Is it harmful to refrain to a woman

Is it harmful to refrain to a woman.

The absence of sexual life as a whole negatively affects the health of a woman. It should not be overestimated by the influence, which is much dependent on the libido and the hormonal background of the representative of the gentle sex, but the fact remains – the girl leading regular intimate life is much more resistant to stress, is confident, active, cheerful and much easier to worry all physiologicalThe processes of the body.Hence the question – is it harmful to abstain to a woman?

For a long time, those who abstain or generally make love extremely rarely, painful menstruation and early menopause are observed.

Again, it is impossible to say that this is an inevitable fact, because everyone has a different body, but we cannot deny them and deny them.

So it turns out a woman needs a regular sex life? Or is it something from the series “Better to be healthy and rich than poor and sick”?

Is it harmful to abstain for a woman and what is dangerous?

A delicate floor is much more emotional than male, a process, a sense of their own attractiveness, desire in the eyes of a partner is important to them.

This is due to the influence of masturbation. For guys, this is usually a good way out of the state of overexcitation, but it does not help women much.

It turns out to relieve physiological stress, but the emotional load does not go anywhere. Stress resistance is reduced, irritability, temper appears, self -esteem falls. The main problem of abstinence for girls is at the psyche level.

They say that for a good figure, a woman needs an arrears and a boyfriend. It’s not just a joke. The fact is that the weight is gained from an excess of carbohydrates and hormonal disorders.

The first comes from love for sweet, flour and bakery, the second in the absence of regular sexual life.

The result of both will be the loss of the figure, cellulite, stomach, square priest, rapidly aging skin, worsening appearance in general.

As mentioned above, girls refuse to intimacy, often have complaints about painful menstruation.

Migraine, pain in the lower abdomen, serious changes in the mood may appear. It is worth noting here that the reason does not always lie in the absence of intimacy, but it greatly relieves symptoms.

Often it is possible to hear the question of whether it is harmful to refrain to a woman if she does not feel a special desire?

Here we are most likely about people with low sexual temperament. Such ladies believe that sex does not apply to important details of life, without it you can easily live and worry about this.

In relations, they are often cold, legible and picky. Their emotions are very often depressed. For them, abstinence is not a problem, as well as the absence of a partner in principle.

Often these are selfish girls with children’s injuries, disliked by a father or abandoned by him. But this is a completely different topic.

In itself, sexual intercourse implies that a woman is the receiving side. Yes, there are many experiments up to a change of roles with a strapon, but in general, the essence is to master a woman by a man.

At the psyche level, this arouses femininity, and the most passionate lovers enjoy the fact that a man takes them as, where and when he wants. Within a reasonable.


She loses her main weapon – femininity, humility and tenderness. It becomes rude, inks, with male character traits. It is harmful to a woman to refrain.

Not fatal, but it definitely doesn’t work for the benefit. This does not mean at all that you need to go and surrender to the first person you meet, but here is sex on friendship or sexual partner, even without a relationship, to have much better than not to have.

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