Scenarios of role -playing games. Part 1

Scenarios of role -playing games. Part 1.

Many people want to diversify their sex life and forget that one of the simplest ways is the introduction of role -playing games into the intimate life. You do not know what scenario to act or who to be? Then read our article, because the scripts below are suitable for both ordinary couples and lovers of BDSM.


Everything is quite simple here – one partner knows certain information, and the second is trying to find out. “Torture” can be any, mostly sexual and intelligent, if you do not want to harm your partner harm.

At the BDSM session, you can use real information that only the Saba knows, and try to get it out (for example, before starting to let it get a map from the deck, despite it). You can bind a saba, and use all the torture acceptable for it – slap, ice, clothespins, etc. The session will end when the tortured does not withstand and give out secret information.

, Scenarios of role -playing games. Part 1


An interesting and exciting scenario, requiring a little preparation, which consists at least in preparing a place for a stolen. The abduction can come from any place – from home, from the street and even from the toilet. Be careful and find a less crowded place, otherwise others can believe in the plausibility of what is happening, and you may have problems. When the abduction is committed, you can immobilize “victim”, tie your eyes, then – take the shelter to the place and continue the game to your taste.

For BDSM session, reliable and strong binding of a sub “abduction”, Eying. Upon arrival in the lair, the kidnapper can do with his victim everything he wishes, taking this opportunity. A script with threats can be applied when the kidnapper seeks that the victim agrees to fulfill all the requirements.

, Scenarios of role -playing games. Part 1


This scenario is often used for BDSM sessions, but it can also be suitable for ordinary intimate games. The upper one can be a greedy pirate, the lower is a captured resident of the village or passenger of a peaceful ship. And if you also use role -playing costumes – it comes out very atmospheric! For greater interest, you can enter a treasure, any ransom or something valuable into the game. There may be rape, elements of interrogation, unquestioning submission.

, Scenarios of role -playing games. Part 1


Role game scenario related to payment of services. For example, you are a professional photographer, your partner is a client who wants to make his first -class erotic photos. At first everything goes according to plan – one poses, the second photographs, but when it comes to payment, the photographer requires payment in a special form – in kind, introducing blackmail elements into the game. The client has to agree to the terms of the photographer, and he, in turn, can even remove everything that is happening.

, Scenarios of role -playing games. Part 1

Military script

Typically, role -playing games of this orientation can have two possible scenarios – the invader of one army catches a partisan, or partisan catches a soldier. With this scenario, you can arrange interrogation, torture, and the use of suitable role -playing costumes will only give atmosphere and the desired mood. You can choose a certain war, a certain role, choose a branch from the main scenario as a seduction of the invader, attempts to save, etc.

, Scenarios of role -playing games. Part 1

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