How to learn how to beautifully dance striptease at home for a beloved man

How to learn how to beautifully dance striptease at home for a beloved man.

, How to learn how to beautifully dance striptease at home for a beloved man

Girls, if you want your narrowed one to forget about strip bars, learn how to dance a beautiful breaking striptease yourself. And while some representatives of the fair sex deny the desire to own such skills, others polish their skills on a pole or in a home environment.

So ladies are arranged: always and in everything I want to be the best, especially when it comes to a loved one. Do not prematurely abandon the venture, consider it complex and impossible. It is not easy to know the art of private dance without professional help, but charismatic and self -confident girls have every chance Learn to dance striptease as men like it.

, How to learn how to beautifully dance striptease at home for a beloved man

Why do girls want to learn how to dance striptease correctly

Instead of “sawing” the noble for his addiction to admire the beautiful female body, it is better to take care of himself: after all, a man receives pleasure not from the dance itself, but from ladies’ sexuality. In addition, to forbid guys to watch a naked girl dancing striptease, seductively wagging her hips, useless. Therefore, there is only one way out: you need to learn how to perform all erotic movements at home.

Immediately we note that silicone breasts are at least 3 sizes and a body covered with tattoos, are not at all obligatory attributes of beautiful sexual undressing. In addition, without professional preparation, dance striptease as experienced dancers in nightclubs do is unlikely to succeed. Instead of a spectacular presentation, a miserable parody can be obtained, which instead of enjoyment and sexual excitement will bring laughter.

When an attractive girl is dancing sensual passionate striptease, a man freezes blood in her veins and imagination is being played out. An important role for successful dance is played by nothing more than music.

The main rule of the erotic show – first the performer herself should feel the drive. You need to choose such music that will help the girl open as much as possible. Perhaps, to choose the most suitable composition, you will have to spend a lot of time, but the result will justify itself by 100%.

The best music for erotic undressing will be a melodic work. By the way, entire albums and collections of different performers, ideal for erotic dance, are popular on the network.

How to learn how to dance sensual striptease at home to music

So, in order to dance striptease beautifully and correctly at home, without special preparation, you will have to practice.

The lesson is based on several main points:

  1. Prepare the place where the action will take place. Striptease in a dirty kitchen has nothing to do with spontaneous sex in the same place. In addition to cleaning, it is important to create an appropriate atmosphere in order to direct the guy’s thoughts in the right direction. It is advisable to add romantic elements to the interior of the room: suppositories, aromatic bags, rose petals and so on.
  2. Take the preparation of at least a week. Train in front of the mirror to see yourself. The main task is to seductively wag the booty, without focusing on the chest. Many girls mistakenly believe that during such a dance, a man looks at the neckline zone. The key to a successful erotic show is the smoothness and flexibility of each motion of booty and hips.
  3. Properly use hands in dance. They should not hang like a whip and hang out. Ideal during undressing will be light hinting stroking the abdomen and chest.
  4. Furniture use for beautiful and original dance. Just standing still, and wagging booty to the sides, the man cannot be surprised – he can see it on the dance floor in any of the nightclubs. Do not forget about the chair: on it you can, bending, throw your legs or take an erotic sitting pose. It is important to make sure that the attribute is strong and will not shake under a woman before starting a private dance.
  5. Be sure to alternate smooth movements with more sharp. Do not forget about sexual squats accompanied by tender stroking the hips.

, How to learn how to beautifully dance striptease at home for a beloved man

How to choose a seductive erotic image for striptease

It is pleasant for a man to watch not only how his lover is dancing striptease, but also to watch her face: it should radiate a desire, and a look cast sparks of sex. At the same time, extra pounds and other shortcomings in appearance can be successfully compensated for with relaxedness and beautiful corset or stockings. And one more important point: if the learned movements are forgotten right during a private performance, it is important not to show this with your confusion. For seductive striptease there is nothing better than spontaneous improvisation.

Well, and of course, the condition for a beautiful erotic dance must be taken care of in advance about the choice of sexual underwear. Lace panties and bras are a classic clothing option for a private show. But since striptease implies undressing, it is advisable to leave your naked look for dessert. To intrigue a lover, before dancing striptease, you can use special sexy outfits that are sold in adult stores and are suitable for an intimate performance.

And one more thing: a private dance must be shown in shoes. We are not about the platform and heels of 15-20 cm: your favorite shoes on a stable wedge or attractive comfortable heel will fit quite.

When a naked or not yet completely naked girl dances striptease, a man involuntarily draws attention to her face, so not to affect the issue of makeup and it is impossible.

Here’s what a woman should remember:

  1. Do not build incredible constructions on your head. The hair should be loose, slightly wavy. It is advisable not to overdo it with varnishes and other fixing agents. In a beautiful private show, curls should sexually fall to the shoulders.
  2. As for makeup, here the emphasis should be made on one thing: either before our eyes or on the lips. Smokey ice or red lipstick-one of the two, you can’t combine.

, How to learn how to beautifully dance striptease at home for a beloved man

For the severity of sensations and an increase in male interest in the upcoming intimate show in home walls, you can add some accessories. They will help a dancing striptease for a girl to liberate:

  1. A blindfold is a simple way to maintain a pleasant tension and intrigue. The partner will certainly want to know what everything will continue.
  2. Handcuffs – a ban on premature touches to a heated dancing body greatly excites his imagination.
  3. Soft feather. Dancing striptease in the immediate vicinity of the only viewer, you can slide with a pen through his body, affecting erogenous points.
  4. Tie – on a female naked body looks especially sex. With it, during striptease, you can slightly tease a partner, for example, connecting a loop at his neck.

Do not forget about the game with facial expressions, because the eyes and lips are a real arsenal of seduction of every woman. Beautiful home striptease is not only an opportunity to please a lover, but also a way to raise self -esteem, make a more elegant figure and reveal sexuality.

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