How to make male and female intimate haircuts at home

How to make male and female intimate haircuts at home.

, How to make male and female intimate haircuts at home

If you have never made yourself an intimate haircut, today, dear readers, you will see that everyone can do it at home. Hair removal in the genital and bikini zone literally a couple of decades ago was considered vulgarity.

The stereotypes “awarded” a woman who monitors their intimate places, the title of “rampant”, and at the sight of a neat male publishing, for example, in a public bath, its owner was attributed to unconventional sexual orientation.

Thank God, times now, and today, representatives of both sexes are carefully monitored by vegetation in the genital area. On the advantages of intimate haircuts, the features of their conduct at home we will talk further.

, How to make male and female intimate haircuts at home

Why do you need a haircut in intimate places for guys and girls

It’s no secret that the hairstyle in the bikini zone implies partial or complete removal of inguinal hair. As a rule, they affect the inner thighs, pubis and sections of the external genitalia. Intimate secret places in representatives of both sexes have increased sensitivity and tenderness. With the slightest irritation, the epidermis can respond painfully, therefore it is extremely important to carry out the procedures cosmetically competently subject to hygienic rules.

The owners of intimate haircuts, which are easy to do even at home, have a lot of positive points:

  • Firstly, the inguinal zone is distinguished by special increased sweating. Bacteria that cause unpleasant odors accumulate precisely on intimate hair, both men and women.
  • Secondly, excess vegetation impedes normal washing.
  • Thirdly, an important moment is the aesthetics of the appearance.
  • Fourth, with an intimate haircut, both guys and girls can feel much more confident in bed, without complexes about the mess under underwear.
  • Fifth, neat pubic hairstyles allow you to visually increase the penis of even the smallest size.

A professional intimate haircut can be done in the cabin, but if you regularly take care of the inguinal zone at home, the procedure will cost several times cheaper. The hairstyle, which is usually performed on the pubis, may contain curly elements painted with henna.

How to make a hairstyle in an intimate place how a man himself

At home, a male haircut can be made in several variations:

  1. The usual type of intimate hairstyle. Implies shaving pubic, the inside of the thigh.
  2. Removing hair going beyond the limits of panties – such a haircut is called “bikini”.
  3. When wearing underwear with low planting, as a rule, they prefer a “athlete” haircut.
  4. Patterns and drawings are a separate type of intimate hairstyles, the creation of which will require a special trimmer.

Having decided to take advantage of the wax (such epilation is the most painful), it is better to contact professionals. With the help of a machine and razor, it is much easier to remove hair in the groin and on the pubic zone, and the procedure itself will not cause discomfort. Before proceeding to applying the picture, you should remove all the extra vegetation from the thigh, pubis, penis and scrotum. Sometimes men get rid of the hairline in the perineum and the area of the anus.

, How to make male and female intimate haircuts at home

It is believed that for the convenience of the procedure, you should thoroughly soften the skin by taking a hot bath. Carefully shaving all the extra hair, it is important to treat the epidermis on the genitals with an antiseptic. All haircuts at home, photos of which are present on the Internet, are made with the help of a stencil and an easily washing pencil. Having inflicted the contours of the pattern, you need to eliminate all the excess that goes beyond the window. Using a trimmer, making haircuts in hidden places for men is much more convenient and safer than with a traditional razor.

Fashionable intimate haircuts in women, step -by -step recommendations

Women try to make a hairstyle in the bikini zone more exquisite, and options for intimate haircuts for the fairer sex are much more diverse. But, like men, it is important for girls to monitor the smoothness and health of the skin in the genital and groin. Women’s intimate haircuts can be performed at home, but it is advisable to give special attention to antibacterial treatment of the pubic zone, perineum and the selection of the most convenient and minimally painful ways to remove excess hairs.

The most popular hairstyles hiding under lace panties in girls are:

  • “Crescent” – one of the most common options, has a characteristic shape;
  • “Torch” – often perform a haircut in the cabin and complement with rhinestones;
  • “Hollywood” – implies the complete removal of hair from the pubic area.
  • “Robby strip”-is a strip drawing, the width of which is selected individually.

, How to make male and female intimate haircuts at home

You can create on a female pubis almost any pattern and pattern in the presence of a stencil.
The duration and accuracy of an intimate haircut depends on the use of one or another means. For example, after chemical depilation, the effect lasts about a week, shugaring allows you to forget about hair growth for a couple of weeks, with an ordinary razor, vegetation begins to spoil the pattern after 1-2 days. As a rule, the pattern requires the length of the hairs of about 2 ml.

To make an intimate female haircut at home, you should step by step with the following points:

  1. Choose the area of the perineum, labia and internal surfaces of the hips.
  2. Make sure that there are no extra hairs left, the mirror will help.
  3. Treat the skin with chlorhexidine or any other external antiseptic.
  4. Draw the contours and with the help of a trimmer or cream for hair removal to get rid of the surrounding shape of a vegetation pattern.
  5. If necessary, use tweezers.

An intimate haircut, which, as you could see, is easy to do even at home – an indispensable element of sexuality in men and women. In addition, the purity and possibility of maintaining the hygiene of the inguinal zone serve as no less good arguments to make a choice in favor of intimate hairstyles.

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