How to find out how many partners had before me?

How to find out how many partners had before me?.

The question “how to find out how many partners had before me” is very interested in men from different points of view. Firstly, this is a moral side, because no one wants to meet a girl with whom half a city has slept.

Secondly, it is believed that the physiology of the girl is arranged in such a way that, after a certain number of men, the vagina expands greatly.

Earlier, we indirectly discussed both of these issues, you can read about it in the articles “whether the number of partners affects the size of the vagina” and “how many partners for the girl is the norm”. There is certainly a third side of the question – simple human curiosity.

Very often a guy and a girl discuss their past life, and sometimes past partners, which ultimately leads to questions about the quantity and quality of sex with the former.

A harmless conversation can turn into troubles if your answer comes into conflict with the beliefs of the interlocutor.

Virginity guarantee that the girl did not have sexual partners?

Many peoples have a rule to take only a virgin in wives, as this in their opinion guarantees her purity and immaculate.

For many years, it is more correct to say for centuries, such a tradition was effective and demonstration of blood on the sheets after a wedding night proved that the husband was not mistaken with the choice.

Then, either the girls became more cunning, or city life made their adjustments, but the presence of the virgin rod no longer guaranteed nothing. For the sake of marriage, the girls still cherished innocence, but only from one of the types of penetration.

Oral and anal sex do not leave any traces with neat practice, which means that the representative of the gentle sex could repeatedly enter into intimate relationships with men, but you can tell you that she did not have sexual partners at all.

How to find out how many partners had before me on the basis of average statistics?

If you think that the question of the number of former lovers of your girlfriend is only interested in you, then this is very naive. Sexologists and sociologists try to get to the truth.

The results of the surveys of course vary, because they depend on many facts, such as a sample, age, region of residence, social status and much, much more. But the average data was still possible to get.

The average number of partners in life

Throughout her life, a girl in the world has on average sex with 7 men. Surveys give indicators from 6 to 10, so think what is more suitable. And this is in a lifetime. that is, you need to take into account the age of the lover.

If she is 20 years old, then it is likely that you are not the last. A lot of research also conducts a lot of research on this topic, by the way. We published the article “How many women are cheating on husbands”, and also “whether oral sex is considered”, read.

According to the answers of the girls themselves, if we assume that it will not change you and you will never part, then in her life there were a maximum of 9 men before you, but maybe 5.

Of course, the most reliable way will be a trusting conversation in which the girl herself honestly admits. However, there is a catch here – women almost never tell the truth to their man on this question.

Why do girls lie about the number of sexual partners in the past?

Girls do not like the question of their former lovers about several reasons. The main ones are resentment and depreciation. For a man, sexual intercourse means not so much, this is just a way to get pleasure and conception the child.

But the second reason is so rarely in mind to men that it can be not counted. For a girl, everything is quite the opposite.

At a subconscious level, every sex for her is a risk of getting pregnant, so even knowing all the methods of contraception, she still somewhere deep down will think about what can become a mother after this five-minute disgrace.

Everyone with whom she slept in one way or another entered the list of possible fathers for her children. But in the case when sex was, but the relationship was not completed, subconsciously the girl keeps offense.

She does not really want to remember her former partners, so there is no desire to count them, even if it is 3 people.

Depreciation is an even more interesting reason. For a girl in everything, emotions and feelings are important. She will remember courtship, romance, her affection, the first kiss, the first quarrel, how they went to the river, as they met in the club.

If there was no beautiful story before sex, and sex itself was absolutely everyday, then the girl can forget about him in general.

A random act of love on an inspection, oral sex against a background of long abstinence, the situation when the guy really liked it, but having received sex disappeared forever. She wants to forget all this and will not count.

And the stories with grief-lover, when the proximity lasted a minute for a minute or when the guy was spinning around her for a long time, but the erection did not come, and when he came, she constantly went about her business, the girl does not consider it necessary to mention it at all. There was almost nothing there, it is not considered.

Not true and not a lie

Lies about the number of partners cannot be considered a lie.Everything is too ambiguous. What can be considered and what was not, what managed to remember, and what flew out of my head. Nobody issued checks, did not conduct statistics, there are no records of visitors in the journal.

The truth will not work out, if only because the girl herself can no longer say 100%. Should Masturbation and Petering with a guy consider?

Oral sex on her part or in her direction. How does the fingering? Too many questions unanswered.

How to find out how many partners had before me and whether it is necessary to do it?

Curiosity has always been considered one of the strongest feelings of a person, even stronger than love. In this article we see a vivid example of this thesis, because asking the question how to find out how many partners the girl had before me, the guy actually puts curiosity above love.

It is one thing if he simply asked her during a trusting conversation, another thing when he really really wants to know the answer. This is the first stage of jealousy, because it is not clear which option will arrange it.

There was nobody, it was not exactly. There was one, that’s strange. And it is not clear what this one did with her, maybe he replaced ten ten.

It was 10, it is a lot. Or little? What changed? Vagina did not become wider, they don’t like a finger on the street. Why do you need to know this?!

Better give the girl a clitoral stimulant so that even in your absence she does not need a lover. The main thing is that this toy does not replace you. Well, and most importantly, remember – there is not a single method for identifying the number of sexual partners in a girl. They do not exist. Good luck!

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