Priapism is an erection that no longer pleases!

Priapism is an erection that no longer pleases!.

Priapism – these are the diseases of the genitals are quite rare, but not so that it is not worth talking about them. In countries with warm and hot climate, they occur 5-6 times more often than in the middle lane. There are diseases – “frenzies of the uterus” in women “rabies of a member” in men.

In the science of “rabies of a member” is called an amapism. It is characterized by a long pathological erection of the penis, which does not stop after sexual intercourse. At the same time, a man who performs sexual intercourse in this state does not experience sexual attraction, orgasm and ejaculation. No matter how much he continues sexual intercourse, he will not experience any sensations except painful. His penis does not fall for hours, days, weeks. The penis takes an arched shape (bends to the stomach). It constantly feels pain and tension. The pain permeates the crotch. The skin of the penis and the foreskin have red color from the rushing blood. With amapism, only the cavernous bodies of the penis are filled with blood;The head of the penis does not swell, is in a sluggish.

Of course, from repeated repetitions (the so -called sex excesses), of course, can “get furious” of the penis, but most often the cause of priapism is a sudden termination of sexual intercourse, for example, as a result of fright or infringement of the penis in the vagina of a woman. Inflammatory processes in the sexual apparatus of men can also cause a pathological reflex. A particularly common cause is leukemia (more than a quarter of all cases). The member is filled with bloody blood. The “rabies” of the penis should be distinguished from satirism. Although here there is constant excitation of a member, but with satirism, men experience sexual attraction. Moreover, even excessive, and when performing sexual intercourse, an orgasm and ejaculation are experienced, which is not observed with priapism.

Methods of treating prnapism in advanced cases, mainly surgical. The protein shells are dissected with a scalpel and the thickened blood is squeezed out. A good result can be obtained from repeated use of leeches on the root of the penis (onion area). At the beginning of the disease, conservative therapy is possible: the use of bromine and other sedatives, as well as sitting cool baths. Priapism can be acute and chronic. Acute can last from several hours to several weeks and pass without a trace when eliminating the cause of the disease.

A chronic disease is characterized by the duration of treatment (lasts years), temporary attenuation of the pathological erection and its resumption. Almost always, priapism leads a man to sexual impotence (the so -called organic impotence).

Cases of the mental origin of this disease have been described, which occurred simultaneously in a group of persons. So, during an earthquake in Tashkent, more than five thousand people fell ill with a reapism (it was night – the best time for love, with a terrible shift of the earth’s crust, sexual intercourse was suddenly interrupted by all five thousand men). With the eruption of Vesuvius in 1944. also observed priapism in men. Cases of fright and other nervous shocks are known.

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