How to assemble and wear an extender

How to assemble and wear an extender.

Perhaps you should start with the name.

Extender. This incomprehensible word means “a device for increasing the penis”. Medical. With a bunch of research and attracting real men.

Of all that is proposed today on the issue of increasing the member, the extender is the most effective. Officially – 95% of men who said: “Waauu, cool! It really works and my cock has become longer “. And this, agree, a big figure.

And further. If you have heard or encountered a curvature of a penis or Pearoni’s disease, then this device is ideal for treatment.

How the device works?

He stretches your cock. Painlessly, slowly, but confident. As a result, the cells of the cavernous bodies will share (multiply, grow) and the fabric will become larger. From this over time, the member will become longer for the N-nth amount of centimeters.

New centimeters will stay with you forever!

The same surgeon does the same. Only fast, painful and expensive. And after the operation, you need to suffer another month and a half. Extender – longer, but many times cheaper and does not hurt at all.

What the extender looks like?

The design of this device is very intricate. A bunch of metal and plastic parts that resemble spare parts from the designer. In fact, this is the designer that you must collect individually for yourself.

, How to assemble and wear an extender

So, what the extender consists of?

1. A white plastic ring is a thorough ring into which you insert a member. The ring should be pressed to the pubis.

2. The ring on the sides has 2 bolts similar to coins. They are mobile. The rods and elongating rods are attached to them with the help of screws. These “coins” yourself will not have to cling, they are already attached.

3. Rods and rods are long and short details playing the main role. With their help, you create the desired length to your extender. These details are simply screwed by thread.

4. A plastic support is put on the rods on top. It is curved specifically in the shape of a penis and put on it under it.

5. From above the member is fixed with a silicone harness or strap. This is the consumables, because over time they are erased or torn. C fixers are sold separately, if that, do not be afraid)

Usually use either one or another. If the tourniquet, then it is spreading into special round holes, and all superfluous, so as not to stick out, refuel under the bottom.
The strap is fastened according to the same principle, it only goes to other, oblong, holes. In short, you will not be mistaken here, everything is intuitively clear.

6. White soft pillow. This is a protective pillow – so that it does not rub. Puts under a tourniquet or strap.

I figured out the designer?)

Now let’s fold)

1. Take the member with your right hand. You delay the foreskin.

2. You take an extender with your left hand and put it with a ring on yourself. The ring adjacent to the pubis.

(For left -handed people the same, only the other way around)

3. Now the most important thing. You need to create an ideal (working) extender length using metal parts.

The working length of the extender depends on the native length of your member. That is, you need to make a chuut-out device longer than your penis (not including the head). Just take metal details and fasten)

, How to assemble and wear an extender

For example

The length of your member to the head is 13 cm.
You take the rods of different lengths and make it so that in total the length of the extender is 13.5 or 14 cm.

, How to assemble and wear an extender

Everything is individual in numbers. It will be better if you try on this whole structure and evaluate your own sensations. It should not be painful. Just a feeling of light stretching.

Here you are kind of like making the desired device length.

4. Now you need to put on a plastic support right on the rods (it is curved so that you can just put a member in it).

5. For a member to hold and stretch, you still have to fix it on the extender.

Take a silicone tourniquet or strap (which you like more, but usually start with a tourniquet).

Throw it on top of the head and prone to burn in holes on a white support. Below pull the ends so that the member holds well. Take the sticking ends under the bottom.

, How to assemble and wear an extender

Lifehack. It is better to cling to the extender fixing tourniquet or strap immediately, and only then put on the device on the member. Just loosen the tourniquet (pull it up so that it does not jump out of the holes) and then you easily insert your cock into it.

Visually it turns out 2 rings: plastic, which adjacent to the pubis and silicone at the head level.

, How to assemble and wear an extender

Ah, yes! So that the tourniquet or strap does not rub, put a soft pillow under it.

, How to assemble and wear an extender

If you did everything right, then you can take up the support on top and the member will hold well.

OK it’s all over Now)

I put it for a week. Every day 5-6 hours continuously. Be sure to shoot at night. Wearing only at rest (with an erection impossible).

When the next week comes, add 0.5 cm to the length. This is just the length of the smallest rod.

Now increase the length regularly. Maybe not every week, less often. Look yourself feelings. You feel that wearing is no longer felt at all, add the length.

And you can measure the total length of the bar every time (for this there is a special ruler in the kit). Well, measure the member too – you need to see progress in numbers)

Wear an extender to work, training or even a family meeting with parents – the extender is completely invisible under the clothes (if you certainly do not go to a little).

The device does not interfere, you can even go to the toilet in it.

In total, an extender you need to wear 6-7 months. You can longer. It all depends on the complexity of the case. Well, from how many centimeters you would like to add)

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