How to surprise and how to please your beloved man in bed

How to surprise and how to please your beloved man in bed.

, How to surprise and how to please your beloved man in bed

There is nothing surprising in the fact that sexual relations between partners who have been together for more than one year are bored with each of them, become boring, predictable and uninteresting.

Often, a woman mired in family life and care for children forgets that her husband still expects affection, attention, concerns and other manifestations of passion, love.

An intimate life, which has turned into a plain faceless routine, is the main threat to marital happiness. To keep a man, not allowing him to even think about “going to the left”, maybe only a lady who knows how to surprise his beloved man in bed.

The decision to make cardinal changes in sexual marital life comes once to any married lady. Intimate according to the schedule, “when everyone is sleeping” or “while the children at school” sooner or later annoy everyone, and her husbands are all the more. Male polygamous in their own way, they can not say anything directly, but think about where to find something new.

, How to surprise and how to please your beloved man in bed

Before planning any actions, wanting to surprise your beloved man in bed, the spouse needs to comprehensively analyze relations with the head of the family. Dramatic changes, acutely striking, are not able to bring the desired result. You need to act wisely and cunningly-like a woman. The main thing is to first develop a clear plan of action and perform each step into sequentially.

The main mistakes of women who do not seduce husbands

To feel more confident, it is necessary to start first of all to changes in itself. As a rule, the main errors that married ladies make are hidden:

  • in the appearance (women, referring to the lack of free time, cease to take care of themselves as they did in the first stages of the relationship);
  • In underwear (similar to the first occasion, many girls believe that there is no point in seductive, because they have already married, and there is no need to surprise a man in bed (as they mistakenly) is no more);
  • not at that time, in the wrong place (the “schedule” of marital sex, as a rule, is based on the schedule of other family members, but often a man wants intimacy here and now, but his wife is busy as always);
  • in conducting a prelude (often married couples pass this important stage of preparation for sexual intercourse, which gives sexual contacts the character exclusively physiological);
  • in behavior during proximity (spouses are uninitiated and more indifferent).

Since the first points are completely dependent only on the young lady, it should be taken to their implementation with maximum seriousness. First you should objectively evaluate your shortcomings. How to surprise a man in bed if his chosen one is not at all like the one that is depicted in the photo 10 years ago? Often, the excessive weight of his wife becomes the reason for the unwillingness of her sexual intimacy with her. If the girl will paint every morning, hide bruises and bags under the eyes, t.e. always look well -groomed, it will be guaranteed to become more desirable in the eyes of her chosen one.

Do not forget about sexual outfits. To give preference to costumes for role -playing games or not, every couple decides for themselves, but in the wardrobe of any representative of the fair sex, sexy linen must be present without fail.

, How to surprise and how to please your beloved man in bed

To make notes of diversity should also in choosing the most suitable time and place. If the spouses are used to being given to love joys only on the bed, it will be shedding sooner or later. Have sex in the kitchen – that’s what you can surprise a man. Options with which you can diversify the venue of the main action – in the hallway, in the car, in nature, etc. D. The main thing is new sensations for which everything was started.

How to have unforgettable sex with her husband and surprise him in bed

So, how to start the main process and surprise your partner in bed. About how to make a man pleasant, and cause him a lot of positive emotions, give a sea of pleasure, will tell the instructions below:

  1. Tease your partner, let the prelude last as long as possible.
  2. Be sure to caress the penis with your mouth. If you have never done a blowjob to your husband, so do it right now-it will really surprise him.
  3. If he does not succeed, saddle your man and give amazing sex.

Oral caresses are able to enjoy any representative of the stronger sex, men adore a blowjob, to the most beloved technique of which is not so easy to cope. “Deep throat” causes, as a rule, gag reflex in women, so such a mistake during sex can be an unforgivable mistake. Do not overestimate your capabilities.

You can please and surprise a man in bed by doing as a partner loves: During oral sex, the guys like it when girls swallow an erupted seed. The girl can only decide in advance where the ejaculation is ejacked, who was in her mouth – to spill it out quietly or swallow.

Turning to the main sexual intercourse, it is necessary to do everything in order to surprise a man. The first time in bed with a partner is always an exciting and crucial moment for women. Without exception, all ladies are worried that the chosen one appreciates all their efforts and skills on the intimate front, but in no case did he consider the “log”.

This time, trying to introduce a highlight in close relationships, it is necessary to act according to the same principles:

  1. Take a little, do not come right away – this will not only start a man, but also spur to more active movements.
  2. Experiment with poses – in addition to missionary, there are many convenient and interesting positions for sex.
  3. Try to liberate and not worry that you will show you a depraved girl, on the contrary, he will definitely like it.

, How to surprise and how to please your beloved man in bed

You will not have to wait a long time for a long time – any normal healthy man will not be able to resist such “antics” from the part of the noble. Fantasize and try, remember that relations are a huge work.

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