Reliable ways to strengthen an erection

Reliable ways to strengthen an erection.

Different factors can negatively affect the male erection and, if this happens, do not despair. Progress does not stand still, and for men there are already many products that can enhance the erection and extend sexual intercourse, without taking medication.

Erection ring/lasso/weight

The general of these products is that they have the same effect when used by mechanical exposure: – improving the quality of an erection;- increased sensations during intercourse;- an increase in the size of the penis;- extension of sexual intercourse.

The erection ring is put on the base of an erect penis at the time of the maximum erection and slightly squeezes it, which slows down the reverse outflow of blood and the erection is supported.

Lasso have the shape of a loop with a special fixer, which is regulated depending on the desired effect. Lasso and weights can be accurately adjusted to the desired diameter. Lasso is put on the base of the erect penis at the time of the maximum erection and with the help of beads-wire is clamped to the desired size. Unlike the Lasso erective ring, it allows you to regulate the compression force of the penis.

How to choose the right? First of all, when choosing such a product, it is necessary to pay attention to its material. For those who have never used erection rings, it is better to choose a product from elastic material, thanks to which they will be easy to wear and act, and can also stretch enough with a not quite correct measurement of the diameter. Lasso and Sweetings can be adjusted in size, so it is possible to avoid excessive polling the penis. If you want to purchase a ring of solid material (metal or plastic), it must be selected strictly by size, which can be found when measured by a centimeter of the circle of the penis at the base in an erect state. The rings can be different – with an additional relief or even with vibration, which perform their main function, exerting additional stimulation.

Anal cork ring

A toy of such a plan will not only strengthen the erection, but also give additional pleasure to both partners. Anal traffic jam serves for an intensive stamzing of the prostate, and a ring for extension and strengthening erection. During movement, the toy is comfortable on the body of a man – this provides its anatomical structure. The size of such products is as universal as possible: the ring is stretched for almost any size of the penis, and the cork has a minimum diameter for comfortable penetration.

Cream or spray

Creams and sprays developed on the basis of the characteristics of the body of men are also able to help in increasing the erection – it will become stronger and longer, an invigorating effect will appear during intimacy, and orgasms will become more vivid and long. Typically, the maximum effect is achieved with course use, the possibility of which must be read in the instructions. Apply creams and sprays immediately before sexual intercourse. In 5-10 minutes, apply a thin layer to the penis barrel.

Vacuum pomp exercises

Vacuum pump for men helps to strengthen erection by pumping air in the penis and reducing pressure. This provokes a rush of blood to the floor dick. The device you have chosen can be manual or electric, the principle of operation on this does not depend much. From the type of air pumping, only the convenience of use changes. With regular use of the pump, you can achieve impressive results – an increase in the penis and good erection every time it is necessary.

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