How to increase testosterone. Products increase testosterone

Products increase testosterone.

, How to increase testosterone. Products increase testosterone
After writing the previous article, “13 products of causing testosterone”, it would be logical to write about products increasing testosterone. Therefore, in this article we will just analyze these products.

1) fruits – It is preferable to use orange, yellow and green fruits since they contain a lot of luteins that stimulate growth hormone. These are fruits like:

  • lemon
  • carrot
  • mango
  • apricot
  • melon
  • raisin
  • orange
  • Pineapples
  • papaya
  • Persian
  • pear,
  • pumpkin (restores prostate cells)
  • Yellow pepper
  • persimmon
  • zucchini (powerful alkaline product)
  • Grapes and seeds of red grapes like Isabella.
  • Grapefruit lowers testosterone levels.

2) berries – Especially the following will help increase testosterone:

  • Cherry
  • watermelon
  • cranberry
  • plum
  • raspberries
  • blueberry
  • strawberries
  • prunes
  • black currant
  • pomegranate

3) vegetables

  • Chinese cabbage
  • Color cabbage (contains indolecarbinol – a substance that activates enzymes that prevent the development of prostate cancer. This substance is contained only in green types of cabbage.)
  • broccoli
  • celery (releases the hormone Androsterone)
  • Brussels sprouts
  • avocado
  • tomatoes

4) Greens – refers to products by increasing testosterone.

  • Parsley (high content of organic zinc)
  • mustard
  • cinza
  • handle
  • spinach (raises libido)
  • Corses Salates

Greens should not be not as cooked, but consumed fresh. Greens contain many minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and male phytohormones stimulating testosterone production.

5) fiber and grain – In order to increase testosterone, in the diet of a man, such cereals must be present:

  • Buckwheat
  • pearl barley
  • rice
  • Fuck

Porridge (fiber) getting into the intestines causes increased peristalsis, which improves the microcirculation of the pelvis and therefore in the prostate gland. Microcirculation in the prostate gland restores microcirculation in the testicles if they do not sit in shorts (tight). Thus, a whole chain of useful actions occurs. By the way, a man should be regularly emptied, since any stagnant phenomena in the intestine cause an increase in temperature in the pelvis, and this leads to an increase in the temperature of the prostate gland, which leads to the development of its various diseases.

6) fish – But not all fish allows you to increase testosterone. We list those species that increase:

  • herring
  • perch
  • salmon
  • Anchovies
  • Saira
  • trout
  • halibut
  • shrimps
  • Sardins
  • oysters, crabs and mollusks (contain a lot of zinc).

7) spices – increase testosterone due to the fact that external xenesterone is suppressed. Many vegetables and fruits have external phytohormones, which are called external xenesterones. So if you use spices, as the Indians do, the Chinese, etc.D., then you suppress external xenesterone in the dish itself.

  • garlic
  • curry
  • turmeric
  • Powder red pepper
  • onion
  • cardamom

That is why Indian men have one of the highest spermatozoa in the world – this is determined by their kitchen, which involves the use of a large number of the above spices. And you thought why they had such a large population?:)

8) vegetable oils

  • peanut butter
  • Sesame oil
  • olive oil

All these oils should be the first cold spin and not refined.

9) a small amount of cholesterol – a large amount of cholesterol, for example, 2 cups of milk or 3 tablespoons of sour cream suppress testosterone. In general, testosterone is created on the cholesterol base, so small doses of cholesterol are simply necessary for a man. No need to eat low-fat cottage cheese, it is better to eat 150-200 g of non-fat-free cottage cheese.

10) red dry wine – Grape red wine suppresses the enzyme aroma, which translates the main male hormone into female – estrogen. As for sweet wine? We from the article “13 products of causing testosterone” know that sugar lowers the level of testosterone, and sweet wine is done by adding sugar to the wine. And do not attribute other wines here, as it increases the level of testosterone only small doses of dry red wine.

11) post – A man should fast, that is, cleanse the body. The experiments noted that in the first 3 days of fasting testosterone is reduced, and then rises by 45% of the original level and is kept at such a high level to the end of 40 days of fasting. Fasting is not starvation – do not confuse, post – this is food formed in a certain way.

How to use products to increase testosterone

In addition to the fact that we examined products that increase testosterone, we should know how to use them, since if you eat them wrong, this will not be a guarantee of a positive result.

1) Products should be primarily fresh and should not be thermally processed (fried, cooked, stew, etc.D.) or in extreme cases, they should be prepared in a temperature of not higher than 60 degrees, since at a temperature above 60 degrees all proteins, amino acids and that photon energy that was originally in the damp product are destroyed. You can, for example, take a fish that was boiled for 5 hours, or you can take a fish grill, which is raw inside the floor, so the advantage needs to be given to the fish grill. Also with vegetables that can be boiled, and can be fried in oil of 140 degrees. Therefore, in order to increase testosterone, the above products must be used only in cheese or semi -prepared form.

For example, porridge. Why cook it for 20 minutes, when you can soak it for 12 hours, then heat it to 60 degrees to freeze at this temperature for 20 minutes, add oil and eat. The temperature in the Russian stove never rose above 60 degrees. You must be able to cook products correctly.

2) Each product should not be eaten much at a time.
3) Do not drink these products with water during their use, You can only drink acidic drinks, for example, compote from apricot or cherries.

For more detailed familiarization with the topic “Products affecting testosterone production” I propose to watch a full video lecture by Butakova about.A

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