How to hint to a man what you want him: 53 ways

A selection of passionate hints of sex.

, How to hint to a man what you want him: 53 ways

Women are not so easy to talk with representatives of the stronger sex. Especially when it comes to intimacy. What if I seem too intrusive? Maybe he will consider me anxious? About such questions arise in the head, postponing sexual intercourse for an indefinite period. You can hint to a man that you want him. Let’s tell you how to do it right.

Physical contact

, How to hint to a man what you want him: 53 ways

If you do not want to directly tell the guy about your desire, you can use the body language and frank poses. Just better choose the right moment. If he works at the computer, he came from the shift barely alive, it is unlikely that your seduction will become a worthy motivator. After all, whatever you say, a man during intercourse has to make active movements. Consider physical work.

Suppose the situation is suitable. Then act boldly:

  • Sit opposite the man. Slowly stroke your body, run your palms over your chest, then go down below, on the pubis, the inner surface of the thighs.
  • Sitting at the table opposite, press the foot to his ankle. Raise your foot above until you touch the penis. Passing your fingers, playing with a member of a guy in a depraved game.
  • Come and touch your cock with your hand. Then sit on your knees, hug a man, standing about his “dignity”. Here, even to an inveterate introvert, it will reach him that they want.
  • Gently take his hand, attach to your chest and squeeze, linging slightly. Put your free hand on your pubis, slightly massaging it. Everything will become clear to him from the first seconds.
  • Go to the bathroom, stand in the shower, after soaking a fragrant gel. Wipe the towel and go to the room without clothes. The naked body will not leave anyone indifferent.

These are direct effects. The easiest way to give a signal about your excitement and passionate desire.


, How to hint to a man what you want him: 53 ways

Now the entire population of the planet is immersed in a smartphone from morning to night. This is a whole world. Ribbons, posts, viral videos. All this attracts attention. Why, instead of words, do not choose this channel for reporting your message? Write him SMS, or send a message to the messenger. For such hot letters there is even a term – sexting. But no one stops talking about these phrases. The effect will be no worse.

After the first sex

, How to hint to a man what you want him: 53 ways

Here is a selection of passionate messages for the situation when you have been close to the first time.

  1. I want you to divide me with your teeth.
  2. Come to me. Take off with you handcuffs.
  3. Let’s play your most crazy imagination when you come.
  4. Dessert today is me. Literally.
  5. Do you want to see how I undress?
  6. I dream all day to see you naked.
  7. I had a sexual dream. Come. Repeat in real life.
  8. Thinking about everything I will do with you, it’s hard to work today.
  9. I just got out of the shower. Help me get dirty again.
  10. I’m crazy, thinking that you will be inside me again.
  11. Today I am a strict boss, and you are a subordinate.
  12. I’m going to make you beg me about sex tonight.

When your meetings become regular. You can proceed to the next block.

If you have a relationship

, How to hint to a man what you want him: 53 ways

Present a selection of exciting phrases. They must be used wisely. Where it is about dominance, BDSM games, it is better to first find out how a man applies to this.

  1. I want to see how you slowly take off all your clothes.
  2. What do you think, you can spank me strongly enough to have traces left?
  3. I studied new blowjob technique. I can practice you?
  4. Have you ever had anal sex? Want?
  5. I want you to dominate me today.
  6. I was excited all day. You can help me finish?
  7. What do you think, how loudly you can make me scream before the neighbors call the police?
  8. I will make you end so much that you cannot remember your name.
  9. What do you think, how many times can we have sex before I tire you?
  10. If you knew what I was going to do with you in the evening, you would leave work now.
  11. I’m going to use your face as your stool.

Now let’s move on to the stage when everything became serious. You go to a new level of trust. You can do everything you want in bed.

Before the wedding

, How to hint to a man what you want him: 53 ways

Things are going to marriage. All available options are tried in sex. But you can’t let a man get bored. Otherwise, passion will fade away.

  1. I was a bad girl today. Come home and punish me!
  2. You are the only person who could ever excite me like that.
  3. Take me today in the bar. I will be without panties.
  4. I want you to be rude today.
  5. You can do whatever you want with me when you return home.
  6. I bought a new vibrator. Help me give out his batteries.
  7. I’m all in whipped cream. Want to lick me?
  8. I lay in bed all day and thought about what I want to do with you.
  9. I dream that you relax and let me do whatever I want.
  10. I can’t wait for you to return home. I will be absolutely naked.
  11. I think that you will tie me, and it becomes hot to me.
  12. I can’t stop thinking about last night. Let’s do it again?
  13. I hope that you did not have plans for the evening, because I need to feel you inside.
  14. Tell me about all the dirty fantasies that you want to realize with me.

Your relationship has undergone strength. Proximity has reached the limiting values.

If you are married

, How to hint to a man what you want him: 53 ways

The seething of hormones ceased. Sex has become familiar. This is a great time for experiments.

  1. Today I want to pamper you.
  2. Let’s try something new today. Use your imagination because I am all yours.
  3. I can’t wait to get into bed with you and do what I dreamed about all day.
  4. I put on the underwear that you like. Only for you.
  5. When I close my eyes, I feel your hand sliding along my thigh and under the skirt.
  6. Guess what I think about. Here’s a hint: this applies to my language and your moans.
  7. I have no underwear on me. I just thought you should know about it.
  8. I’m completely naked and I think about you. Do you wanna Photo?
  9. I will be with you tonight until you start praying for mercy.
  10. I really want you to fuck me. Can `t stand.
  11. Buy a powerage because I will arrange a training tonight for you.

We will complete the selection of passionate messages on this. You can definitely choose the perfect phrase.

Where did the hints come from

, How to hint to a man what you want him: 53 ways

The evolution of mankind took place in harsh conditions. At the dawn of the formation of Homo sapiens, the world was cruel. Eruptions of volcanoes, attacks of wild animals, scouring around the dwelling. This is only part of an ancient aggressive environment. And there were still skirmishes with neighboring tribes, hunger, illness.

Gender roles

In wild, survival depended on physical strength. And then the girls had nothing to brag about. Stone Age guys exceeded them by an order of magnitude in muscles. Since birth. Therefore, gender roles have developed that are most effective at that time:

  1. Woman. Education and preservation of offspring. Home support.
  2. Man. Enforcement of food, protection against attacks of animals and fellow tribesmen.

We will illuminate this topic in details.


“Males” united in groups, went to hunt or engage in gathering. Catching the beast alone was an unrealistic thing. A large animal could cause a fatal injury. Therefore, mammoth was mined together, placing cunning traps on the way to a watering. To coordinate efforts, a logical command system was needed. Type “Come on the left!”Or” The three of us will come from behind!”. So male logic was formed. Marginal accuracy, without foggy expressions.

Imagine a man of the Paleolithic, who shouting to the tribesman, something like “you would not like to enjoy the meat of the saber -toothed tiger?”When a predator runs to a detachment with aggressive intentions. The phrase “to get meat, I use a spear, and you go to the side with your stone clubs” sounds much more logical.


While the men were cooling on the hunt, women followed the dwelling. They had to cook food, look around, so that a wild beast or enemy would not fit from the forest to the caves. The ladies counted on the help of each other, so they built their speech so that no one would offend anyone. Otherwise, in a difficult moment, the neighbor will refuse to follow the child or will not borrow a piece of meat.

And in the evening “from work” came tired husbands. They ran around the forest -tundra all day, fought with enemies. Adrenaline still circulated in the blood. Any awkward word could cause aggression. Well, if your native “husband” will get angry with you. Maybe he will just leave a sharp phrase in response. But with a conflict with another fellow tribe, assault could happen. Then the entire settlement stood on the ears, there was a discord, the foci of the conflict flashed.

Due to the lack of physical strength, women had to talk with maximum caution, choosing every word. In order not to cause aggression, to remain intact and unharmed.

Features of speech

At first, the ladies learned to speak hints in order to establish stable social ties and not cause aggression. In a modern society, there are much less dangers, but the scheme of behavior over the years of evolution was rooted in the brain literally at the genetic level. Therefore, girls are not always able to convey to their boyfriend the essence of what they want.

Take a typical situation. Misha and Dasha are going on their car to a neighboring city. Seeing on the sidelines the sign of a roadside cafe, Dasha asks the question: “Would you like to drink a cup of coffee?”. Misha shakes her head negatively, mentally rejoicing that he chose such a caring girl. Ten minutes pass. Dasha does not talk, squinted with indignation towards the guy.

He asks in surprise: “What happened?”. In response, he receives the abrupt “nothing! Could stop at the cafe!”. Misha tries to remember when the phrase “Stop at the cafe managed to sound in the cabin!”. But reactive female logic can no longer be stopped. Such a chain of reasoning is built in Dasha’s head:

He did not understand my hint. → I did not stop. → So does not love me. → I just started a mistress → does not appreciate. → You need to urgently apply for divorce.

Misha interrupts the girl’s thoughts with the phrase: “Am I a telepath?”. But the lady immediately retorts: “Could guess!”.

So the majority of the quarrels happen. The woman speaks hints. The man does not catch them. He understands everything too literally.

These are possible variations for “cook my scrambled eggs”:

  • You will make me an egg for breakfast, isn’t it?
  • But you would not make you fried eggs for me for breakfast?
  • Do you think if we have to have an ovary?
  • It would be wonderful to enjoy the ovary for breakfast, is it not true?

A more or less direct request turns into a thin hint, from which only a real expert on female hearts draw the correct conclusion.

We talked about 53 ways to hint to a man that you want him. We hope that you will pick up the perfect option for yourself. And you will have a hot night.

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