How to drive a man crazy in bed

How to drive a man crazy in bed.

From which women goosebumps run in men?

You probably think that for a man the main thing is to have fun in bed. This is wrong: Most men consider successful sex , How to drive a man crazy in bed
the one in which they managed to bring their woman to the top of bliss
. It turns out that If you know how to achieve orgasm And in general, you react very sensitively to the touches and movements of a man – This is already half the success.

Of course, at the same time you must also be able to excite him and do something that he will just lose his head. This will help you Sexual education – trainings, webinars, articles. Using different techniques with your man, you can understand which of them work with him the best. The most important thing is do not stop developing and do not even think to rest on the laurels, because the fire in sexual life needs to be maintained constantly, otherwise it will fade off.

Practical advice

How to become a goddess of sex in practice:

  1. Be impudent and frank. Do not be shy about telling him about your desires and fantasies, write an exciting SMS or act as an initiator of sexual proximity. Of course, you should not replay – a man should also have the opportunity to feel like a hunter and conqueror.
  2. Forget about your shortcomings. Thinking about full hips or fat on the sides during sex, you, firstly, are distracted from the process and lose your mood, and secondly, you force the body to clamp and strain. It becomes somewhat wooden and inhibited, ceases to have fun. Now you understand that the expression “log in bed” came up with a reason? Fight with this as you like – do affirmations, visualization, or simply overcome, finally, your laziness and weight loss. But, one way or another, in bed you should feel like a sexy beauty., How to drive a man crazy in bed
  3. Touch him. Tactile contact between loving people deepens the feeling of intimacy and deepens sexual desire. Even at those moments when you are not going to have sex, you do not need to move away from your man – let him stroke himself, fuel his hair, hug and kiss. If you are interested in maintaining a degree of tension between you, you can remind you of yourself with frivolous touches to his hips, neck or chest.
  4. Let him all. Of course, you may well have, and there should even be borders – for example, you still categorically disagree you to have anal sex. But when a man wants to make you cunnilingus, and you bashfully fill up with a blush and mumble something unintelligibly, this is a failure if you are just not a virgin. Understand, sex cannot be thought out in advance, its main feature is in spontaneity, in intuitiveness. Let a man and to realize your fantasies in the process of a love game, and enjoy it!
  5. Surprise him. Men do not tolerate routines, so a primitive missionary pose for many years is hell for them. Try to periodically show your man that he does not know everything about you: for example, make him thematic sexual gifts for the holidays, surprise his sex in the shower or in nature, a device with dressing up, delight him with erotic massage. The most important thing is to always maintain the effect of surprise. Such a woman-way will definitely drive any man crazy.
  6. Love sex. Of course, if you didn’t love him before. The fact is that a man always shows whether sex brings you real pleasure, or you just imitate him to please a partner. In general, a woman who loves sex is a real gift for a guy, even if she is not yet very experienced or sophisticated.

And be sure to develop! Yes, I’m about the same again – let sex always in the sphere of your interests. If you regularly test new techniques and improve as a mistress, the man certainly does not get bored and will not look at another woman – she simply cannot give him what you give.

Fulfill the desires of a man and rule

Men can do a lot, but to give themselves maximum pleasure – no. It is the sophisticated mistress who wants to please her lover who will be able to give him the most unearthly pleasure. Performing the secret fantasies of a man, you get power over him and become the most adored and precious. What desires are we talking about?, How to drive a man crazy in bed

Deep blowjob. Show a man that a blowjob can be unforgettable when you use your mouth one hundred percent. It turns out that most women generally make a blowjob very mediocre, so your macho will feel like a king. We have a separate course that will help you learn how to make a deep blowjob without unpleasant sensations.

Anal sex. If you overcome fears and try anal sex, then not only a man will receive pleasure, but you. This is true – an orgasm from anal sex is possible if it is correct to engage in.

Sex in public places. Adrenaline mixes with marginal excitement – that is why men are so fantasy about sex in the place where they can be seen. It is very difficult to find a woman ready for sexual extreme and open to such adventures, but the man will find it, he will literally idolize her.

BDSM. BDSM is a whole direction of sexual culture, but you do not have to immediately go into all the heavy. First you can try easy subordination giving your sexual piquancy game. And who will be in the role of a subordinate – to solve only to you, but in any case it is very exciting.

If you love men, you understand their needs and know how to have fun – you are simply doomed to become a wonderful mistress. In order to hone your skills, you will need a little training and interest in becoming even better.

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