How to make an intimate haircut yourself

Intimate pubis haircuts.

An intimate haircut is not just a current trend in caring for your intimate area, but also a great way to bring diversity to your sex life. If you want to surprise and excite your partner, then an intimate forehead haircut is an easy and simple way to achieve.

, How to make an intimate haircut yourself

The history of the appearance of intimate haircuts

Despite the fact that this phenomenon has gained popularity only recently, in narrow circles to give individuality to its special zones has been adopted since ancient times. In ancient Egypt, women used various mixtures based on sugar or honey, in order to put the body, in addition, with the help of henna and other natural dyes, they stained their pubis in different colors, and also applied patterns to the body. They did something similar in India. We all know that henna patterns are a mandatory decoration of Hindu at the wedding ceremony, but also since ancient times, the woman always removed her pubic hair, as this was part of her personal hygiene.  A similar hobby was in the last century, even the famous sex symbol of the 60s, Merilin Monroe, lightened her pubis to completely feel like a blonde.  And what can you say about the end of the 20th century, when open swimwear and bikini appeared, from that moment the depilation in the pubic zone has become commonplace.

As for our time, now the so -called bikini design has become popular. This procedure implies not only to give the frontal hair of any shape or pattern, but also staining, decorating the pubic zone with jewelry, rhinestones, precious stones, piercing, tattoos and the like.

, How to make an intimate haircut yourself

How intimate haircuts do

Despite the fact that women are most often made by women, there are many men among customers, so this procedure is universal. The process of creating such a haircut is quite complicated, unlike how it may seem at first glance. Therefore, if you do not know how to make an intimate haircut yourself, then in beauty salons this service is everywhere.

All complexity begins with the choice of form, because here the specialist should take into account not only the tastes of the client, but also the characteristics of the body and figure. If a magnificent woman makes herself a thin strip on her pubis, then in general it will be funny. Any master has a whole album with examples where a woman or man can choose what is suitable for them.

, How to make an intimate haircut yourself

Regarding the materials that are used for this procedure, then there may be a variety. Starting with how the zone is depicted, but the form is often given a razor. For staining, persistent safe paints are usually used, which can last about a month. Types of intimate haircuts can be different, but to make it more clear, we will gradually describe the process of creating an intimate haircut:

  1. At first, the master and client choose the desired pattern or pattern that is perfect for the character and appearance of a woman/men. Further, the client is placed in the chair.
  2. After that, the master with the help of a stencil or by hand applies a drawing, then processes the entire zone around it with a special tonic to remove fat from the skin.
  3. Further, the specialist removes the hair in unnecessary places with wax or in another way: the bikini zone and the deep zone of the bikini.
  4. The hair that makes the drawing it cuts and if necessary, then stains, as a result, processing all talcum. This can be finished either further, depending on the desire, in addition to the drawing, stick rhinestones, sparkles, draw a temporary tattoo henna.

Precautionary measures

If you decide to make an intimate haircut, then you should know about such moments:

  • Make sure that the master uses only disposable gloves to protect yourself;
  • Visit the salons that inspire trust or they advised you, this guarantees not only security, but also quality;
  • in the presence of fungus, inflamed lymph nodes and other problems in this zone, then it is worth postponing this procedure until recovery;
  • During menstruation, you cannot make an intimate haircut, just the same two days before and after, since the skin these days are very sensitive;
  • After the procedure, do not sunbathe in the sun or go to the solarium at least a couple of days.

Recent trends in an intimate haircut

, How to make an intimate haircut yourself

To shave on the pubis of various butterflies, fairies and flowers is already an outdated trend, now a symbolism is in fashion, which will become not only your personal decoration, but also emphasizes the individuality. Such symbolic patterns include mysterious symbols, labyrinths, hieroglyphs and the like, in general, everything that makes sense only for you and your partner.

The trends of an intimate haircut relate not only to patterns, but also with the color scheme, in which pubic hair will be painted.  This is already a matter of taste, someone chooses colors depending on the picture, someone from their preferences. You can emphasize all this beauty with rhinestones, sparkles, jewelry and so on.

Intimate haircut at home for men and women

Despite the opinion of many, an intimate haircut at home is nothing complicated, however, it is suitable if you want to create a simple pattern. It can be done by men and women, the main differences are the number of tools used.

, How to make an intimate haircut yourself

As in a professional case, an intimate haircut at home requires careful preliminary preparation. For girls and guys, she will be identical:

  • take a hot shower or bathroom to steam the skin. This will facilitate the process of getting rid of unnecessary hairs and reduce pain;
  • Determine the place where the pattern will be. Remove all unnecessary hairs around with any method;
  • The length of the hairs where the drawing will be applied should not be higher than 4 mm. If everything is running for you, then go several times by ordinary razor;
  • In the desired zone, apply the pattern using a cosmetic pencil, stencil or washing marker;
  • Get rid of vegetation outside the drawing;
  • pencil or marker rinse off;
  • Remove excess hairs with tweezers;
  • Treat the entire working surface with an antiseptic.

Intimate haircut at home for men

As we have already said, the difference between a haircut of an intimate zone at home for men is characterized by a set of tools. You can use: trimmer, razor or machine. There are also some who try to do it with wax, however, we recommend that the strong floor go to the salon with this remedy, since the procedure can be very painful.

  1. Razor

It is necessary to prepare a stencil in advance or apply the silhouette with a pencil, then follow the instructions:

  • Squeeze the skin and save an excess hairline;
  • In the workplace, trim the hairs with manicure scissors and use the stencil;
  • Everything that turned out to be outside the silhouette of the future “picture” shake;
  • rinse everything thoroughly with warm water and treat.
  1. Trimmer
  • In this case, you can’t do without razor and foam:
  • Remove the excess using the usual machine;
  • shorten the hairs with scissors at the place of application of the pattern;
  • Stand in front of the mirror and remove the excess to the trimmer;
  • Rinse the pattern and apply talc.

The trimmer is more convenient and safe for such purposes, with it you can afford to create the most complex figures.

Intimate haircut for women

Intimate female haircut at home is distinguished by the presence of diversity in terms of improvised means. Some ladies use a razor or the same trimmer, we will not describe the instructions for their use, since it is almost the same as in men.

, How to make an intimate haircut yourself

We will talk about other methods that are available to a beautiful floor for an intimate haircut independently:

  1. Sugar paste

This version of an intimate haircut at home has recently been popular, since it is less painful and gives a long effect:

  • Prepare the skin by taking a warm bath;
  • Apply the pattern with a pencil;
  • Apply the paste to the skin around the picture and after a few seconds sharply tear it off.

The effect of the paste will be held for two weeks, while you will not torment the bristles or irritation. The sugar mixture can be bought or made independently.

  1. Wax

Also gives a long effect, but according to the sensations this is a more painful procedure. The instruction is similar to the previous method, only we hold wax for two minutes. Wax hair removal also has contraindications, they can be found on the Internet.

  1. Chemical depilation

Not the most effective way of female haircuts of an intimate zone at home, but the safest. Apply cream for depilation outside the pattern. Rinse the cream after the specified time on the package. The duration of the effect is up to 7 days.

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