Pan Flike: What is the Spanish Flice?

Pan Flike: What is the Spanish Flice?.

The spanny flush is a natural aphrodisiac suitable for both men and women. The remedy owes its name to the main component – the Span Mushka. The Spanish flush is a small beetle that lives in Eurasia, and highlighting Kantaridin’s poison. This substance is toxic, so it should be used in small doses to avoid various incidents in the form of side effects.

The action of the Fly Fly after entering the body resembles the action of sex hormones, acting both the physical and the psycho -emotional state of a person – there is a small rise in strength, increased mood and general tone, resembling a state after drinking coffee.

Many are sure that the drug will work 100%, but this is far from the case. The effect of the drug is very individual, the effect may not even be or be, but such that it will be expressed in a small rise in forces. Usually people have overstated expectations when buying such a fund – they are waiting for a miracle, thanks to which the quality of sex will increase and potency will increase.

In fact, a person who has accepted the Spanish front sight relaxes the body and the tension accumulated over the whole day disappears. Thanks to the cantaridine (the current substance of the Spanish flies), the body becomes more concentrated in receiving sexual pleasure, distracting from other irritants.

L-Anginine is one of the main components of the Fly Fly, due to which blood circulation, reproductive properties and the production of hormones are improved. Its action is comparable to the adoption of L-carnitine athletes during training, which serves as an additional generator of mental and physical energy, stress resistance during classes.

There are many comments about this drug, enough and negative. Negative reviews appear precisely due to the fact that people do not know completely about the effect that should be expected. Excelled expectations give rise to disappointment in the product. Remember that the effect of the drug is deeply individual, and its tonic effect can act in different ways.


– Diseases of cardiovascular infection

– renal impairment;

– hypertension;

– poor blood coagulation – hypotension;

– diseases and inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system;

– prostatitis;

– Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Before using the drug, carefully study the instructions or read the recommendations, even better – get a doctor’s advice.

This drug is not recommended for active young people, because they already have enough energy and effort. It is not recommended to consume a span flush with a lot of alcohol, since strong drinks reduce the effect of the drug, and also strike the kidneys and liver. The use of the drug after consumption of tea or coffee is not recommended, since the excitability of the nervous system may increase. It is best to dilute drops in juice, water or tea, learning a dosage from the instructions. It is not recommended to use the Spanish fly more often than once every 7-10 days, as this can negatively affect the work of the nervous system and kidneys. The drug should be consumed 15-20 minutes before the start of intimacy, and the most tangible effect begins an hour after drinking drops, and continues for 3-4 hours.

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