Musetrapy during pregnancy: what is it?

Musetrapy during pregnancy: what is it?.

HUSTERPY (or “pepotherapy”) is a term that only seems difficult. It is understood to mean sex in late pregnancy in order to prevent late delivery. There is an opinion that sex life helps to achieve faster and more prosperous births. This approach is usually recommended to those future mothers who overstrain the child.

At women’s forums and social media communities, you can often find a discussion. This approach is practiced by pregnant women, many of whom relate to it with suspicion. But on the other hand, musetrapy for many women has become a good way to spend time and at the same time accelerate the beginning of childbirth.

How the materarapy acts?

This method is effective not only due to physical stimulation. A significant role is played by the chemical composition of sperm. It contains special substances – prostaglandins. These compounds affect the cervix, contribute to its reduction. Moreover, the presence of prostaglandins in male seminal fluid is the highest compared to other biological fluids.

During sexual intimacy, prostaglandins are also produced in the female body, which enhances the effect. In obstetric practice, special analogues of prostaglandins are also applied. They are used in the case when it is necessary to accelerate delivery. Therefore, natural practice to achieve this goal is acceptable.

Other factors important for the female body

In the process of mutrarapy, an enhanced discharge of oxytocin is also carried out. It is also called “hormone attachment”. Oxytocin helps to strengthen psycho -emotional attachment not only to the spouse, but also to the unborn child. In addition, this hormone contributes to an accelerated onset of fights. You can strengthen the emission of this hormone using preliminary caresses and additional stimulation of the nipples during sexual proximity.

The orgasm is an essential factor. Many women notice that even after the end of sexual intimacy in the uterus, some tension can remain. Its reason is the abbreviations of the body during sexual interchange. Therefore, sexual proximity is used as an additional generator of childbirth.

How to engage in “papotherapy”

The following recommendations will help make the process of papotherapy more comfortable:

Create a calm atmosphere. Sex should take place in comfortable and pleasant conditions. The same sexual poses that you used and before pregnancy are suitable for muset. But there is one exception: if possible, it is worth abandoning those positions that involve an increased stomach load. Among them are the classic “missionary” pose.

Do not worry about the health of the child. Many mothers are worried that the movements of the penis can injure the body of the fetus. However, these fears are groundless. The fact is that the child is reliably protected in the womb with the help of several layers of fabrics. The baby’s head also protects the presence of amniotic fluid. Therefore, the excitement on this score is groundless.

Anal sex for mutracia is not suitable. They can only be done if, after penetration into the anus, classic sex does not follow. The problem is that microorganisms from the anal opening are dangerous for both the mother and the child.

Use contraception. What could be worse than sexually transmitted diseases, especially on the eve of the birth of a child? In front of births, the infection can become a huge problem, so it is so important to protect yourself. Also remember the need to comply with hygiene rules. Perform hygienic procedures before and after intimacy.

It is not necessary to achieve orgasm. For a high -quality husband, there is enough proximity – kisses, gentle hugs, massage movements. All these actions have a good effect on the body of a woman. A significant role is played by bodily communication with a partner. After all, it is important for a pregnant woman from a psychological point of view to feel like a beloved.

In the event that unpleasant symptoms have appeared after the mushlet, you should consult a doctor. Whether it is cramps or bloody discharge, you should not hesitate – because the life of the child may depend on this.

Oral sex, which can be dangerous for a woman, deserves special attention. In the event that your husband makes you cunnilingus, tell him not to blow in the vagina. Of course, during this lesson, none of the men would deliberately blow the female genital organs.

However, at the same time, the air can penetrate the vagina and by chance – for example, due to the intensified breathing of the partner during cunnilingus. The air can cause embolism (gas penetration into blood vessels).

After the water has left, any sexual practices are prohibited. In this case, there is no longer a amnsion shell that protects the child from injury.

Is it worth it to engage in muset

In the event that you have no desire to have sex on the eve of childbirth, it is not necessary to do it. Not every pregnant woman has the strength for this. Especially when it comes to an older woman in labor.

In addition, any future mother may disappear sexual desire. If there is no libido or you are gnawing at the idea of the unacceptability of mushiepia – you do not need to force yourself. Mandatory this practice is not.

You can stimulate contractions with other ways. It is also useful to discuss this aspect with a doctor, and not resort to dubious folk methods of stimulating the type of gender washing or carrying weights. Remember, such tips from the lips of others can be dangerous for your health and life.

Expectant mothers need to remember the contraindications of papotherapy. About them and about the possibility of mushiepia, you need to talk with the doctor, discuss the risks and acceptability of practice for you. There are a number of features in which musetrapy is prohibited – this is the presentation of the placenta, an increased risk of premature delivery and others. In these cases, it is necessary to observe sexual rest.

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