How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

How to call a powerful squirt.

, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

Nature ordered that girls are much more difficult to achieve orgasm than guys. There are nymphoans who do not matter where, when and with whom. But there are units. Therefore, a man who is able to bring a woman to Squirt is a rarity. Having mastered this difficult skill, he becomes a demanded lover and exceeds all competitors by an order of magnitude. Let’s tell you how to learn to cause a jet orgasm.

First of all, we will study the basics. Anatomy will help to find the right place to stimulate. Psychological techniques will make the partner relax. Without this bright ending, it will not work. Ladies – Sensitive creatures. The slightest clamp will nullify all past efforts.

What is squirt

, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

A lot of rumors go about this phenomenon. Many people believe that squirt is ordinary urination. They are right and mistaken at the same time. Physiological fluid is really formed in the bladder. But its composition is not at all like what we are used to calling urine. Read more this issue, we examined the article “What women end up”. We advise you to get acquainted with valuable information.

Squirt is an automatic reaction to stimulation of the point G. At the time of the highest excitement, the sphincter of the bladder relaxes and the liquid through the urethra is thrown out, mixing with the secret of the skin of the skin of the skin. This is an analogue of the male prostate gland with an almost identical structure.

The composition of the squirt is not always the same. Sometimes from the urethra flows 10-20 grams of the pure secret of the skin of the skin. But in most cases, what is in the bladder is included in the work.


Most guys are well aware of the structure of female genitals. This is a vagina, large and small labia, clitoris, urethra. But here you need to look deeper. There are areas and points that are usually not noticed during sexual intercourse. Consider them in more detail.

Point G

, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

As can be seen in the picture, point G is located on the front wall of the vagina. This is from the side of the navel. To detect it, just put two fingers inside to a depth of 3-4 centimeters. But you need to do this when the girl is excited. Otherwise, difficulties will arise. Fingers pillows easily feel a part of the mucous membrane, it seems to be ribbed. The skin is rough with a rough texture. What can not be said about the rest of the mucous membranes.

In some ladies, the erogenous zone is deeper, the rest of its deployment is shifted closer to the entrance to the vagina. Will have to do manual therapy before the point G is detected.

Line glands

, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

Until recently, few scientists studied the female orgasm. Because his arrival or absence did not affect the process of conception in any way. Now, if such an opportunity happened to a man, he was immediately examined by the doctor and gave recommendations for restoration. Otherwise, sperm will not fall into the uterus and the demographic indicators of the family will remain under threat.

In the 1980s alone, Western professors began to understand the anatomy of girls and found out an interesting fact. In the depths of the front wall of the vagina, parallel to the urethra are located the glands of the skin. In anatomical structure, they look like a male prostate gland and develop a similar secret.

At the time of excitation, the gland begins to increase in size. From can be stimulated by pressing on point G. At this time, a liquid accumulates in the ducts, similar to ejaculate. Pleasant sensations grow, which leads to a relaxation of the sphincter of the bladder. As a result, there is a chance to experience a jet orgasm.

Preliminary preparation

Orgasm for a man is practically guaranteed. For this, a couple of factors are enough: persistent erection and “massage” of the head of the penis. It’s not so simple with women. The Internet is full of lessons aimed at training the technique of stimulating points G. The authors are sure that for Squirt you just need to press the erogenous zone correctly.

But in practice, everything is more complicated. Girls are not able to experience a jet orgasm due to psychological blocks. The guy either did not take them off, or poorly excited a partner. Both factors are closely intertwined and are able to slow down the process, make it meaningless.

Removing blocks

There are a lot of states and external circumstances that prevent the lady from relaxing. Here is their list:

  • Fears become infected with a disease.
  • Anxiety.
  • Stress.
  • Negative experience.
  • Sedatives.

Any factor from the list is able to put a cross on the efforts of a man. You need to listen to all the fears of the girl, try to calm, create a trusting psychological connection. It is necessary to remove all extraneous sounds.

It seems that the desired condition and mood are. Everything goes according to plan. But then another underwater stone suddenly occurs. With intensive stimulation of point G, at the time of relaxation, the lady feels strong urge to urinate. Exactly the same reactions that appear in the head when you want to go to the toilet.

Here all excitement falls, the girl goes to the restroom. But such urge to calls – normal for squirt. It must be explained that there is nothing to be ashamed, this condition signals an adult on orgasm.

Strengthening excitation

Without excitement of the skin of the skin do not increase, it is useless to stimulate them. Therefore, you need to well “warm up” the partner. For this, it is necessary that the following conditions be met:

  • She feels desired.
  • He considers the guy attractive.
  • Trusts his partner.

To achieve excitement, you should seriously relate to preliminary caresses – petting. A reliable signal that a woman is ready for active actions is a lot of natural lubrication on the surface of the entrance to the vagina. There are indirect signs: heavy deep breathing, hard nipples.

Injurous factors

The vaginal mucosa is very thin and delicate. If the guy hooks the skin with a fingernail, this will cause severe pain, and then a panic and a decline in a degree of excitement. So that this does not happen, you should thoroughly cut your nails on your hands. But sometimes this is not enough.

It is better to borrow a nail file from a woman and walk around the edges so that there are no sharp parts left. Hands should be smooth and pleasant to the touch.

If there is no desire to bother with manicure, you can wear ordinary medical gloves. True, it will be difficult to find a point g in them.

Squirt technique

, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

Task number one is to insert a greased middle finger in the vagina and find a point g. If the lady does not have enough natural lubrication – this is a bad sign. But if you need to continue the process, you can use the pharmacy lubricant. Finger pillow should touch the rough area. It is necessary to carefully iron the erogenous zone back and forth and observe a woman’s reaction.

After a minute of such manipulations, add a ring finger. This is how it should look:

, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

It is worth continuing to slowly massage the point G, gradually accelerating the pace. Now consider specific techniques.


, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

You should perform movements, as if pressing the button. You can do it slowly and quickly, hard and weak. The partner’s reaction will tell the route in the right direction. This is only the beginning. The only technique is not enough to bring the girl to orgasm.


, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

Gently make circular movements with fingers. Acceleration is not required here. The same pace is preferable. Manipulations will enhance excitement. At this stage, urination may appear. It is impossible to allow the lady to fall out of an erotic trance and goes to the toilet.

“Come here”

, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

It looks like a traditional gesture “Come here”. Fingertips move from the inside out. In this case, you need to press on the point G to massage the glands of the skin. It is important to stock up on patience and continue the “work” until the goal is achieved.


, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

The main idea is to move not with fingers, but a whole hand. It is necessary to fix the limb in one position and roll it up and down with it. In this case, strong pressure on the erogenous zone is created. The main thing is not to overdo it. You should get to the skin of the skin, but do not cause pain. If a woman is unpleasant, she will tell you about it. Then you have to slow down.

Two arms

, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

If simple techniques did not have the right effect, it is time to move on to heavy artillery. With one hand we continue to massage the point G, and put the second on the pubis and begin to rhythmically press it. In this case, there is a strong pressure on the bladder. You need to adjust the pressure. Over time, the skin of the skin will begin to receive the right pressure and an inkjet orgasm will occur.


, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

If everything goes not according to plan, do not despair. Many women do not imagine an orgasm without the stimulation of the clitoris. Therefore, with one hand it is necessary to continue the “massage” of the front wall of the vagina, and the second should be rhythmically stroke the clitoris. If the excitement level is high, the girl will soon finish.

Sex toys

Sexhop goods are able to derive the massage of points G to a new level. The guy’s wrists will not get tired so quickly if there is a regular dildo on the farm. Silicone device is suitable for girls who love tenderness. If the lady likes stiffness, it is better to choose a toy made of plastic or glass.

On the shelves of erotic stores, you can find special vibrators designed just for the “massage” of the point g. It will become easier to achieve orgasm with them.

Traditional sex

, How to bring a woman to Squirt: 6 techniques

Even during ordinary vaginal sex, there is an opportunity to bring a woman to squirt. For this, it is important to correctly introduce the penis into the vagina. When moving, the head should rest against the point g. It is not so simple to achieve accuracy, but after a long practice it is quite possible.

We talked about 6 Squirt achievement techniques. Repeating them in practice will not be difficult. The main thing is to overcome psychological clamps and maintain a high level of sexual arousal.

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