How to give a girl a pleasure and not to be known as a “speedy”

How to give a girl a pleasure and not to be known as a “speedy”.

Perhaps for someone it will be a pleasant news. In fact, all men can make successes in intimate relationships. Well, or almost all! The main thing is not to forget about the main reasons that lead to failures. Among them is the efficiency, selfishness, and sometimes some physical disabilities.

The main thing is not to rush

Men, unlike a woman, are much easier! For “males” sex, as a rule, seems to be a way to get pleasure and no more. And this is the whole snag. The woman, on the contrary, enjoys not only from physical contact, but also from sensations, the atmosphere that reigns between partners. Therefore, you like it or not, but if you want to pass a sex machine, it’s time to learn to be romantic and courteous.

Light prelude (about 15 minutes) with conversations and light stroking is of great importance. This will reveal the girl more and allow her to trust you with the whole body. From surface caresses, proceed to more decisive action. For example, petting, vaginal caresses and stimulation of erogenous points. This will help, by the way, get excited for you too! You will be surprised that a woman is able to get an orgasm from your touches!

In the process of sex itself, it is also very important to keep the brand. Finish everything in the fifth minute with a loud exhalation – an extreme insult. If you refrain from sex for a long time or you have any problems, then you should use special means before sexual intercourse. It can be creams, ointments, pills. But it is best to use pumps for a member, which will temporarily increase the size of your penis, and also extend sexual intercourse, making it more sensitive.

Do not go ahead of time

But, even if you manage to bring the partner to orgasm, and several times in a row, this will not mean that she will remain a good opinion about you. A lot of guys simply hurry to leave their beloved, thinking that now she will think about him all her life. This is a deep misconception. If a man after sex loses all interest, then the woman, on the contrary, is ready to continue conversation, hugs, dreams or just romantic silence.

Do you want such a scenario or not, you will have to play along! By the way, to leave – this includes a figurative meaning, go into deep sleep. Many men sin this action! In fact, conversations between partners after sex can turn out to be very useful both. During this time, you can get information that the girl liked the most and what experiments of the intimate plan she is ready!

Staying in the girl’s memory of Alfa-Samz and Macho is not difficult! It is important to remember the above rules and be able to remain a gentleman. Even if this is sex without obligations and you will not connect you with a girl in the future, you need to get out of the situation beautifully, leaving her only positive memories of yourself! And don’t forget to buy a penis pump! In the end, sexual achievements should please you.

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