How long does a man take between acts

How long does a man take between acts.

The romantic evening smoothly turned into intimacy sometimes disappoints with its quick ending. And it does not even matter how much sexual intercourse lasted, the fact is that, according to surveys, almost 70% of women are waiting for continuation, that is, there should be two acts. At the same time, it is completely incomprehensible how much time does a man need between acts.

A man cannot be active endlessly, after the ejaculation he needs some time to restore. By the way, more recently, we told how many times a day a man can finish, read.

How long does a man take between acts: recommendations

Sexologists argue that too small cuts between acts negatively affect their quality.

Polls were conducted and it turned out that the perfect break is about 30 minutes. During this time, the body manages to rebuild, excitement increases and the man is ready to act.

It is also worth taking into account the level of activity of the representative of the strong half of humanity, for example, after the pose of the rider, you can proceed to intimacy and 15 minutes after the end.

If for the first time I had to work physically or the pose was uncomfortable, then there will be much more time to rehabilitation.

How to recover faster after sex

If you initially plan to carry out several sexual acts in a row, then you need to take care of the restoration in advance.

To do this, you need to buy products contributing to an increase in male power. If a man does not abuse alcohol and does not smoke, then you can easily do without pills. The main weapon will become sweet.

The paradox is that the use of fast carbohydrates over time abruptly affects potency, so sweet tooth rarely enter the list of heroes-lover.

At the same time, at a short distance, it is sweets that reinforces the capabilities of the partner. One of the best solutions will be marshmallows.

From this we conclude that the rapid restoration of a man after an orgasm depends on several factors.

Firstly, the lifestyle, namely the absence of bad habits, low consumption of fast carbohydrates and, on the contrary, high consumption of protein food.

Secondly, the poses and the level of load during sex, since high physical activity leads to fatigue and the desire to fall asleep.

Third food on the day of a romantic meeting. Seafood are considered the rations of Casanova, so it is better that they must be present on the table also for quick recovery is well suitable for marshmallows.

After the first time, you can drink green tea with marshmallows in an intimate environment and then the continuation will definitely follow.

How long does a man take between acts: no obligations!

Male psychology is arranged in such a way that after receiving pleasure I want to relax and not think about anything. For a repeated occurrence of desire, a special environment is needed.

If the partner will demand and force, then most likely nothing will work out. The woman’s task is to excite, not command, so you can go to the trick.

Non -binding kisses, hugs, massage and intimate conversations will return the man to the right path and he himself will want to repeat what happened 20 minutes ago. Do not press and everything will be!

How to improve a second time?

Many couples talk about the problem of subsequent sexual acts, since the mood and physical capabilities are inferior to the first time. Often in such a situation, the erection weakens and during sex disappears at all.

An erective ring will help to avoid an unpleasant situation, which does not allow a member to fall. This will solve two problems at once – the lethargy of the male organ and anxiety about it. And when all thoughts are only about a partner, then the quality of proximity increases significantly!

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