How to measure a member of a man – the best methods

How to measure a member correctly?.

The dimensions of its own genital organ have always aroused interest in men. Most often this is due to ordinary curiosity, because it is interesting to compare your data with these norms. From a medical point of view, the measurements of the penis play the role in the installation of disorders in the body. For example, a decrease in sizes indicates a violation of the production of hormones in the body. This may indicate an excess of estrogen or a lack of testosterone. However, it is very important to know how to measure the member correctly, so that the result is reliable.

, How to measure a member of a man – the best methods

How to measure a member correctly

The question of how to measure a member includes a mandatory familiarization with the training rules. The information received is used for the correct selection of condoms, determining disorders in the work of the endocrine and reproductive system.

In order to correctly find out the size of its penis, it is necessary to create favorable conditions, because the following factors affect the indicators:

  • The temperature in the room – with strong cold, the length of the penis decreases;
  • physical and emotional stress;
  • stress;
  • level of excitement;
  • regularity of sexual activity;
  • The period of the day.

These factors will help you understand how to measure the penis with high efficiency. Doctors recommend taking measurements in a calm atmosphere, the surrounding temperature should be on the indoor level. It is best to calculate the data for one week, then identify the average indicators.

Pin -member’s length calculation

Determining the size of the penis in a visual way will not bring any results, because, depending on the angle, the indicators will differ.

, How to measure a member of a man – the best methods

The following methods can be used to calculate the length:

  1. Chancellery line

The most common option that gives accurate results. For calculations, you will need to observe the following actions:

  • take a comfortable pose;
  • The excited member must be rejected so that it is parallel to the floor;
  • the line attach to the organ starting from the pubis. The edge of the line should fit tightly to the skin to reduce errors due to adipose tissue;
  • We measure from the head to the base.

The line should be applied only on the side, since the organ has fat layers that underestimate the results. The form of the organ may affect the results, because in most men it goes curved in shape. In this case, we measure in the shortest area.

It is necessary to measure the length in a calm and excited state, and during the period of calm we make several measurements within a day, since these indicators may differ. After all the data obtained, we display the average indicator.

Most of the sexologists argue that it is not worth taking measurements in a calm state of the organ, since during excitement the increase in size will be individual. Suppose the owners of a small penis will increase during an erection more than men with a larger “instrument”.

  1. Special condoms

Relatively recently, Spanish manufacturers of sex for sex launched a novelty that created a coup in the method of measuring a member.

, How to measure a member of a man – the best methods

Many people tend to exaggerate their skills or abilities in order to once again get admiration and praise. And men most often this exaggeration concerns their male dignity. However, there is a situation on the contrary, when unreasonable claims to their dignity develop in a man some psychological complexes, which subsequently affect his potency.

And to resolve such moments, modern manufacturers have created an ideal way how to measure a member and this tool is a special condom with a line.

A man can, using a condom with a ruler, soberly evaluate his capabilities, and the woman exactly find out the size of the dignity of her beloved, then to boast of his girlfriends.

The company that is engaged in the production of such a product said that all condoms will be made of high -quality latex, with different texture, shape and aroma: classic, with flavor, ribbed and the like. The owners of this idea expect to make a good profit, because the measurement of a member is not effective and can give false results, but condoms with a scale will show how things are really. In addition, so that there are no debate from English and American buyers, the scale will have dimension, both in centimeters and inch. But for special amateurs, how to measure the size of the penis, you can order both types of products.

The maximum line value on such a condom will reach twenty -five centimeters. If such a value is small for you, then you can be proud of yourself and start to brag to your friends. However, if your value is less, then you should not be upset at all, because there are average indicators for a resident of any country, for example, for Russian men the average size of a member is 15.1 cm.

Calculation of the width and diameter of the penis

Now that you know how to measure the length of the penis, you can proceed to other parameters. The width and diameter also play an important role in calculating the dimensions of the male genital organ, because they are also indicators of the body’s health. To calculate these indicators will not be difficult.

, How to measure a member of a man – the best methods

To calculate the girth of the penis, the following rules must be followed:

  • measuring tape, we measure the girth at the base;
  • We do the same in the middle and head of the penis;
  • Fold the numbers and divide into three measurements, then we get the average volume indicator.

In order to find out the diameter of the organ, you need to recall another mathematical formula. The volume indicator is divided into constant π, which is 3.14.

Statistical indicators of the length of the penis

You learned how to measure a member, however, now you need to compare the results with existing norms. Below in the table we have made indicators of the norm in the length of the penis in our country.

Small size Average Large
Up to 11 cm From 11 to 16 cm More than 16 cm

The average circle of circle is from 11 to 14 cm.

, How to measure a member of a man – the best methods

However, all these indicators are generalizing, because many factors affect the size of the male body, because of this, the final results cannot be reliable. According to experts, a man is best to take measurements under the supervision of a professional doctor, since only he can give an accurate result and identify deviations.

A strong floor should not worry about the problems of micropenis, since such a phenomenon is extremely rare. Most of the male population are owners of medium sizes. Experiences should cause penis with a size of only 2 cm with a relaxed state and 7 in excited.


Many men want to know how to measure the penis in order to get accurate information regarding their main “tool”. Experts assure that this needs to be done at least once a year, because the dimensions of the penis may indicate violations in the body.

However, most of the stronger sex do this exclusively from their own curiosity. Moreover, they can fall into strong depression if the results obtained do not coincide with their desires. It is important to remember that you need to be savvy in the question of how to measure a member, because the results are affected by many external factors.

If, nevertheless, the indicators were unsatisfactory, then do not worry about the quality of sexual life. Sexologists managed to find out that a woman can experience more pleasure during intimacy with a man with medium or small performance of the penis, as this length is suitable for the structure of the vagina. In addition, there are many poses in sex, which are designed specifically for the owners of a small member.

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