Fidelity for men. Why is it needed

Fidelity for men. Why is it needed.

The belt of fidelity is always associated with the chastity of women. There are legends about how knights, going to war, dressed a special product on their wives, so that the possibilities to change them. Nobody limited men throughout the history of mankind in sexual intercourse, so the belt of fidelity for men is more likely to be related to the present.

Belt of fidelity for men: causes of popularization

In recent years in many countries there has been observed the so -called femdom education. This is when the head of the family is, by and large, the woman recognizes this and does not dispute the leadership of the spouse. He reconciled with his duties and restrictions. And then the male belt of fidelity is the last stroke.

In classical families, the use of such a device will certainly not be able to meet, this is still a sex toy for those who practice BDSM.

That is, the male belt of fidelity is more likely to be created for the psychological satisfaction of partners, and not for the real restriction of her husband’s sexual activity.

Belt of fidelity for men: what is needed for?

The main task is to prevent treason. The design does not allow the floor member to go to an erect state, of course, in such a situation, there can be no sex.

Of course, no one forbids a man to do cunnilingus, and what do you mean by the word treason? If the husband in the company of naked girls drinks beer in the bathhouse, is it not betrayal?! The belt of fidelity is powerless here.

The second purpose is reduced to the legend of role -playing games of realism. These are the same BDSM practices where a man obeys his lady. The pleasure is rather moral.

Suitable for erection control. Madam can excite her slave and observe how he wants, but cannot.

The male belt of fidelity does not make it possible to commit sexual intercourse, moreover, masturbation is also impossible.

So a girl can kiss and hug her partner and be sure that he will not be able to begin a full -fledged intim.

The man is experiencing special emotions, for the sake of which many use this device.

History of creation 

As mentioned above, the male belt of fidelity in essence has nothing to do with fidelity. That is, his goal was never in chastity from her husband. Why did this device appear at all?!

Many women who raise boys have encountered a situation when they found their son for masturbation.

So now many people know how to behave in this case, but earlier it became a reason for panic.

Self-satisfaction was considered a disease, and in order to somehow cure the teenager, they invented a belt.

The first designs could even beat the current with an erection. Such treatment after several decades has lost its relevance.

In the mid -nineties, a new era in the field of sexuality came in the world, a male belt of fidelity appeared on sex shops shelves.

From now on he did not treat anyone, but on the contrary was designed to satisfy and bring joy to the family couples.

Is it possible to remove the male belt of fidelity on your own?

Another fact suggests that the male belt of fidelity does not guarantee this very loyalty. Device, if desired, a man can easily remove.

It is put on the penis, mounted on the Mashonka and the lock is closed by the key. Of course, you can try to tighten the ring on the testicles so that it will be extremely problematic to remove, but in most cases it is very easy to get rid of the structure.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that this toy will be useful to couples who practice femdom and study the BDSM culture. The toy is quite interesting, and the choice in modern intim stores is huge. Not boring nights for you, for now!

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