Make a woman to finish

Make a woman to finish.

Female pleasure is a mystery: no matter how hard they try, they simply cannot bring their partner to orgasm. What should you learn, and where the mistakes lies? We have collected the best tips for you.

«I love this woman», – He thinks, and his eyes light up. We are very pleased with each other and together we plan our future. There is only one thing… For me, our sex life brings great satisfaction. She says she feels the same, but she almost never has an orgasm. I would like to regularly help her to achieve orgasm. But how to make a woman finish?

These thoughts are shared by many men who also want to please their partners in bed. After all, studies show that men experience an orgasm during sex much more often than women. But this is a reason to despair. Many women get 100% pleasure from sex with their partner, even if they do not end. A full -fledged love game is made not by a few seconds of orgasm, but by passion, proximity, safety and pleasure that you experience.

, Make a woman to finish

The desire to force the woman to end it is clear, but it should not create unnecessary pressure on both sides, not to mention causing guilt if you finished, and your partner is not. The reasons why the orgasm does not occur very diverse – in the most rare cases, problems with orgasm are physical in nature. Often the reason is stress, pressure, discomfort, or simply incorrect technique. We explain the advice, tricks and auxiliary means that contribute to the female orgasm.

Prelude takes time

For orgasm during sex, a prelude is needed. Kiss, stroke and touch it. Many women are excited by kisses in the neck, neck and ears. Most women are more exciting acoustic than visually, which means that even a small dirty conversation can work miracles. Many women like it when they stimulate the nipples. This task will do perfectly Vibropul.

Even stroking panties can be very exciting. Soft movements around the vagina enhance the expectation. You feel that she is already wet? Use this moisture and caress its clitoris. Not earlier! The clitoris is a very erogenous zone with twice as much nerve endings than on the tip of the penis. This can give you an idea of how rude and dry friction can be. If a woman has problems with getting wet, thenlubricant– Your friend and assistant.

, Make a woman to finish

Oral sex: Higher discipline

Whether it is a snack, the main dish or dessert, oral sex is one of the best ways to make a woman finish. Soft kisses, light sucking and alternating movements of the tongue more excite than monotonously not ambitious clit licking. Dexterity can also and should be used during oral sex. To do this, it is best to carefully introduce the index and / or middle finger into it and additionally stimulate its point G, which is located a few centimeters from the entrance to the vagina towards the abdominal wall. Instead of a finger, you can also use A curved small vibrator.

Sexual intercourse: do not forget about the clitoris!

Sex is not only penetration into the vagina with a penis. The fact that you are engaged in sexual intercourse does not mean that stroking, licking and affection of the clitoris ended. The clitoris is not an organ for prelude! Different studies show that only about a third of all women reach orgasm through penetration, so only it is often not enough to force a woman to finish. Regardless of what pose you prefer – the clitoris is almost always available with fingers.

, Make a woman to finish

If now the best position and optimal rhythm for themselves have come out, other additional types of stimulation can enter the game. Some women like it when they are held tightly by the hair, others like it when they are held by the wrists (handcuffs or just with their hands), and many women like to hear compliments during sex.

Experiment and love each other!

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