Is it possible to get pregnant after contraceptive tablets

Is it possible to get pregnant after contraceptive tablets.

, Is it possible to get pregnant after contraceptive tablets

Approaching the issues of family planning, many women with a high degree of doubt and experiences opt for the reception of contraceptives. Stereotypes folded several decades ago do not allow girls to calmly treat such protection methods. Although doctors convince: a negative hormonal effect on the body is impossible in the same way as side effects. In addition, oral contraceptives, according to experts, are one of the best ways to protect.

In addition to the likelihood of weight gain, the appearance of swelling, the rapid growth of hair on a male type, all women are disturbed by the most important question – Is it possible to get pregnant when taking contraceptives?.

It is no accident that ladies are worried about this: after all, statistics indicate that about 2% of girls are faced with an unwanted pregnancy, hoping for effective protection.

, Is it possible to get pregnant after contraceptive tablets

Pregnancy when taking contraceptives, is it possible

The oral contraceptives that are present today on pharmacy shelves are the preparations of the latest fifth generation. Scientists say: there can be neither side effects, nor random pregnancies with them. This is one of the most common, reliable and harmless protection methods. In application, they are simple, you can purchase tablets without a recipe in any pharmacy or on the Internet, the presented assortment helps to choose the most suitable in age, individual indicators, price, etc. D. However, the biggest mistake that women make is the purchase of contraceptive tablets according to the reviews and advice of friends, familiar.

It should be understood that only a doctor can prescribe an optimal contraceptive, and there are several reasons for this:

  1. The specialist is objectively able to evaluate the reproductive health of a woman in each case.
  2. The gynecologist will exclude the presence of contraindications and risks of side effects. To do this, the doctor will make heights of growth, weight of the patient, determine the norm of her blood pressure. In the presence of chronic diseases, clinical tests may be required.
  3. From the very beginning, the use of contraceptives should occur under the supervision of a gynecologist. For inspection and a specialist should be at least 1 time in 2 months.

In what cases can you get pregnant with contraceptives

If the doctor’s recommendations are followed, the probability of getting pregnant after contraceptive tablets is minimal, but is it possible to completely reduce it to zero? In addition, the risk of fertilization against the background of the use of drugs depends, as a rule, from the woman herself, manufacturers of most oral contraceptives warn: if all the rules for taking the drug are not observed, its effectiveness is noticeably reduced.

It turns out that when taking contraceptive tablets, you can get pregnant if:

  • The temporary interval between each application of the contraceptive increased from 24 hours to 36;
  • Simultaneously with oral agents, antibacterial medicines were taken to protect;
  • In parallel with the use of contraceptive tablets, a woman underwent herbal medicine (the effect of the drug neutralizes St. John’s wort, a series);
  • After less than 4 hours after the consumption of the contraceptive, there was a disorder of the gastrointestinal system, vomiting, t.e. The drug did not have time to absorb in the body.

“Is it possible to get pregnant if you drank contraceptives?” – Women’s forums are full of such issues. There are cases when girls acquired “dummy”-low-quality preparations, contraceptive-forces or tablets with an expired shelf life. Such drugs are not able to protect against unwanted pregnancy.

But most often, according to statistics, the reason for the “flight” is the carelessness and forgetfulness of women. It is enough to skip the reception of one tablet so that the “mechanism” of protection from pregnancy fails.

, Is it possible to get pregnant after contraceptive tablets

There is no need to doubt whether it is possible to get pregnant when taking contraceptives. This risk is always present, and in the case when, after a weekly break in the use of contraceptives, menstruation did not resume, it is urgent to be checked. Ideally, you need to make not only a standard two -lane test, but also take an analysis for the HCG level – this type of diagnosis is the highest reliability. So far, it is not known for sure that the pregnancy has not occurred, it is impossible to drink the next packaging of contraceptives.

How and when you can get pregnant after the cancellation of contraceptive tablets

After taking oral contraceptives, to return to the full functionality of the reproductive system and any woman can get pregnant and get pregnant. Before making a decision on family planning, it is necessary to quit the use of contraceptives. In most cases, women in 2 years after the abolition of hormonal tablets occurred a healthy pregnancy.

After about 1-2 months, ovulation is completely restored, which, by the way, is warned by the manufacturers. In some cases, a couple of weeks after refusing contraceptive drugs, a woman acquires the opportunity to conceive.

The fact is that, due to the individual characteristics of the body, in some ladies, the hormonal background is established simultaneously with ovulation, as soon as blocking hormones cease to enter the bloodstream. The fertilization of an output egg can occur immediately thanks to the suddenly activated ovaries. Being a long time in the “standby mode”, they immediately begin to work intensively. At the same time, other women have to wait for ovulation for months, since not every organism has the ability to quickly restore.

, Is it possible to get pregnant after contraceptive tablets

At a later age, the ladies after a long -term long -term reception of contraceptives for complete recovery may need about a year. If you take contraceptive tablets continuously for several years, it is unlikely to become pregnant due to a significant suppression of reproductive functions. If, under the age of 23, girls need on average a couple of months to restore, then after 35 years old women who want to give birth to a child have to contact the help of an extra -corporal conception. It is for this reason that after 12 months of taking contraceptive tablets to women planning to get pregnant in the future, it is necessary to take a three -month break.

Pregnancy with contraceptive tablets, what to do

And this question really worries many women: what actions to take first? Many are afraid that oral contraceptives will negatively affect the health of the future crumbs. In fact, there is no reason to worry.

Doubts about whether it is possible to get pregnant after contraceptive tablets, disappeared. But it is worth noting that their use will not affect the process of bearing the fetus itself. Upon learning of a happy news, a woman should stop taking the drug.

If you believe the statistics, then oral contraceptives do not at all prevent the kids from being born healthy. Cutting tablets themselves are not able to provoke a miscarriage or affect the fetal egg.

If pregnancy is really not included in your plans, treat a more attentive to the doctor’s recommendations. Follow the instructions and use the drug correctly – then the reasons for experiencing will be avoided.

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