How to open the head of a member without pain – methods

How to open the head of the penis painlessly – all methods.

Many parents who grow sons are often concerned about a very delicate topic – how to open the head of the baby on a dick. Dads at least have a certain life experience in this matter, but mothers for whom a similar phenomenon is new, often fall into hysteria. At the same time, children’s doctors warn about the risk of developing infectious infections. Naturally, the question immediately arises when to open the tip of the penis, is it necessary to do this at all.

, How to open the head of a member without pain – methods

Why the head does not open itself?

After birth, the cause of the development of the inflammatory process under the foreskin can become low -quality diapers. Even the child’s body reacts acutely to chemistry, irregular water procedures. If soap remains under the foreskin, it can provoke irritation. Because of this, it is necessary to meticulously monitor the quality of the child’s intimate hygiene.

After growing up, the guys already have the question of how to open the head on their own. Urologists to prevent phimosis, recommend stretching the procedure. This method is allowed after 18 years. If you tighten it, it’s already difficult to achieve a positive result on your own. In rare cases, the doctor can recommend such a procedure to the child when he went the eighth year.

, How to open the head of a member without pain – methods

About how to completely stretch the foreskin, without causing harm to health, we will tell you in more detail. Some men with a symptom of narrowing do not completely discomfort from this. They prefer not to do anything to treat phimosis. However, most guys suffering from such a pathology note that it greatly affects the quality of their sex life. The most common complaints are:

  • a deterioration in the sensitivity of the entire penis due to the practical immobility of the skin;
  • inevitable discomfort for fucking;
  • difficulties in achieving orgasm;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • The disappearance of the desire to engage in intimate life.

Individual men, subconscious, expecting pain at orgasm, notice that they not only decrease potency – the complete dysfunction of the genital organ is likely. And visually the member of the one who suffers from paraffilia looks unnatural.

How to stretch the skin yourself

, How to open the head of a member without pain – methods

Neat actions help get rid of initial phimosis in just a month. However, this methodology is allowed only according to a medical recommendation, having passed the examination procedure, which will reveal the severity of the pathology. This method of correction helps only when there is a hypertrophic narrowing. Effectively daily delay in the skin of the skin until pain occurs. “Execution” needs to be carried out for about a quarter of an hour, preferably in the shower.

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Preparation for the procedure

Those who want to find out how to quickly stretch the bridle must remember that the skin is very sensitive, so there is a risk of microtrauma. To guarantee security, follow the following rules:

  • Be sure to wash your arms in advance with an antiseptic;
  • The warm bath adopted before the event will exclude soreness, enhance the effect;
  • Apply a nutrient cream in advance to the foreskin;
  • Caution, devoting to the problem of several ten -minute approaches.

Stretching with fingers

, How to open the head of a member without pain – methods

Action is effective for children. It is necessary to push the boy the rules of action – he must gently put a couple of fingers under the foreskin, then stretching it with smooth movements. In this case, it is impossible to allow pain. When discomfort occurs, the intensity of the event is required to reduce.

Reception of a warm bath

Worrying about a child who does not open without pain, take care of preliminary preparation for stretching. Before stretching, place it in a warm bath so that the skin becomes more elastic. Kids perform the procedure directly when bathing. With your fingers pull the flesh on the barrel of the penis. First, the boy will have discomfort, but gradually he will disappear. With the regular performance of such actions, it will soon be possible to expose the head without any problems.

Using a special Glanshi device

The opening method is similar – regular stretching. However, convenient equipment helps well in this. Will not worry about pain by the application of the betamethason gel penis. It softens the skin well, makes it much more supple. But if there is no such cream, nothing is wrong – other means are also suitable for softening.

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When you have to do circumcision?

, How to open the head of a member without pain – methods

If the disease is launched, scars appear on the skin. They cause considerable discomfort because they cause constant pain. In such a situation, doctors propose to circumcise. Such surgical intervention will completely eliminate the existing problem. If the boy is healthy, there are no medical contraindications for the operation. For representatives of some religions, such an event is a tradition.

Risks of stretching the flesh of the house

Having figured out how to open the head without pain, you should know that certain manipulations are strictly forbidden to perform. You can not move the skin sharply, because because of this cracks will appear. They threaten inflammations. Seeking to expose the head, focus on comfort for the child. When he is unpleasant, immediately stop the procedure. With active movements, the initial stage of pathology is able to aggravate, paraffimosis will develop. This condition is fraught with troubles, since the skin completely blocks the head.

It is easy to avoid intimate problems – it is only necessary to notice the appearance of pathology likely for the boy at the very early stage of growing up the baby. When the problem does not pass even when growing up, you still do not need to despair. Its favorable solution exists for sufficiently adult guys. It is only required to visit the urologist who will give competent advice, telling the necessary procedures.

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