How to increase a member at home: 9 ways

How to increase a member at home: 9 ways.

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways

Normal dimensions of the penis from 12 to 16 centimeters. Doctors unanimously claim that the penis in this range is normal. The need for a giant childbearing organ is a way to assert oneself among other men. The size does not affect the quality of sex. Nevertheless, many men are interested in methods, methods and means to get a large male dignity.

Is it possible to really increase a member?

The open spaces of the network are full of announcements of mega-chudo products that evade a male member of 5 cm at home in 2 weeks, we studied forums, collected reviews of those who used such means, trying to find out if there are generally effective ways to change the thickness and length of the penis.

This article has a brief overview of methods and drugs, action mechanisms and effectiveness.

Creams, gels, ointments to increase the penis

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways
Photo: cream and gel to increase a member

Rightening funds into the penis are the most popular objects of advertising. Sellers assure the incredible effect, but is it possible to increase the member with their help by at least 2-3 cm?

Judging by the reviews of men, this is a banal divorce. These funds do not give real, persistent results, but the harm can be caused.

The mechanism of action of the cream, gel or ointment consists in direct application to the phallus, substances in their composition enhance blood flow and contribute to erections. Act from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Have a general preventive effect.

Typically, the composition of a safe cream to increase the penis includes the following substances: a thistle extract (promotes the production of male sex hormones), grape extract (strengthens the walls of blood vessels), a fenugrek (stretches the walls of the caves), lichen moss (enhances blood circulation in the pelvic organs),Peruvian poppy (increases potency).

The cost varies from 1000 to 3000 rubles.

In no case can you buy creams and gels to increase the penis in unverified places, t.To. Their composition is not verified, they can cause allergies, itching, head burns that are very painful and do not heal for a long time.

Before buying a cream to increase a member, make sure that the official manufacturer has a license and certificates. Do not risk your male dignity, t.To. The new will not grow.

How to increase a member with baking soda

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways
Photo: soda to increase the member of the house

An increase in soda member is considered one of the most affordable and popular ways to change the size of male dignity at home. Economically, without contraindications, enhances erection.

Drill soda (sodium bicarbonate) dries, has an anti -inflammatory and antiseptic effect. It strengthens, enhances blood supply, reduces stagnant phenomena in the small pelvis, and helps to enhance the erection.

Whether the member actually increases soda?

Probably not. The effect is generally strengthening and does not affect the real change in the size of the penis. To prevent male diseases, this tool is still worth it to extend potency in adulthood.

Soda is used inside in the form of a solution (0.5 teaspoon per glass of warm milk), in the form of microclemism (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of warm boiled water), concentrated baths (teaspoon for a glass of water, rinse 10 minutes), compress (Soda gruel is applied for 10 minutes to the phallus).

Drugs and tablets to increase a member

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways
Photo: Penis tablets

These means do not change the size, but contribute to the preservation of an erection and libido due to intensive rush of blood to the cavernous bodies, contribute to the prevention of blood stagnation, increase the sensitivity of the receptors.

The dietary supplements are natural, they include vitamins, oils and trace elements. Before buying, be sure to make sure there are a license and certificates, in no case do not purchase tablets of unknown manufacturers with an incomprehensible composition.

The most real and quick way is an operation to increase a member

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways
Photo: how to surgically increase a member

Surgical increase The length of the penis It is shown when its size during an erection does not exceed 9 cm. Or a man has micropenis (3-5 cm). The result is 100%, the effect is preserved for life, does not affect the general health of the man.

The essence of the method: surgical is dissected by a ligament holding the penis under the pubis, which is why it changes position and lengthens by 3-5 cm. A biopolymer matrix is implanted under the skin, due to which the rapid growth of connective tissue occurs, a new ligament is formed and the new length of the penis remains forever. Erection and urination do not suffer during surgery.

After the operation for several months, it is imperative to wear an extender.

How to increase the thickness of a member

Several methods are used to increase the volume of the penis.

The simplest and most bloodless – Injections with fillers (synthetic gels) or own fat a man’s fabric. The effect lasts up to a year.

Rectus transplantation under the skin of the penis around cavernous bodies. Blood supply, good survival, lifelong guarantee of a positive result is not violated.

Phalloplastesion – applies when a member has a small length, thickness and weak erection. This is a complex operation under general anesthesia, in which the penis is literally versed, the prosthesis is being introduced, and gathers again.

The operation to increase the penis is expensive – from 60 to 300 thousand. rubles. Prices depend on the status of the clinic, the general condition of the body, the need for examinations and stay in the hospital.

Increase a penis with a vacuum pump

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways
Photo: vacuum pump

The pump creates a low -pressure area around a member, so the blood rushes very much to the cavernous bodies, the penis swells and hardens. The member remains increased within 40-60 minutes. Then accepts the same size.

The pump must be used no more than 1 time a day for 30 minutes, otherwise cracks can form on the penis head that hurts a lot and is extremely difficult to treat.

How to quickly increase a member with a nozzle

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways
Photo: increasing nozzle on a member

Nozzles to increase a member is a type of sex toys. Which are sold in adult stores.

They are lengthening, thickening, smooth and corrugated, with additional branches for anal stimulation, large and small.

This is the fastest and most effective way to increase the penis. The nozzle is put on right before sexual intercourse on an erect penis. To extend the erection, you need to put on an erective ring.

Using the nozzle, you can satisfy absolutely any pairing, just choosing a nozzle of the desired length and thickness, up to the creation of the effect of a giant phallus.

Extender to increase the penis

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways
Photo: extender for a small member

Extender is a special device for constant wear. After 5-6 months, the size can increase by 2-3 cm. Duration of wearing – 6 hours a day with breaks of 30 minutes. He holds a member in a stretched position with a loop, waist or universal mount.

The member is fixed in a calm state, worn under free clothes. Over time, the mechanism lengthens, stretching the penis. The result is persistent, the effect is preserved for life.

Exercises to increase a member

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways
, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways

This method also does not so much increase the size as it has a general strengthening effect. Exercises must be done to every man after 40, especially in adulthood, within 15-30 minutes. Types of exercises: stretching, vascular and auxiliary.

The most popular: Kegel, jelking, stretching. A detailed description of the technique of exercises in a separate article.

These simple exercises will allow you to maintain an erection and male health for many years.

Massage to increase a member

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways

This method is also more an auxiliary and has more preventive effect. He, along with exercises, should be done every day for men aged after 40, and especially in adulthood.

The pressure of the pressure should increase so that there is no addiction.

Massage is good to combine with gels, creams and drugs from a bioadota series.

Is it worth a man to increase a member?

In fact, the quality of sex does not depend on the length and thickness of the penis.

For a woman, proximity and prelude are important.

Big cock (20 cm or more) gives no pleasure, but discomfort.

Prelude less than 40 minutes will not give quality sex with a member of any size.

Use your fingers, use sex toys, learn how to make cunnilingus and anilingus masterfully-and then any woman will consider you a super-lover even with a penis of 3 centimeters!

, How to increase a member at home: 9 ways
Photo: Botanik super-lover

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