

  • Kiss and gently stir it.
  • Cover with a warm blanket or blanket.
  • Bring a drink depending on the season.

Tell us that the lower one coped well and you hope that there will be no more similar misconduct on her.

Ideas for punishment

, Slave punishment: 11 ways

Remember one rule: punishment should be unpleasant for the submissive. For example, if you easily spank the masochist, then give her pleasure, and not instructive execution. Now let’s move on to the description of the options.

1. Flagellation

The most common option is flogging. Therefore, stock up in advance devices if you want to use something more than the palm. Let us give examples:

  • Wash, she is a flogger. Multi -line, made of leather. Dermatin imitation is not suitable, it is too light and unreliable.
  • Paddl. This is a blade shape. With a hard or soft shock part. Usually it is made of leather with a plastic handle.
  • Whip. One -tailed leather shock tool. Need to be used wisely, leaves deep traces, causes severe pain.
  • Rods. Thin branches soaked in water. Favorite device of school teachers of tsarist Russia.

There are still belts, canes made of flexible plastic and rattan. With proper imagination, you can use the gifts of nature. In the summer it is nettles. Just do not overdo it. This “snake -like cereal” has an allergy.

2. Bondage

Fixation in different uncomfortable poses. Tie the bottom, put on your knees. Immobility wraps no less than good flogging. Especially if your partner is characterized by a playful, restless disposition. People say about such people “awl in the ass”.

If you do not want to waste time mastering rope components, just order the bottom to stand evenly, put the book on your head. Let him keep balance. If you can’t – say you spank.

So that the lower one does not miss a static position too much, put the clamps on its nipples. They can also be attached to the labia lips.

3. Limitation

The most obvious option is to pick up a phone from a girl for a certain time. After spending an hour without Instagram, she will beg for mercy. This is one of the possible options. You can show creativity.

Forbid her to enjoy her favorite food. Deprive the slave of the right to orgasm. Or send to sleep on the floor, next to your bed.

Belt of fidelity – an excellent device for this case. He allows the girl to go to the toilet, but completely deprives the opportunity to touch the clitoris. If the lower one has made a serious misconduct, arrange an interrupted orgasm for her. Excite to the limit, but do not finish. The procedure can be repeated 3-4 times.

4. Lecture

Suitable for girls who have not graduated from a school with a gold medal. Do not force to solve examples from the highest mathematics. Take the item easier. Suppose literature. Choose a great poem. Make the girl learn him by heart. Install deadline – time limit.

If you do not want to contact literature, use any history textbook. Write a dozen important dates from there and make the bottom look for them.

Tell me what an unacceptable lesson strictly punish. For example, make you kneel for half an hour with a book on your head. This will give the strength of an unlucky slave, will make you take a lecture seriously.

5. Composition

If the slave is not an avid graphomaniac, set the task for her to write an essay on the topic: “Why did I allow a violation of the rules”. Let him tell on the pages of the notebook, how it happened. Writing block – frequent phenomenon. Remember how they tried to start at a school or university, but the words stubbornly did not want to take shape in sentences.

This punishment will make the girl think. It is better to install the same deadline. Declare to her that only 40 minutes are given to complete the assignment. Not a minute more. This will give motivation.

6. Cleaning

Great punishment for the weekend, when you want to relax, and not engage in home routine. Order the bottom to shine to wash all the floors in each room, including in the bathroom and toilet. Announce that you will strictly check the work.

When the case is completed, give out the lower couple of snow -white socks, order them to put them on, and then for 10 minutes to constantly walk along and across all the rooms. If the dirt remains, it will definitely print on white socks.

Noticed clear traces? Send the floors again. Until the socks are visible on the socks.

7. Job

You need to come up with something interesting. Remember the fairy tale about Cinderella. How an evil stepmother mocked a poor girl? She poured peas and lentils into one pile, forced to disassemble cereals in varieties.

Do the same. Buy 800 grams of rice in the nearest store and about the same number of peas. For a greater effect, you can mix 3-4 varieties of cereals.

Take a large pan, pour it there only equally, and then mix thoroughly. And put the countdown timer. Such punishment acts very well on bad girls.

After an hour of such meaningless work, the slave will definitely ask for forgiveness.

8. Publicity

The ideal way for modest lower ladies. If in the yard is summer, order her to remove her underwear, put on a light dress, preferably short. In this form, take a slave in crowded places. She will feel that everyone is looking at her and guessing her secret.

In winter and autumn, make her a strapping from a rope. It can be worn under clothes with a high collar. How to make a binding of Shibari “Karada” we talked in an article about how to make diversity in sex with my husband.

For the best effect, you can put in the ass of the lower anal plug. There is another device – a vibroyaite with a remote control control. You can turn on vibration at any time. And make you keep the egg inside. To do this, first practice its muscles with vaginal balls.

9. Furniture

As a punishment, make a saba furniture. This combines the inconvenience of static pose and moral humiliation. The girl will consider herself a thing. There are many options. Make her become an impromptu hanger. Put the naked girl with their back to the wall and order to spread your arms to the sides.

Throw a heavy jacket on your left hand, and on the right thick sweater. Make sure that the slave does not move. I lowered my hands – I got a strong flogging.

There are other options. For example, make from the lower leg stand. Let her stand on all fours with pushed hips, and you put her legs on her lower back. Stand in this position will not work for a long time. Therefore, the girl will feel discomfort.

10. Petepley

This is when the Saba transforms into a pet. Usually in a cat or dog. Order her to undress, shut up her mouth with a gag. If there is an anal plug, put it in the destination. Especially good if the device has a fur tail.

Make the bottom to teach and execute commands. Let her go to the toilet not in the toilet, but right in the bath. Before your eyes. No words. She should denote her desires only with gestures or whispering.

Throw her a toy and make you bring. Make you take a seductive pose and stand still. Clamps on the nipples will add sensory experiences.

eleven. Find it yourself

Tell the bottom that she must come up with a punishment herself. In this case, execution is required to correspond to the misconduct. Announce that for an offer of an too soft option you will hit it 20 times with a whip.

You can go further. Let the slave write on 10 leaflets one punishment, and then put them in a purse. The first thing to pull out is and will be a measure of influence.

Be prepared for the fact that the fantasy of the lower will give slack. Brainstorm can last too long. Then use a proven technique – the timer of the reverse reference.


, Slave punishment: 11 ways

We live in a dynamic world. Cases, work and other classes do not give the opportunity to stay with a slave day. Here, like a dominant, a trap awaits you. You have been sentenced, set deadlines and joyfully went on business.

But where is the guarantee that the slave will perform everything exactly? You can make her make a photo report, but he should not trust him. Recording a full video – too dreary lesson. You may need additional equipment: tripod, camera.

To get a guarantee that the execution is completed one hundred percent, impose a punishment at the time of your presence. Only in some cases can a degree of control can be reduced. For example, if you forbade her to masturbate and put on a belt of fidelity with a reliable lock.

But here the slave can cheat. Will massage the nipples, sooner or later it will finish. Strict control – the key to success.

We told how to competently approach the punishment of a slave. Gave 11 ideas for execution. You have to choose an acceptable option.

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