Menstrual bowls: pros and cons of

Menstrual bowls: pros and cons of.

For me personally, it was a discovery that menstrual bowls have been known to the world since 1930. The first tampons appeared in the same period. At the same time, the latter have gained wide popularity and you can buy them everywhere. While the bowls cannot be found in any pharmacy, and ordering via the Internet is much easier than detecting on the counter.

What is this miracle of technology? Menstrual bowl (or kapa) – a cap for collecting menstrual discharge in the form of a bell with a nose. Enter into the vagina. Disposable is made of polyethylene, and reusable most often from latex, thermoplastic elastomer or medical silicone.

The volume of bowls can vary from 18 to 59 ml! This is despite the fact that the average discharge indicator for the entire cycle does not exceed 35 ml. Many manufacturers write that it can be devastated 2 times a day. But, gynecologists, after all, advise at least 3 times.

In addition to the material and volume, they can differ in color, shape (for example, the length of the nose) and stiffness.

Soft will like girls with pelvic bottom problems or increased sensitivity. Only they require more dexterity so that the bowl inside is open correctly.

Most stiff bowls come up to most young ladies.

Elastic bowls are preferred by athletes, lovers of dancing and active types of recreation. Such capes are minimized during movements.

Well, with color, each brand experiments for its pleasure. Some produce only transparent, others – the products of all colors of the rainbow.

Do not be afraid if you find holes in your caps. These are ventilation holes. They will not miss blood, but thanks to them, the bowl will not suck. 🙂

Using menstrual bowls

  1. Disinfect the product and hands. Manufacturers and gynecologists unanimously claim that it should be sterilized before the first use and after the end of menstruation. This will help to avoid random bacteria. To do this, just boil for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Put the cap in a comfortable shape for you. First, try the one that the manufacturer offers in the instructions, but no one bothers you to make any other. The main thing is that the cup can open inside.
  3. Enter. Advised to do this sitting on the toilet. This will relax the muscles, and you will avoid the risk of getting dirty if something goes wrong with the habit. You can also put one leg on the toilet or bath.
  4. After some time (8 or 12 hours), pull out the bowl, empty and rinse. You can just under running water, you can use soap. Do not forget to only rinse it well so that the cleaning product does not remain on the product. Otherwise, there is a risk of violating the balance of beneficial bacteria in the vagina.

Doctors advise starting to practice at home. For beginners, this is a rather complicated process that requires a certain dexterity and skill. But remember the tampons, the ony is not always put as you wanted. The same with bowls. It may take a few attempts to make everything work out.

Be careful if you have long nails, do not scratch.

Pros of menstrual bowls

  • Economic. Yes, you may have to spend money until you pick up the bowl of the right size and brand. And onyak is a supply of hygiene products for several cycles. But such bowls will last you5-10 years old. Benefits on the face.
  • Environmental friendliness. For those who want to keep our planet beautiful and green, this is an important indicator. Think about how much money you throw out by the cycle and multiply by the number of women. Believe me, nature will say thank you if you reduce the mass of garbage. Moreover, there are brands that do not test their products on animals and use materials that vegetarians will appreciate.
  • Compactness. One bowl takes up much less space than packs of gaskets and tampons for any situation. Save a place in a suitcase for a beautiful dress and shoes.
  • Comfort. The bowl can only leak if you put it wrong. After little practice, you will cease to experience discomfort from its introduction.
  • Safety. Gynecologists say that the use of a bowl is much safer than other means during menstruation. Lack of air access to fluid significantly reduces the development of pathogenic microflora.

Cons of menstrual bowl

  • Allergies to the material. This is an unpleasant factor. But now the bowls are made from different materials, which will allow you to choose the right one for you.
  • Introduction. We have repeatedly said that this process requires a certain practice. But she, as you know, is the concept of profit.
  • They are not contraceptives. The bowls in no way protect against STDs and unwanted pregnancy.
  • Contraindications. As for any drug or object that has at least some relation to our health, there are contraindications to use. We will talk about them below.


  • The bowls are not advised to use virgins. Like swabs, they can provoke a rupture of the virgin rods.
  • Any inflammation of the genitourinary system can increase after the start of the use of the bowl.
  • Women’s posts of operations on the genitals by organs of veneering, gaps after childbirth, be sure to consult a doctor before use.

Conclusions of customers

  1. The bowls are much more convenient. They do not proceed and in emergency cases can be forgotten for 12 hours.
  2. They are difficult to insert. For some, this is torture resembling dancing with tambourines. Someone does not cope with this.
  3. Sensation inside a foreign body. Like with tampons. In 91%, these sensations disappear after a while. 9% returns to the use of gaskets.
  4. The bowls do not gurgle.
  5. If you are afraid of the type of blood, then the moment of emptying will be a very unpleasant.
  6. The bowl does not get stuck. Even if she rose a little higher, just relax, and she easily takes out the tail. You can buy an option with a ring and tie a thread. But, as they say those who did so, the rope is not needed.
  7. The tail of some bowls can be cut to the desired size. The main thing is not to damage the product.
  8. The need to rinse kapuindo brings discomfort, but to guess time and find the opportunity to be not difficult.
  9. It is difficult to immediately guess with a bowl that is immediately suitable for all parameters.

Menstrual bowls have their own fans and cheaters. For some, this is joy and buzz, but for someone pain and sadness. But more and more women look towards the bowls. Still, environmental friendliness and economy are very attractive.

Many compare them in sensations with tampons. They say that the bowls are better. They don’t even bother someone to have sex.

For those who want to try, in our store there are sets of bowls of different sizes.

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