How to understand that the girl finished – all the signs

How to understand that the girl has already finished?.

Curiosity for women receiving orgasm to appear recently. In the distant past, it was generally accepted in society that sex is needed exclusively to continue her family. Those who were reverse were considered to be harlots. They claimed that from a carnal connection with a man you can enjoy. Later, as we know from history, when society and the state headed for industry, economics and technology, we forgot about carnal joys for some time.

, How to understand that the girl finished – all the signs

Again, interest in female pleasure began to appear after the German scientist published the data of his study, which spoke about a certain point in the body of women. It is called “point g”, and the impact on it allows you to experience unprecedented pleasure. Later, more and more began to talk about a constant imitation of the climax of the process. This led to the consistent occurrence of the question: how to understand that the girl finished and not imitates?

What do men need to know about female orgasm

For girls, the process of intimate connection with a man is more complex and long than for the opposite sex. Let’s start with excitement. In girls, this process proceeds more slowly, it is characterized by a manifestation of waves, with a gradual increase.

Directly in the process of sex, the desire and passion of a woman subsides and reappears. The feeling of orgasm to the beautiful floor does not come instantly: it, like excitement, is manifested by waves that, if a number of certain conditions, can reach their peak, and then the partners will get the desired result, and it will finish.

Men who cares that not only they, but also their partners, must remember the pleasure of sex, must remember that the action with the whole body of the girl, and not just frictions of the penis, need to obtain an ideal orgasm. For the female body, it is important that erogenous zones are stimulated at the right time.

, How to understand that the girl finished – all the signs

In addition to the above, we recommend that you remember that the female orgasm manifests itself in many points, and not all girls are able to appreciate all types of carnal pleasures. Moreover, most often, girls experience an orgasm for no more than two types in their entire life. Distinguish them by names that indicate the nature of origin:

  • Vaginal;
  • Clitoral;
  • Uterine.

There are also types of extremely rare female orgasms:

  • Myotonic – mainly without a partner. To achieve, it is necessary to compress and unclench the hips in the rhythm of movements.
  • Orgasm from overexcitation – the rare type of orgasm in the female nature. It does not require any stimulation to achieve. Comes in the process of watching erotic films or reading books with intimate content, the girl simply ends with an excess of emotions and stormy imagination.

How to understand that the girl will finish soon?

Sexologists and scientists give recommendations to men who are interested in understanding that their friend finished. But this does not mean that all of the listed signs should be strictly performed, each girl is individual, and each needs to find an approach to each.

, How to understand that the girl finished – all the signs

Here are the signs that you should pay attention to, according to experts:

  1. Partner’s heart heartbeat and breathing.
  2. The skin on the face, neck, chest, stomach and buttocks begins to blush.
  3. The body temperature rises, sweat appears, the nipples increase.
  4. Uncontrolled convulsions in the uterus, lower abdomen and hips, plus control of facial expressions is lost.
  5. Before the offensive of the long -awaited moment, the girls cease to control the rhythm of movements and are accelerated to more quickly obtain the desired pleasure.
  6. At the time of the orgasm, the lady’s body requires that their partner enter her as deep as possible. At this stage, she no longer needs affection and kisses.

Signs of genuine orgasm

Still wondering how to find out that the girl finished?

, How to understand that the girl finished – all the signs

The following features that all experts are distinguished without exception can help you:

  • A rush of blood and excitement. At the moment when the works are about to be rewarded, the girls come to the skin. Starts to gear back the chest and face. Sweat performs on the body, it throws it into the heat. Flaged breasts, enlarged labia and clitoris will help to understand that she finished.
  • Vaginal discharge. Before the onset of the moment x, the girls are more abundant and thicker, it is quite difficult not to notice.
  • Movements. With the peak of the pleasure of the movement of the girl, the girl acquires a progressive nature, for a denser contact of their erogenous zones with the organ of the partner. She does this because she does not want to pause and reduce the pace before obtaining bliss.
  • Pulsation. The closer to the peak of pleasure the girl is, the more intensively it begins to pulsate everything inside her body, the muscles of the vagina are involuntarily reduced, thereby delivering a part of a lot of pleasure.
  • Rolling eyes. If she wriggles and groans, but looks directly at you, then be sure that she imitates. Rolled pupils and semi -closed eyelids from pleasure cannot be played, this will immediately give out it.
  • Restoring forces and rest. After she needs to come to feelings. And if it was excited, but never received discharge, it will be active.
  • Change in heart rhythm. It is possible to find out whether the woman has experienced an orgasm due to a rapid heartbeat, while imitation it does not change, and this is very easy to check.

We must not forget about the posturgazmic prostration. It is explained by the fact that her body and mind come to their senses after all the chemical and biological processes that her body survived. You should not pull it at this moment, most likely you will not get a reaction to either word or any actions. All she needs is the time for the micromy of her body to normal. Often after orgasm, goosebumps appear through the body or spasms of the buttocks and muscles of the back are observed. Also, tears in the eyes may appear. Reactions from the resulting orgasm in each girl are different. We hope that this article will help as guys who want to deliver their soul mate (even if it will be a search for a partner for one night
) pleasure, and girls who want to figure out how to understand what they experienced an orgasm.

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