Kegel exercises for women at home

Kegel gymnastics: how to perform correctly – specialist recommendations.

Pelvic floor muscles – The most reliable indicator of female youth, and this is not a joke! You probably saw women who, even after 50 years, are able to seduce men, remain sensual and enchanting. There is no magic here – The hormonal balance of the body is directly related to the fitness of the muscles of the pelvis, and it is responsible for fertility (the ability to childbearing), youth, sexuality, the beauty of the skin, hair and nails. In this material, we will tell you in detail about female intimate fitness and teach you to receive 100% return from our body.

Who is Arnold Kegel

, Kegel exercises for women at home

Kegel exercises for women at home have gained wide popularity and were able to move the matter from the dead point – Girls began to actively engage in intimate fitness and improve their health in their young years. Let’s take a closer look at this system.The name of Arnold Kegel is still heard by women, although Kegel’s gymnastics was invented at the beginning of the 20th century. This American gynecologist with German roots worked on the creation of an apparatus that could measure the power of vaginal fabrics – He needed it to treat urine incontinence in patients. What was the doctor’s amazement when he discovered a significant improvement in muscle tone in patients who simply used his measuring apparatus. As a result, even ladies with low sensitivity were able to get an orgasm and forget about problems in intimate life.

His system

Many young ladies mistakenly believe that the exercises are simply in systematic compression and relaxation of vaginal fabrics, and that even such actions can give significant results. It is fundamentally wrong. Of course, periodic, small loads will surely bring some benefit, however, for the results to become noticeable, you will need vaginal balls and a special lesson system that you can find in the video tutorial «Vaginal balls. Training system» on our website.

Balls are needed so that you quickly learn to manage your intimate muscles, make them more elastic and elastic. KEGEL intimate fitness has been successfully used for several decades of a lady from around the world. If you want to forget about intimate problems forever, improve your female health and become an amazing mistress, you should certainly adopt techniques for women how to execute them – you will learn from the video course presented on our website under the name «Training and development of intimate muscles».

, Kegel exercises for women at home

Kegel simulator with pictures and how to use it

The simplest Kegel simulator when the vaginal is lowered or intimate muscles is a rubber sensor that is inserted into the vagina (looks like a pear of the pressure measurement device). Using the cord, this sensor connects to the scoreboard on which you can see the compression force. The doctor initially used these data for medical purposes, but then he came to the conclusion of this conclusion – if the girl constantly see improvements of the results, she will have more incentives to engage. All modern stimulants of intimate muscles are essentially the same KEGEL apparatus, only modified and more convenient – We will talk about these little assistants for effective training below.

The pros and cons of the Arnold Kegel system

Kegel gymnastics, which strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, is now very popular, though it is called so only in the old fashioned way. In fact, the old system has long been replaced by more modern and convenient ones, which allow women to tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor in a short time, prepare for pregnancy and recover after giving birth.

Also correctly performed intimate charging improves the hormonal balance of the body and its general condition, prolongs youth and pushes men for an indefinite time.

The disadvantages of the system are obvious – She is morally obsolete because she appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, people have learned a lot about anatomy and physiology, received more advanced materials and devices. So if you want to do exercises after childbirth, it is not at all necessary to take obsolete classical techniques. Surely you heard about the gymnastics of Tatyana Kozhevnikova, who created her system based on famous «KEGLI». So, our sexologist Valery Agina is a certified coach in intimate muscles, and its achievements are even more effective. We advise you to watch a video tutorial with a 21-day training course – In 3 weeks, your muscles will be significantly strong and tighten, you will notice a significant improvement in the quality of sexual life.

The importance of training and why do it

If you are young, healthy and perplexed why you need to perform Kegel gymnastics for women, let’s discuss this. Surely you are engaged in the beauty and health of your body – You eat properly, visit fitness or gym, build your body according to the requirements of modern beauty standards. However, inside you have the same muscles that also need a load, otherwise they are weakened and sagging. You will learn more about this from the video lesson «Why train the muscles of the pelvis bottom».

In ordinary life, the girl does not use the pelvic floor muscles at all (MTD) – You can feel them only with a delay in urination when you stop the stream. At another time, muscles simply inactive, and under the influence of a number of factors their condition worsens.

Why is the state of MTD worsens:

  • Age older than 21 years;
  • Childbirth, breastfeeding or pregnancy;
  • General diseases of the body;
  • Genital diseases, infection;
  • Hormonal jumps;
  • Strong physical activity.

As you can see, MTD is literally subject to a deterioration in the state of the state – Even if you are all right with your health or you do not plan to give birth to a child, age will sooner or later take its.

Why low tone MTD – this is so bad:

  • Directly affects the arrival of menopause;
  • The sensitivity of the walls of the vagina decreases;
  • The ability to receive orgasm is reduced;
  • The vagina becomes wide (it is difficult to get an orgasm to her husband);
  • Hormonal balance is disturbed;
  • May cause the vaginal or uterus to omit;
  • Pregnancy and childbirth are worse.

It turns out that the KEGEL exercise for women (how to perform them, we will tell you below) are simply necessary for everyone – young, adult, elderly, mother of babies or the one who is just preparing to become her. A good tone guarantees excellent female health, preserving youth and beauty for a long time, is an excellent prevention of postpartum complications and prolapse. Kegel gymnastics for women after 50 years is simply shown as air to stay young, beautiful and sexy. A good hormonal balance as a result of classes – this is the best «vitamin» For beautiful skin, hair and nails.


Women who have learned about an intimate fitness immediately have many questions: you can do a kegel exercises for pregnant women or not, and at what point you will have to stop? It is ideal to start in the period of preparation for pregnancy, to bring MTD in an excellent tone before childbirth. But if you still did not know about intimate feeding, it doesn’t matter: many courses for expectant mothers practice intimate gymnastics. You can fully fulfill it under the guidance of a specialist, but only with the permission of the attending physician.

It is very important to find out the opinion of the doctor, since the gymnastics of Kegel in the first trimester is allowed only to those who do not have a danger of a pregnancy breakdown. If earlier you had miscarriages or in general pregnancy is unstable, you will have to refuse to pump up the pelvic bottom from the idea of pumping up.

Below we will talk more about fitness during the expectation of the child.

Kegel simulator to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis is suitable for almost everyone, but there are contraindications. Make sure you don’t suffer from such ailments:

  • Benign and malignant formations in the pelvic zone;
  • Prolapse (loss) of the uterus;
  • Infectious diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • Vaginal and uterine bleeding;
  • Postoperative period.

During menstruation, the KEGEL gymnastics with vaginal balls or simulator temporarily stops, and after the end of the discharge begins at the interrupted moment!

Alternative methods that strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor

Of course, fitness KEGEL – This is only a base, but the simulators can be used by a variety of. Let’s talk more about them so that you can choose the best option.

, Kegel exercises for women at home

Vagiton (pneumatic simulator)

This device was first invented precisely by Arnold Kegel, later modernized. Word «pneumatic» The name is because the device has a camera with compressed air – something similar to a tonometer for measuring pressure. Use it is quite simple – You enter the sensor into the vagina and start contractions, after which you look at the display – It will be possible to see the compression force on it. The maximum efficiency is achieved due to the fact that the sensor is resisting the muscles. The best representative of the species – Sky Bird.

It is convenient to work with pneumatics, but you also need to deal with a certain scheme – You can find it in our video tutorials of KEGEL exercises for women.

INBILDING: Anatomy and physiology of a woman

What you see outside if you sit opposite the mirror and spread your legs – it is a crotch, soft muscle support of internal organs. Together with the inner deep layer of tissues, the crotch forms the muscles of the pelvic floor – They include:

  • Glove-lumber;
  • Iliac and capchical;
  • Ani Levator, forming the back wall of the vulva and raising the anus.

You cannot feel each area separately – They make up a single mechanism that helps reduce the vagina from all sides. This muscles are well studied, it can really be pumped up, unlike mythical rings inside the vagina, which I spoke about. Muranivsky, founder of the Wumbilding system.

We will train these intimate muscles – just the right and correct name came from them «Imp».


, Kegel exercises for women at home

It is believed that the main simulator (TP), which is actively promoted. Muranivsky. Actually this is not true – The pneumatic balloon device for calculating the compression force of the vulva was invented and patented much earlier, but it was Muranivsky who decided to supply the balloon with a limiter. This limiter was needed so that the TP did not fall out of the vagina when pumping mythical VUMs – vaginal-controlled muscles (in fact, intra-abdominal pressure increased). Vaginal muscles of the entrance to. Muranivsky considered it completely insignificant and said that it was harmful to swing them. But if you move further into the vagina – The same Vuma begins there that will help to find eternal sexual well -being. Remember: there are no muscular tubes in the vagina itself, they are only outside!

Training on balls

We do not even advise you to start engaging in wumbling – Coaches in all seriousness offer students a simulator Muranivsky, who does nothing: he is designed to swing fabrics that do not exist in nature!

Vaginal balls – One of the most ancient and popular systems for pumping intimate muscles. Kegel balls can be connected by thread or completely autonomous, some models suggest both options for wearing. Techniques for pumping MTD with their participation simple – you need to lift the balls up, knock them against each other, move them – All this is without hands, due to the inner muscles alone. There are also balls with a displaced center of gravity – They will help you have fun in the process of classes and remind you of the need to train. In general, one set of balls is unlikely to do: beginners need stimulants of larger diameter and lower weight, then these indicators change to opposite.

, Kegel exercises for women at home

The advantages of such a system are obvious – She helps to start fitness from scratch and is also suitable for advanced ladies. But if you are engaged in randomly, instead of benefit you will only get harm – For example, a ball can go too deep.

Our class system is suitable for everyone, it includes work with vaginal balls. If you clearly follow the instructions and regularly engage in, the balls will quickly bring your internal muscles in order. How to use Kegel balls for beginners, we will tell you a little below – It is very simple.

, Kegel exercises for women at home

Truck simulators

Are a design in the form of a ball with a load on a long stick, used for the same purpose – Strengthening pelvic muscles. In fact, such a device is not suitable for beginners, since it is difficult to independently regulate the right weight of the weight, and with too high indicators, vaginal bleeding may begin.

, Kegel exercises for women at home


Pelvic Muscle Trainer – Impulse current generator, which will allow you to quickly and very effectively affect the MTD and get a quick result. Electric stimulation-pulsation works precisely with tone of fabrics, leads them to the optimal state. If you deal with the device every day, very soon the vagina is narrowed due to tightening the fabrics around it. On our site is a special training system from our sexologist Valeria Aginskaya, take advantage of it to engage in effectively..

, Kegel exercises for women at home


KGOAL device – An excellent pelvic fabric stimulator, which is an advanced version of older pumping models. A pear filled with air is inserted into Vulva, after which you download the fabric by compression and you can observe the results on the smartphone display (KGOAL is synchronized with the phone). The main feature of the stimulant – the ability to track the frequency and duration of exercises, to fix progress. Believe me, when you see a real result in conditional interest, motivation increases greatly, faith returns to itself. By the way, doing is not at all boring – The application will offer you several game modes of training.

Devices and tools for training

You can perform techniques with vaginal balls even with a smartphone – To do this, you will need to buy smart balls, a comfortable and effective novelty.

Modern devices synchronized with a mobile phone can be called the last generation of devices to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They really work and take into account all the features of the female body, allow you to draw up a training program, have different operating modes. Examples – GBalls, Magic Kegel. Flaws – high cost compared to other stimulants. If you decide to deal with them, see our KEGEL exercises after childbirth, they are built in the form of a thoughtful system.

, Kegel exercises for women at home

Geisha Balls

If you want to buy a device that will become your faithful assistant for many years, it may well be Geisha Balls. The kit contains four plastic balls of different weights, which can be combined with each other, using an elastic tape made of silicone. The benefit is evident – You don’t have to buy heavier balls every time, because Geisha Balls is very functional and will help you go from a beginner to pro. By the way, in the box you will find instructions with different types of techniques. Pay attention that you will have to buy a water -based lubricant for balls, which does not conflict with the material of toys.

, Kegel exercises for women at home


A set of vaginal balls Svakom Nova Kegel Balls consists of three devices with a displaced center of gravity and silicones with a loop, pulling for which you can easily take balls from the vagina. By the way, the surface of the balls is also silicone, and on each of the individual devices the balls seemed to be fought among themselves almost completely.

The pluses of the device – ease of use and pleasure in the process due to the displaced center of gravity. It is perfect for women who want to recover after childbirth and return to the previous parameters of vaginal muscles.

, Kegel exercises for women at home

Magic Kegel

Magic Kegel has not been in vain one of the most popular devices for fitness pelvic bottom muscles. Firstly, it is very ergonomic – The cute pretty kaglu of 100% silicone is not scared into the vagina at all and is quite comfortable provided that the lubricant is used. In addition to the main resistance during compression, the device transfers vibration in a given rhythm, which helps to quickly restore tissue performance and return their previous state. According to customers, the device works great and shows the results after 2-3 weeks, but only if you deal with it regularly.

What will happen if you do not train the muscles of the pelvic bottom

Reviews of Kegel balls are really able to inspire, but many girls are sure that intimate fitness – This is just another marketing move necessary to increase sales of devices or something else. In fact, everything is just the opposite – The system of classes is so ancient that it leaves roots even in the period BC. The discoverers can be considered an Asian family, close to the rulers and emperors – With the help of balls, they retained their youth and became unsurpassed mistresses. But the ladies are more victorious and even more so the peasant women did not have access to the balls that were made by a special order – They worked hard and greeted early, literally immediately after the birth of children.

So, let’s discuss what will happen if you leave everything as it is and not engage in intimate fitness.


Kegel exercises during pregnancy and after childbirth allow you to maintain the health of internal organs. If you do not do this, you risk getting:

  • Gaps and birth injuries;
  • Stretched and wide vagina;
  • Omission of the vagina and uterus;
  • Prolapse (complete loss) of these organs.

In addition to these «horror stories» Add hormonal imbalance, early menopause, low fertility (conception ability). Not a very pleasant picture, isn’t it?

Lack of sensations

A set of exercises after childbirth is aimed not only at physiological recovery for health – It also allows you to return the sensitivity and narrowness of the vagina lost after the birth of a child, without which good sex will remain in the past.

Of course, a young girl, and not just a mommy with a child, can face a lack of sensations with sex. This problem is quite common, and intimate fitness can help cope with it in just 3-4 weeks. No wonder the doctor’s patient boasted violent intimacy after applying his simulator – True, not only vagiton, but also any other suitable device will give the same results. And if nothing is done, then after 21 years you will feel a gradual decrease in muscle tone – This is expressed in the fact that sex brings less and less pleasure, the claims of the spouse, which is lost as your own experiences, is connected to your own experiences «Pencil in a glass». It sounds rudely, but even if your polite young man does not say a word about problems, they will not go anywhere from this.

A man does not feel anything and cannot get an orgasm

For a man female intimate charging – dark forest, but if you do not do it, he will immediately feel it. As you know, the guarantee of pleasant sensations during intima becomes precisely the friction of the walls of the vagina about the member: if it is not, it becomes very difficult or almost impossible to get an orgasm. Well, the lack of orgasm immediately affects the relationship, the man begins to be annoyed and freak out, even if he does not directly condemn you.

Reviews of Kegel gymnastics say that literally a couple of weeks after the start of classes the situation improves: since the vagina becomes narrow, the partner feels better and is easily excited, quickly reaches ecstasy.

Some women go even further and try to imitate Thai craftswomen, who, incidentally, learn to own their muscles of years from 10. The result of classes is amazing – The rare art of female vaginal frictions (the ability to stimulate a member of compression from the inside) shocks and builds such women to the rank of great lovers. Just imagine that after a few months of regular classes you can please your spouse like that! For a minute, only 0.3% of the total number of women in the world own vaginal frictions!

Most women who did special physical exercises after childbirth noted a significant increase in their sensuality and sexuality, an increase in libido. In short, intimate life is quickly getting better, and on all fronts – And this greatly affects the general quality of life in a pair, mutual understanding and love.

Where to start training

First try to determine your tone. It is quite simple, and will determine the starting position with which you start.

  1. Enter the index finger into Vulva and try to squeeze it as much as possible – If you can squeeze your finger, at least slightly, the tone is normal. Check the surface with your finger – In a vagina with normal tone, it will be ribbed, and with reduced it will be similar to the inner surface of the cheek.
  2. Sit on the edge of the chair, bring two fingers into the vagina – Indicative and medium. Dissat them inside in the form of the letter v. Then try to squeeze below– Ideally, the fingers should connect under the force of pressure.
  3. During sex, pay attention to how you feel a partner member – If there are practically no sensations, then the tone is low. By the way, the man feels the same – It is more difficult for him to achieve orgasm with a woman who has a weak tone.

If the tone is low, don’t be upset. This is the trouble of more than half of women around the world and it is connected with quite natural processes.

How to perform gymnastics correctly – (step -by -step instructions with video)

To engage in correctly, you need to find and feel the muscles that you will train. In fact, it is not so difficult to feel a group of intimate muscles – When you are in the toilet, try to delay urination, the same fabrics are responsible for this. Almost all techniques are built on this simple action that shakes and compacts the muscles we need.

If you can’t do anything, it doesn’t matter – The muscles of everyone is the same, but you need to make a little more effort. Look at our lesson «How to feel MTD» And follow the recommendations of our sexologist.

Before you start training, remember a few simple rules:

  1. Start with light techniques, then go to more complicated;
  2. The period of relaxation of the muscle in time is equal to the tension;
  3. You can not perform equipment more than 30 times in one approach;
  4. During menstruation, take a break, then start from the same place where you stopped;
  5. Be sure to do one day off per week so that the muscles manage to recover.

Watch the video course of our sexologist Valeria Aginskaya «Training and development of intimate muscles»– She talks very accessiblely about training schemes and gives her own developments, which are tested by the experience of many women.

Complex of special exercises with pictures

To better understand the principle of action, see how to do KEGEL exercises with a photo – There is nothing complicated in fitness, any woman can deal with it.

Technique 1

During urination, squeeze the crotch tissue so as to stop the stream – This is the best way to feel them. First stop the urination by 3 seconds, then increase this time to 20 seconds. Do not forget about the rule – relax at the same time as you strained. If you couldn’t feel anything, be sure to watch our video tutorial «How to feel the muscles of the pelvic floor» From our sexologist Valeria Agina.

Technique 2

Lie on the back, wiped your legs in your knees. Perform slow compression for 10 seconds, then relaxation for 10 seconds. Do 10 times, then accelerate and move on to fast, jerky compressions for 5 seconds with the same rest period.

Technique 3

Technique «Elevator» – For 3 seconds, we will sit down the lower group of fabrics, then, without releasing the capture, set together the middle group at the same time, then the upper group. It is like the movement of the elevator up and stops on three floors. After performing, relax for 10 seconds.

Exercises for beginners with balls

Vaginal balls – One of the best training systems today. The devices made of dense material create resistance to fabrics, due to this, the process of pumping tissues is significantly accelerated. There is also a special training system for classes with balls.

, Kegel exercises for women at home

7 – The daily training system

Day 1

  • Before training – Warm-up: before the introduction of toys for 2-3 minutes, we compress and unclench the MTD.
  • We train only at home on this day!
  • The total duration of wear of eggs on this day – half an hour.
  • Squeeze and unclench the MTD every 15 minutes for 1 minute. Total compress 2 times

Day 2

  • Before training – Warm up (for 2-3 minutes we compress and unclench the muscles of the vagina)
  • We train only at home on this day!
  • The total duration of wearing toys on this day is 1 hour.
  • Squeeze and unclench the MTD every 15 minutes for 1 minute. Total 4 times

Day 3

  • Before training – Warm-up (2-3 minutes compress and unclench MTD)
  • We train only at home on this day!
  • The total duration of wearing toys on this day is 2 hours. We make techniques half an hour.
  • First time: compress and unclench the muscles for 2 minutes.
  • Second – The fourth time: every half hour for 2-3 minutes we squeeze, we squeeze the MTD with a delay of 5 seconds (clamped for 5 seconds, then relaxed for 5 seconds, and so we repeat 2-3 minutes). Total 4 times.

Day 4

  • Before doing a warm-up (for 2-3 minutes, compress and unclench the muscles of the vagina)
  • The total duration of wearing toys on this day is 3 hours.
  • Every half an hour, for 2-3 minutes, compress, we are delayed the muscles with a delay of 5 seconds. Total 6 times.

Day 5

  • Before training – Warm-up (2-3 minutes compress and unclench MTD)
  • The total duration of wearing toys on this day is 4 hours.
  • Every half an hour, for 2-3 minutes, compress, we are delayed the muscles with a delay of 10 seconds. Total 8 times.

Day 6

  • Before training – Warm-up (2-3 minutes compress and unclench MTD)
  • The total duration of wearing toys on this day is 5 hours.
  • Every half an hour, for 3 minutes, we compress, we are exhausting muscles with a delay of 10 seconds. Total 10 times.

Day 7


To achieve good results, do 3-4 approaches per day, performing the equipment 10-20 times. Continuation of the training system and more complex types of training you will find in the video course “Training and development of intimate muscles” on our website.

Arnold Kegel exercises for pregnant women

If the pregnancy proceeds normally, it is certainly worth using intimate techniques during pregnancy in their training, because they can best prepare your body for labor activity. If everything is done correctly, intimate feed will bring you only benefit.

When you can do during pregnancy

In the first trimester, the fetus is only fixed on the walls of the uterus, so you need to act very carefully. When you learned about pregnancy, immediately visit a doctor and hand over all the necessary tests. Based on diagnostic data, he will be able to say whether there are development pathologies or risks. Some women during this period have to completely abandon the loads in order to prevent the risk of miscarriage.

The Kegel simulator in the second trimester is used on the recommendation of a doctor most often: there is usually no threat of a breakdown at this time, and still far from birth – The fetus just ripens in the uterus. You will be a big smart man if you are engaged in the strengthening of the MTD at this time, since their tone directly affects the complexity of delivery.

Kegel exercises for pregnant women 3 trimester do not always allow, because MTD tone can lead to increased tone of the uterus itself, and this is fraught with premature births. Be sure to talk to a doctor – Perhaps it will allow you light and simple loads.

Remember – You are responsible not only for yourself, but also for the baby. Do not make important decisions yourself, without consulting a doctor – This can harm!

What charging for intimate muscles is suitable (with pictures)

These techniques will allow you to learn how to relax those muscles that prevent the correct course of the birth process. In certain cases, childbirth is delayed because the woman does not know how to strain to help the baby leave the bosom faster. In addition, the correct intimate phytes – Best prevention of gaps and cracks!

Technique 1

Lie on your back and take a pose as during childbirth: your arms drop along your body, scoop your legs in your knees and spread in different directions. Under the head and back, put a small flat and fairly thin pillow, relax. Now tenses the muscles of the perineum, as if trying to stop urination, and hold them in this state for 5-10 seconds. After a little relax, take a break for a while and repeat the equipment again. Start with 7-8 approaches, gradually bringing the number of exercises performed at a time to 20-30.

, Kegel exercises for women at home

Technique 2

The meaning is to strain and relax the intimate muscles at a fairly fast pace, but in a strictly designated order – first vaginal, and then anus, that is, producing a kind of wave. It is necessary to relax in the reverse order – Anus muscles, then vagina.

When performing exercises for pregnant women, carefully follow your feelings. If you feel discomfort, immediately stop class and turn to your attending gynecologist. He will advise – how to stretch the vagina and prepare for labor in more gentle methods.

, Kegel exercises for women at home


Let’s list the main contraindications again:

  1. Benign and malignant tumors of any organs and systems;
  2. Inflammatory and infectious processes of the genitourinary system, lower extremities;
  3. Prolapse of the internal organs (the fall of the uterus through the vulva or rectum through the anus);
  4. Postoperative or post -traumatic period;
  5. Acute states of the body (appendicitis and others);
  6. Vaginal bleeding;
  7. Threat of miscarriage or premature birth.

Even if you know exactly how to perform Kegel’s exercises for pregnant women, you must have received permission for them from your attending physician!

Classes after childbirth

Not all ladies are allowed to perform physical exercises after childbirth. Moreover, this applies to Kegel’s exercises, because they have a sufficiently powerful effect on MTD. If the girl did not have time to completely recover after childbirth, Kegel’s exercises can harm her. Also, contraindications for such gymnastics can be:

  • Exacerbation of inflammatory processes in the organs located in the pelvic area
  • vascular disorders in the same zone or in the lower extremities
  • too abundant bleeding after childbirth
  • Oncological tumors
  • Exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases
  • The generic injuries of the perineum
  • seams.

In all other cases, exercises will be incredibly useful, but before you do Kegel’s exercises for women after childbirth, get the consent of your doctor.

When can you start and what to do

If the birth activity took place without injuries and gaps, you can perform an intimate fitness after childbirth on 30-40 days. Of course, you must first pay attention to your health status. You should feel great, and gymnastics should not cause you the slightest discomfort.

The load for starters should be minimal – Start with a small number of exercises, gradually increasing the number of approaches. Before engaged in fitness, just in case, consult your attending gynecologist.

If during the birth of a child you received any injuries or tears, you should be extremely careful about such classes. Moreover, you can not use a simulator for vaginal tissues. In this case, even minimal loads you can afford only after a preliminary consultation with a gynecologist.

Myths and errors

Let’s look at the popular myths that stubbornly wander around the Internet and confuse girls.

  1. Importing cannot harm. Now imagine that you are going to the gym and begin to take the heaviest weight without the help of a coach and without preparation. The results can be different – prolapse of internal organs, tissue ruptures. With MTD the same – so that classes really benefit, they must have a clear system and be consistent. Otherwise you can get uterine omission, vaginal stretching and others «charms».
  2. A week later I can arrange my husband’s husband no worse than Thai! Muscles that have never worked in their lives will not be able to come to an ideal state in a week! Most likely, in the first few days you will try to at least feel the MTD, and then you will begin to slowly master them. There are exceptions – Some girls report very quick results, but this is more due to individual anatomical features.
  3. Why do I need simulators, if you can do so? Again, let’s draw an analogy with the gym, where you come to put your body in order. What can be done without simulators? Get rid of fat, pull up. But if we are talking about building, building muscles, special devices are needed. So if you really want to achieve pronounced results, you will have to use devices. But you can start without them – You will at least feel muscles and learn to use them.

Jade eggs

Jade chic simulator, similar to the concubines of the Chinese emperors, many girls like. And it is also sold and advertised everywhere, which adds to the product of popularity. In fact, buy it – The worst that you can do for your health.

A real jade simulator is made of whole stone, polished for a long time, and is really expensive, about $ 1,000.

If you want it, look for an egg in the jewelry department, which can guarantee the quality of the goods. Accordingly, all those «Jade» Eggs that sell in the underground crossings of the metro and even sex shops – Just a fake made of jadeite. Such a stone has a porous structure, so a huge number of bacteria are delayed in it. You can bring an infection for yourself and provoke inflammation.

Reviews about the Kegel training complex for intimate muscles

Reviews about Kegel’s training cannot be called contradictory – Basically, the girls are pleasantly surprised by the changes that occur in their body after even a couple of weeks of classes. There are those who did not feel anything, but basically these young ladies simply did not give themselves it is difficult for themselves to engage in a certain system without messages and breaks.

After childbirth, sex with her husband became completely different – I never thought that I had «bucket», but it was felt that way, the vagina did not return to the antenatal state and close! The doctor recommended Kegel’s exercises – I did everything as it should, there were improvements, but slowly. A month later, I read about special simulators on the Internet and bought a vagiton for myself – He pulled me so much in 2 weeks that I was able to get an orgasm again, my husband is also very pleased!

Alla, 36 years old.

I heard about intimate fitness before – a well -known system, but I always thought that my vagina is narrow and all this needs for other women, but not for me. So it was not yet divorced with her husband and did not start an affair with a new man – him «dignity» slightly smaller (although it is quite within normal!) and then I realized that I practically do not feel him! I tried a month to deal with the balls that the same lover presented to me, and noticed a huge difference! The girth has become much better, we get an orgasm very quickly. I am satisfied, like a man, classes will definitely continue.

Veronica, 29 years old.

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