How to stop being afraid the first time with a guy?

How to stop being afraid the first time with a guy?.

The beginning of sexual activity always causes many emotions, experiences, expectations and even fears. Girls often think about how to stop being afraid for the first time with a guy and create an atmosphere that would happen to this with minimal discomfort. And physical pain is not the main reason for the negative mood, the problem is much wider.

Strakhs related to the first sex of girls have a lot. Unfortunately, sex education is not taught at school, no one talks about the details of intimate life.

All fears related to ignorance. That if there is no blood, how to understand that everything went fine, how to please the guy, how not to spoil everything, how not to make a mistake with the choice of a young man.

How not to break firewood in your debut and is it true that it is so painful? What to do if everything goes not according to plan. Such thoughts are familiar? Or others are worried?

Let’s talk about what needs to be done to minimize any risks and look at your first experience as a new stage in life, and not as a terrible test that you need to endure.

How to stop being afraid the first time with a guy: reduce the risk of physical pain

The first thing you need to take care is to eliminate any factors that cause pain during intercourse. Unfortunately, many believe that everything will happen by itself and it is necessary to do this as soon as possible, therefore, in the end, they are faced with disappointment.

It, in turn, leaves an imprint on subsequent sexual life and often girls completely refuse to continue for a long time.

So that this does not happen, it is necessary to take care of the two main points – the lubrication of the vagina and high -quality prelude.

If the lubricant is not enough, the penetration will be difficult, friction will cause a lot of trouble to the girl, and if the guy is in a hurry, then the onset of pain is possible. After such sex, you will not want to repeat 100%.

The process of lubrication itself is individual and depends on the state of health of the girl, both physical and psychological, as well as the atmosphere during intimacy.

If the girl is scared, she is worried, there is no confidence in her partner or other facts cause her unpleasant feelings, then there will be no excitement and the lubricant will not begin to stand out in the right amounts.

If the dry vagina is a consequence of a disease or a physiological feature, then you should use a lubricant that can be bought at any pharmacy and even a supermarket.

In general, if a girl thinks about how to stop being afraid for the first time with a guy, then it is simply necessary to buy a lubricant and apply it in any case. It will not be worse, but it is very important to provide light sliding during defloration.

As for the prelude, it not only guarantees sufficient excitement, but also contributes to a lighter rupture. Knowing all this and preparing for the first time thoroughly, fear disappears by itself. Because there is nothing to be afraid of.

How to stop being afraid the first time with a guy: eliminate the risks of pregnancy and infection

Another reason for the girls to be afraid the first time is the risks associated with the transfer of infections and a possible pregnancy. I really don’t want to start from troubles right away, so it’s better to solve the problem in advance.

According to surveys, young partners almost never use a condom, especially when the guy is not experienced enough.

During use, a member may fall from excitement, it does not immediately work to get it out of the package and put it correctly, and I don’t want to be distracted by anything. You need to do business as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, this approach very often ends with problems about which girls like to talk about forums and in various publics. After reading this once, panic horror from one thought of sex arises.

No need to hope for case and you don’t need to be afraid either. Discuss the use of contraceptives in advance, talk to a partner about how important it is. If the conversation does not glue, then you should think again whether you are going to give an atom?!

When you are both ready for sexual intercourse and security is ensured at the highest level, fears go away, because it’s just sex and there is nothing to be afraid of here. Think about good.

How to stop being afraid the first time with a guy: love yourself first

A slightly deeper problem – constraint and dissatisfaction with your body. The fear of the first time is caused by complexes that make themselves be shy. He will see me completely naked, notice every centimeter of the body, find the shortcomings.. No, in such a situation I don’t want anything!

Unlike the above reasons, this is so easy to solve. Although there is still one way – have sex in the dark, then no risks.

But it is impossible to indulge in carnal consoles with the turn off the light, it will once have to get out of the shadow. And going to the gym can of course correct the body, but what to do with complexes?!

You need to love yourself and learn how to take your body. If you can’t change beliefs independently, then going to a psychologist can help.

You need to do this differently and you will think all your life how to stop being afraid the first time with a guy. Many keep innocence until death. Do not do that.

Do not idealize

Girls tend to idealize everything related to love and relationships. This often leads to trouble, because unjustified expectations are able to make deep depression.

The first sex does not have to be magical at all. No one can drive the car perfectly the first time, not a single football player knew how to mint with the ball and perform dizzying feints in the first training session.

A little Sumbur and comicness will not hurt at all. Maybe there will be no blood at all or the guy finishes in 20 seconds. Maybe it will be a little painful or the bed will look like a murder place.

Somehow it will be and should not worry about it. Only proximity with its partner and the readiness of both to support and understanding is important.

This is the key to healthy relationships. And if there is no relationship and there is no need to count on support, then innocence in such a situation should not be lost.

The main thing is that everything is by love and mutual agreement. Not because “it’s time” and not because the partner insists. And because I want to become even closer and survive with my boyfriend another important stage in life. Then he will have to think about how to stop being afraid the first time. There is nothing to be afraid there, choose the right person and prepare well. And in case of failure, try more, not everyone succeeds.

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