Pleasure without penetration. Part 2

Pleasure without penetration. Part 2.

, Pleasure without penetration. Part 2

Paravaginal Frottage

Implies mutual friction of the genitals, but if you or your partner are not ready to switch to vaginal sex, you need to be extremely neat.


The very moment when the penis touches the legs of the partner, and any parts, which is why footjob can be divided into categories.

Intrapeed sex – This is when the penis is between the feet of the partner, and she does not even have to move them – you can do everything yourself.

And at Intratibial sex The penis should be located between ankles or caviar, and the partner also does not have to move. The only significant minus for a woman is from unusual immobility to the legs can be launched.

There is also a situation when the penis is placed in the popliteal fossa, which is called Thin sex. With this type of pleasure, the weight of the body is important – if the partner does not suffer from excessive thinness, when using the lubricant you will get a lot of pleasant sensations. And if you accept a suitable pose, you can caress your partner’s hands without leaving.

– You will be made by the hips of a partner, and not only their inner part? Then you can friction about the surface of the thigh, but getting pleasure is quite doubtful, although possible. It is called Femoral sex. If you rub about her thigh and, at the same time, give pleasure to a woman with a hand, she will be satisfied.

– Unlike the femoral, with intrafefemoral sex the penis should be between the hips of the partner. As with gluely petting, you must be extremely neat, because the opportunity to make vaginal penetration is high, and you may not even feel the difference at first. Of course, if intraftemoral sex occurs as a prelude, then this is not scary.

Vertebral and paravertebral sex

One of the most unusual species that are a friction of the penis about the spine of a partner. Vertebral sex occurs during friction on the spinous processes of the vertebrae, which is divided into thoracic sex (area of the breast vertebrae), lumbar-cross (area of lumbar vertebrae and sacrum), cervical (area of cervical vertebrae). Pavertebral sex, however, involves sliding the penis on the sides of the spine.

, Pleasure without penetration. Part 2

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