Secrets of erective rings

Secrets of erective rings.

Today, many have heard about such an intimate accessory as an erective ring, however, what exactly is it for and how to use it, not many know for sure.

Why are erectational rings the main function of such rings is a reduction in the outflow of blood from an erect penis. This allows you to strengthen and extend the erection for a long time. Also, due to slow blood circulation, the sensitivity of the penis decreases, which has a prolonging effect and increases the time of sexual intercourse. Rings with a relief surface or vibro element are also designed for additional stimulation of the clitoris and entrance to the vagina.

Types of erection rings

Elastic rings

Classic rings are made of silicone, latex, thermoplastic rubber and other elastic materials. An additional mount for the rings is not required – due to their elasticity, they stretch before putting on an excited penis and are firmly held on it due to compression. The feeling of discomfort can cause a mismatch of the size of the ring, since the compression force is not regulated. Some models have two or more rings on the coupling, one of which can be used on the basis of scrotum for additional stimulation.


More universal models of erective rings are elastic loops, which are tightened and attached to the penis. Such products allow you to adjust the degree of tightening, and to wear and shoot them quite simple. However, many note that Lasso does not in the best way retain the strength of the tension.

Rings with vibration

Erection rings with vibro elements serve to additional stimulation of both partners. Vibropulka, depending on the rotation of the ring, can intensively affect the clitoris, anus of a woman, entrance to the vagina or partner scrotum.

Leather rings

Stylish rings made of genuine leather are most often used for role -playing BDSM games as a sexy fetish. Can be straps with rivets to adjust the compression diameter.

Metal rings

Heavy metal rings rarely have the ability to adjust the diameter. Most often used in BDSM games by experienced users. Stylish intimate accessories made of two halves fastened with special screws can serve for games with a restriction of erection and scrotum. Usually made of metal, stainless steel and aluminum.

Use and safety precautions

It is recommended to use erection rings with water -based lubricants. The ring is put on an erect penis and then lubricant is applied.

If after putting on the ring there is an increasing sensation of discomfort or pain, then the product has too small diameter, does not fit in size, and its further use is dangerous.

Erective rings, as well as penis nozzles are not recommended for anal sex, as there is a danger that the accessory can slip and stay inside the partner. The time of use of the ring should not exceed 20 minutes at a time. Prolonged spinning of blood vessels and tissues can harm health.

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