Intimate haircut of intimate places. Photo – 64 hairstyles. Video

Intimate haircut.

To date, an intimate haircut for many has become an integral body care procedure. After all, we all want to be beautiful. And when it comes to sex, we just want to be irresistible and everywhere, including under the very last thing, which we usually remove!!)) In this article we will talk on the topic “Sack of intimate places” and how to decorate the bikini area with it with the help of it!)). You will find out why they are needed, how long and where the fashion came from, and you will also see the video how they are made and photos of various options for both women and men.

What is an intimate haircut?

An intimate haircut is a bikini hairline to a certain form or pattern using hair removal or shaving with a target of giving this zone aesthetically attractive species. In the figure below, you can see a wonderful example of such a haircut. Agree, it looks much more elegant and original than, for example, a stubborn pubis.

, Intimate haircut of intimate places. Photo – 64 hairstyles. Video

Yes, it may be tinkering or even spending if you do it in the cabin, but believe me, the result is worth it. Imagine that you have a romantic date with an “interesting” continuation and you want to make an unexpected surprise to your loved one, or you simply want to emphasize the beauty of your body in some unusual way. A beautiful haircut of the bikini zone will easily give you both at the same time. Your partner will appreciate your originality. Moreover, most of both men and women are very exciting similar artistic creations in their intimate places of their partner.

On the history of the emergence, all the advantages and features of hairstyles in the Bikini zone, let’s talk later, and now I suggest taking up the most interesting – see photos of intimate haircuts for women and men.

Women’s haircuts

38 below the above hairstyles, this is far from the whole list. In fact, they can be much more, as much as you can come up with. That is, this amount is limited only by your imagination.  These photos will help any girl choose their own style or can serve as the basis for creating their unique style. In order to see these photos in a larger format, go to the page photo of women’s intimate haircuts.

, Intimate haircut of intimate places. Photo – 64 hairstyles. Video

 As can be seen in the photo, playing with the same shape or figure, slightly modifying it due to division into parts with lines, changing even outlines to rounded or vice versa, etc.d, you can create completely different drawings.

Male haircuts

As in the case of female, there are also no restrictions here, except for your imagination. Playing with different forms and modifying them in various ways, you can create various drawings.  Let’s see what photos of male intimate haircuts are offered here.

, Intimate haircut of intimate places. Photo – 64 hairstyles. Video

History of the occurrence of intimate haircuts

Despite the fact that the haircut of intimate places is quite popular today, most people do not even know about how ancient this procedure is. Many people think that the haircut of the bikini zone is a sophisticated idea of a modern person, but this.

Even in ancient times, wealthy women looked so looked after their body. For example, in ancient Rome, such procedures made specially trained slaves to their housewives using forceps and natural dyes. In some Asian countries and India, removal of hair on a woman was considered and is considered the norm and was made mainly for hygiene purposes.  In ancient Egypt, women also considered it beautiful and necessary to remove hair in intimate places. To do this, they used special wax balls. After they pumped these balls under the desired part of the body, the hair grew slowly, so there was no need to repeat this procedure often. By the way, they say that the Egyptians of that time were inclined to complete hair removal in the bikini zone. The eastern countries were distinguished by the fact that the habit of caring for this zone was not only in women, but also in men. Getting rid of hair, in their opinion, was hygienic, and it was necessary to maintain the health of the body.

But in Europe, intimate haircuts began to gain popularity only in the 20th century. The sexual revolution of 60-x influenced not only sex and attitude towards it, but also the world of fashion, which did not want to lag behind modern trends and tried to make underwear more and more open.  Such styles of panties and swimsuits were simply incompatible with unbridled vegetation in intimate places of women of that time, so in order to keep the leg in the leg with modern fashion, the girls had to master a new procedure for them.

Why are they doing

Now we can say with confidence that an intimate haircut is not something strange and wild. Some believe that it is just beautiful, others, that it is very sexy, the third, that it is practical and simply necessary for personal hygiene. But one way or another, everyone pursues their goal.

Basically, most women turn to the salon or make a bikini hairstyle at home in order to please their beloved man, make their genitals more desirable and attractive to their loved one. Men also resort to such a procedure in order to surprise their partner, to impress a clean and indifferent to their appearance of the macho.In addition, they hope that the girl’s caresses will be bolder than when his genitals are completely overgrown with her hair, because it is much more pleasant and hygienic to take a member in their mouths until it is completely founded, when this does not interfere with the excess vegetation.

And finally, we can say that men and women who remove hair in the genital area simply show their individuality, want to stand out, so to speak, from the crowd, and change something in their sex life, since sexual life constantly requires changes.

This will certainly add its spark in sexual relationships and it may even be stronger to excite your partner, but to count on the fact that this will radically change your sex for the better. To do this, reinforce your appearance and something new in sex, for example, use new poses for sex or or master erotic massage.

It is also worth remembering that not always a partner can react positively to your new style, as he can suspect that someone has appeared. Even if you did this for him (her) in a special salon, then the designer of the opposite sex could do it and this fact could cause an attack of jealousy. Therefore, if you are not sure of the positive reaction of the partner to an intimate haircut, you should probably not do it without his knowledge, because you can easily frighten him. If you are in a long -term relationship, it is better to find out in advance how your loved one refers to such a bikini design and he would like you to do something like that for him.

How an intimate haircut affects hygiene

Many believe that a haircut of intimate places plays a role only purely aesthetic, that is, serves only. However, it should be noted that the care of the appearance in such a sensitive zone also has a hygienic character. How does it affect hygiene?

  • The genitals are easier to wash if the hair is short or absent at all.
  • The unpleasant smell does not linger in the bowels of thick hair.
  • The hair is not pinched with an elastic band or the foreskin of the penis.
  • The genitals do not sweat, which means that rashes do not appear in this zone.
  • It is much more pleasant to caress the well -groomed area, you will not have to pull out the hair from the mouth during games.
  • It is also important that during intercourse, the hair does not break out, creating discomfort to you and falling into the vagina of a partner.
  • Around the anus, the hair does not create a positive microflora for the accumulation of microbes.
  • The beauty of short hair is that they do not stick together during intercourse.
  • Without excess hair in the bikini zone, it will be impossible to start harmful “pets”.

How to make an intimate haircut at home

If you do not want to contact the salon and insert all your “wealth” on the display, you can make an intimate haircut at home, both with the help of a partner and yourself. What will be needed for this? If you have a special razor, it is very good, it is very convenient, and most importantly, it is safe to use. But usually at home they use ordinary razor, and pain lovers – a deputy or wax strips. And, of course, you will need a mirror, scissors, stencils and a felt -tip pen. After all, first you need to shorten your hair with scissors, draw the circuit contour, then remove the hair on the outer side of this line. You need to act slowly and carefully, then everything will turn out more evenly and beautifully. It is important not to injure the genitals and pull the skin so that there are no bends. This is especially true for the zone of labia or testicles, because the skin there is soft, so it is at the very risk.

If you persuade your partner to help you make a haircut there, which is very rare, you can only relax, but this is unlikely to be possible, of course. To dilute your legs and enjoy the fact that someone between them is fussing, and even with a sharp object, not everyone can, is it so? Of course, if the partner is torn to help you, you can’t refuse, God forbid, you will be offended. But you need to stock up on considerable patience, since your half will be afraid to hurt something and hurt, so the process can drag on. Very impatient persons are recommended to quietly shave himself and appear before the eyes of the spouse already in complete glory.

Women are not recommended to shave the bikini zone if menstrual days are expected, or three days have not yet passed after their end. But in any case, you can not use a washcloth, soap and shower gel, as well as sunbathing, even in a solarium.

And finally, let’s say that what kind of hairstyle you would not choose and in what conditions you have made it, you need to take care of it. Home care requires regular hairstyle updating every three days, if you do not run, then this will not require much difficulty from you. After registering a haircut in the cabin using a dug, contact the master in a week. If you have been reached, then your bikini zone will be in good shape up to a month, but the color is enough up to three weeks.


From this video you will learn the basics of design bikini, you will also find out what hair removal methods exist and how each of them is a haircut of intimate places. The host gives a complete theoretical and visual practical material that will allow you to make yourself an original intimate hairstyle yourself.

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