How to deprive yourself of innocence yourself

How to deprive yourself of innocence yourself.

The desire to deprive yourself of innocence independently arises for a number of reasons. Someone is embarrassed to tell the guy that there was no sexual experience, sometimes the guy himself refuses to “suffer” with a virgin and that one has to take everything into his own hands. Sometimes the presence of a pleura interferes with the girl herself, but there is no sexual partner.

At one of the forums, the girl shared the story of how she was diagnosed with the formation of a cyst. The treatment process implied the introduction of a special device (sensor) into the vagina, but if the girl is innocent, then it is introduced anally. In order not to endure pain, the girl independently violated the integrity of the pleura.

There is another situation. The representative of the tender sex has long been not 18, but she has not started sexual life. Over time, the gap will take place more painfully, so in order to facilitate the defloration process in the future, a decision is made to do the case now.

Be that as it may, it is important to remember that the presence of a pleura is rather a formality and a panic should definitely not. If the experiences are quite strong and there are any prejudices, you can go to a psychologist and discuss this. Perhaps you just wound yourself or heard terrible stories from friends.

The loving partner will not laugh, the virgin will not be afraid and the age of entering into an intimate life does not matter. If he is within the law, of course. For the rest, it refers to innocence should neutral. If you still decide on independent defloration, then you should take into account a few important details.

What does it mean to deprive yourself of innocence in principle?

First you should figure out concepts. From the point of view of physiology, defloration is a rupture of Himen, that is, the mucous membrane, partially closing the entrance to the vagina. This event is attached great importance, but it is not always possible to see the meaning here.

Many girls are originally born without a virgin pleura. Someone has holes in it such that it is almost impossible to distinguish an innocent girl from a long time leading sex. Even a gynecologist during the inspection cannot say for sure whether the girl had sex.

Therefore, the fact of the rupture of Himen is at least unreasonable to be the deprivation of virginity. But the general beginning of adulthood, such as masturbation, petting, watching porn, easily! That is, the fact of self -satisfaction and fascination with frank content can already be considered a loss of immaculate.

From this we conclude that depriving yourself of innocence is quite simple, you just need to start masturbation and start studying the topic of sex. Moreover, this is much more useful than intimacy with a guy, because to know your body and erogenous zones, to be competent in the field of sexual education, much more important than once to sit on a member.

Start studying the topic of pregnancy, possible risks associated with intimate life, physiology and psychology, technology, postures, methods of contraception. Then you will not pick up herpes on the inspection and do not fly away at the most inopportune moment. Read about sex loser, this is what it means to deprive yourself of innocence yourself!

Independent defloration process: how to do it?

If Gemen still does not give rest, then at least approach the process wisely. On some forums, I met stories as girls deprived themselves of innocence with cucumbers, fingers, bottle. This is incredible wildness, this is categorically impossible to do so!

There is a risk of damaging the delicate walls of the vagina, apply injury to yourself or get inflammation. The consequences of rash acts can be serious and turn into a Neanderthal man at all.

First take care of sterility, wash your arms and genitals well. Nature has created us so simple and there is nothing better for defloration. Ideally, you should buy a realistic phalloimitator, it is an exact copy of the male genital organ, will not fall inside, will not cause injuries and tactfully pleasant. In the future, it will come in handy for you!

Prelude is important not only in sex with a man, but also in masturbation. Give her time, this will greatly simplify the act of defloration. Buy a water -based lubricant in advance so that the penetration is as comfortable and easy as possible.

The realistic is easily attached to the surface with a special suction cup, so you can choose your own pose yourself. The most convenient is to arrange the phallus on the floor and sit on top, or attach it to the wall and sit in the position of Doggi Style.

A few nuances

How smoothly everything will pass to predict. It is too individual and depends on the physiology of a particular girl. It is important to take into account all the above recommendations and prepare as carefully as possible. I repeat, the use of unsuitable objects and an irresponsible approach can end in troubles.

Blood, like pain, is completely optional. Many have neither one nor the other, there are opposite stories. It is pointless to listen to friends and read forums on this topic, each representative of a gentle sex talks about her experience and absolutely cannot know how you will have.

We urge once again to refuse to abandon the idea of independent defloration. Nevertheless, in the arms of a loved one, experiencing anticipation and passion, at the same time completely trusting the partner, the event acquires a new color.

In sex, the emotional component is much more important and the one who sincerely like you will never refuse to participate in such an important action for you.  If we still decide, then we told you how to deprive ourselves of innocence itself. There is nothing to add.

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