In bed you can do everything. About the chips of a bad girl

About the chips of a bad girl.

, In bed you can do everything. About the chips of a bad girl

Sometimes, in order to achieve a storm in bed, you need to go from your usual role to the style of “bad girl”. Men very much starts such behavior. Although many girls simply do not know what needs to be done in order to become a seductress in bed. This can be facilitated by the constraint or misunderstanding of your partner. But research and surveys prove that not a single man has been against having sex in a “crafted girl” yet.

Chips “Bad Girls”

  • Change your role in bed. If usually sexual intercourse is limited to the actions of a man, then it is worth changing the “boss”. The immobilization of the partner is excellent for this, tied a scarf or other clothes to the bed. You can try both the chair and the legs of the table, everything that will embrace you. Then proceed to seduction. No climaxes and what can lead to them. You just need to have a loved one. Cover it with delicate or passionate kisses, start on top and achieve to your hips, then everything is in the reverse order. Let him languish from passion. After that, only they will whisper in the ear, that now you are in his power and untie the bonds.
  • Role-playing games. If sex cannot be diversified by poses, or family life has a single round date, you should try yourself in a new role. And in the literal sense. Play sex on the first date, random relationships, you can become a maid or strict teacher. There are many options here. The main thing is to choose the desired image in advance. For example, bright red linen, lipstick and stockings for a leading role, or modest glasses and a short skirt in a cage for a conspiratorial modest.
  • Obscenity. Not only oh and sighs excite men. If you whisper different intimate little things in your ear, say vulgarities, this will lead a partner and extend pleasure. You can come up with some phrases in advance. They do undoubtedly as an additional incentive.
  • View from the outside. For those who have experienced all traditional and non -traditional methods of lumber and excitement, it is worth considering the option of shooting their sexual intercourse. This will feel like an actress, and do truly crazy things. Then the joint viewing will undoubtedly cause a desire to repeat, and can increase skill.

In order to get what you want in bed, to be sincerely satisfied, it is worth starting to share your ideas and thoughts with a partner. Let him know for sure what exactly you need for sex, as you imagine a way to the climax. Maybe you want to try something more. Or maybe it will reveal the second half of the frankness.

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