Female striptease and its varieties

What is striptease?.

Today we’ll talk about one of the most erotic dances that quickly won the hearts of people. First of all, this is a sexual dance, more like an exciting show. Dancing girls or men can drive their spectators crazy with only gestures and facial expressions. Often the prelude can begin with this dance, the main thing is that the girl is really beautiful, sexy and open.

Female striptease is not just beauty, it is a real art in which a woman shows the skill of controlling her body. Naturally, there is a male striptease and female, and in this article we will consider the varieties and features of the strip in different countries of the world.

, Female striptease and its varieties

Features of striptease in various cultures

In general, the world treated this dance differently, respectively, the types of striptease differ depending on the national mentality and preferences. We want to tell you a little about the history of creating this dance in various countries.

  • So, let’s start with USA. Not only American men, but women simply adore striptease. There are a lot of clubs where visitors come not only to drink a cocktail and relax, but also to see a fascinating show of naked dancing girls. These institutions are more popular than many other. Men almost every weekend visit such clubs in order to lose the fatigue accumulated in a difficult work week. I would also like to share with you an exciting fact: in the USA, strippeyses can do an operation to enlarge breasts two times cheaper than representatives of other professions. So, clinics believe that for a stripper breast augmentation is more a professional necessity than just a desire.

, Female striptease and its varieties

  • England. In England, mainly strippers work in order to pay for their studies at higher education, so you can often meet a diva with a scientific degree. There are always something to talk about with such girls.
  • Holland. This country is known to all its famous Red Light Street, on which most of the striptease marks are concentrated. There are probably more such bars in Holland than in any other countries. And the theme of striptease clubs is more than diverse, it is here that you can choose for yourself a stripper, which will meet all your requirements by appearance. In Holland you will find exclusive stripper.
  • But in Iceland Erotic dance is prohibited, so there are nothing to go to lovers to go there.
  • InErmania There are strange establishments that our Russian people call anti-Strithize. So, this entertainment provides for a slow undressing of a middle -aged lady to quiet romantic music. We advise us to visit connoisseurs of different types of striptease and this institution.

Types of dancing with striptease

Next, we want to consider types of dancing with striptease. For many men, the fundamental is an exciting striptease, which is a priority. But in fact, this is an art, which is not every just beautiful woman can reveal. We all have repeatedly heard about what home striptease is, but you will need months of dense training to achieve its beautiful performance. Female striptease at home is always nice and new for a man, but if you do it masterfully, then your sexual partner will say thanks to you not only words. In order to figure out more details in the topic, you will need to learn about the varieties of this erotic dance.

, Female striptease and its varieties

We list some Types of striptease:

  • Dance on the pole. Everything is clear here from the name. Technique – the girl dances near the pole or on it. Here the sports training and acrobatic abilities of the performer, professional dancers perform incredible tricks on the pylon, are in the forefront. This type of dance has long gone beyond the strip bars and whole international Pole-Dance competitions are arranged!
  • Theater strip dance. Everything happens here in costumes and according to the script. For this, special ballets with certain music and the director from the director can be organized. Different ideas of the customer are embodied here, who asks a woman to speak in the form of a policeman, health worker, military, stewardess, etc. P. Theatrical productions are in demand on holidays, for example, for the New Year, when they ask Santa Claus or Snow Maiden to perform in a suit. Such productions can be accompanied by fireworks, shows of lights, etc. P.
  • Stripping striptease. Many begin the dance already naked, this is also one of the species and is often called-shock-strip. Here girls show their skills with elements of Thai striptease. It is not surprising that this type of dance is most often ordered as a private striptease.
  • Interactive dance. In this dance, not only the dancer is involved, but also the viewer, or several spectators.

In addition, strip is also male and female. It was previously believed that only women can perform erotic dances, but today this stereotype is debunked. Also, this dance can dance in whole groups of several people.

You can see the Pole-Dance performance in nightclubs, private rooms or just order a dancer home for a festive evening, like a boyfriend. A stripper can dilute any boring evening, adding positive emotions and just a fervent mood to it. Of course, we can talk a lot about what striptease is, but in this case it is certainly better to see once than to hear a hundred times!

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