Farm window: what is it for women?

Farm window: what is it for women?.

Fertility is the most important criterion for reproductive health in women. Female fertility is understood as the ability to conceive, bearing and prosperous birth of a healthy baby. But few know why in planning pregnancy you need to rely on the concept of “Farm window”. Today we’ll talk about what is behind this term, and how the use of a fence window helps to increase the chances of conception of a child.

The role of ovulation in conception

A woman has a chance of conception of the fetus due to the ovulation process that occurs in her body. It occurs every month and consists in the release of the egg from the ovary. In the case when this process is violated, and problems arise.

When there is no ovulation, then conception cannot occur in any way. It is a physiological condition for pregnancy, along with the presence of spermatozoa. With ovulation, during which the female cell is exit from the ovary, there is the maximum opportunity to conceive a child.

After the female cell is fertilized with a sperm, the fetus is formed. It moves into the uterine cavity, where it is attached to the walls of the organ. Pregnancy begins.

In other words, ovulation is a special time when a mature egg becomes available for conception. This period is a peak of fertility. Sex during ovulation gives the greatest chances of conception to the child, so observing the menstrual cycle is one of the important methods of family planning. When a woman has regular menstruation, she can calculate the ovulation period and increase the chances of pregnancy.

What is a fettlecy window

The fertility window is a period of time before the start of ovulation and after this process. This period depends on the length of the menstrual cycle. If it is equal to about 28 days, then the fertility window occurs on the 11th day and lasts until the 15th day of the cycle. Ovulation itself occurs 12-16 days before the start of the next menstruation. In the case when the cycle is longer, ovulation can occur even on the 18th day.

The period of ovulation should not be confused with the concept of “window of fertility”. Ovulation is the output of the egg, which is able to maintain vital activity up to 24 hours. Spermatozoa remains vitality for up to 5 days.

This means that the chances of the successful conception of the fetus are available a few days before the start of the ovulatory process. Therefore, the fertility window lasts not 24 hours, but about 6 days. To increase the chances of pregnancy, it is recommended not to be limited to one sexual intercourse during this period.

The ovulation process is approximately in the middle of the female cycle. But every woman has individual characteristics, so the calculation of the fettlecy windows should always be carried out taking into account the symptoms of ovulation. The simplest way to find out about ovulation is the use of the test also.

In addition, it is useful to start a special calendar or diary in which the dates of the beginning, end, duration of the menstrual cycle will be recorded. Using such a diary, you can easily calculate the approximate middle of the cycle. Records should be kept for at least 6 months.

How to recognize ovulation

When the egg is released, a woman can feel the symptoms indicating this process. The main feature is changes as cervical mucus. During this period, it becomes more abundant. The consistency of the mucus resembles the protein of the chicken egg. Other signs of ovulation:

  • Increased libido. This function of the body is justified, since sexual intercourse may end in conception.
  • Changes in the cervix occur. It becomes softer, deep and open.
  • The symptom is also an increase in chest sensitivity.
  • One of the most important symptoms is an increase in basal body temperature. This is due to the influence of progesterone. Increased basal temperature can remain so until the next menstruation.
  • Pain in the ovary area.
  • Wolf exacerbation and taste.

In order to accurately determine ovulation, you can use a test. It is easy to purchase in a pharmacy. Tests have different sensitivity. The optimal indicator is 10 IU/l. To carry out the procedure, you should take a test and a clean urine capacity. The test is lowered according to the instructions to the urine. It is necessary to wait until two strips appear on the surface of the dough.

Based on the results of the analysis, you can find out the presence of luteinizing hormone in the urine (LH). In the case when the productive strip is bright, the chances of conception increase. After a jump in the level of LH, ovulation begins within 1-2 days.

Physiological factors

The state has a significant effect on the fertility in which the reproductive system is located. An important role is played by the patency of the phallopium pipes in which fertilization occurs. The mucous membrane lining the uterine cavity (called the endometrium) should be sufficient thickness. In the case when the endometrium is too thin, the chances of pregnancy are reduced.

For successful bearing a child, the health of the uterus and the cervix is important. The features of the hormonal background of the woman play significant importance. When it is disturbed, the conception and process of pregnancy can be accompanied by various difficulties.

There are several factors leading to a decrease in pregnancy chances:

  • Diseases of the female genital area.
  • Inflammatory processes.
  • Negative consequences of surgical interventions.
  • Premature depletion of ovary.
  • The presence of chronic diseases.
  • Taking drugs.
  • The influence of stress factors.
  • Sedentary lifestyle, hypodynamia.
  • Lack of balanced diet. Insufficient use of food containing fats.
  • Smoking, abuse of alcoholic beverages and other bad habits.
  • Life in a bad ecology.

Gynecologists and endocrinologists emphasize that moderate use of fats is important to maintain reproductive health. They participate in the processes of the production of hormones. If the diet is not enough in the diet, this can cause infertility.

In medical practice, many cases are known when women have problems with conception due to lack of fats. Unstable nutrition leads to a malfunction of the menstrual cycle. In some cases, for this reason, menstrual cycles occur without ovulation, which makes it inappropriate to use the fettlecy window.

The problem of high -quality ration is also important for men who want a child. They should also avoid the exclusion of fats from the diet to maintain a hormonal background.

Why is it important to consider age

Using the Fermattery window, the woman increases the chances of getting pregnant. But they depend on age:

  • The average fertility in a woman 20-25 years old is 85-90 %.
  • At 35, this figure drops to 60 %.
  • Aged forty years old – up to 15 %.

That is, with age there is a decrease in the birth rate by 75-80 %. At the same time, there are no strict frames that set the age limits of female fertility. Of course, you cannot reduce the possibility of conception to pure statistics. Other factors also affect the fertility of a woman – for example, genetic.

However, with age, the number of eggs in all women is inevitable. High fertility is programmed for a certain period of time. The optimal age for conception is youth, a period of 20-27 years.

A significant role in the possibility of conception is played by the antimuller hormone (AMG). Its level shows the number of eggs in the body of a woman. At the age of older than 35 years, the indicator of this hormone decreases. In case of difficulties with conception, a woman needs to take an analysis for AMG.

Therefore, the more young a woman, the more she has a chance of success in the conception of the fetus. In addition, chronic diseases are also aggravated with age, which also reduces the possibilities for conception.

Increased fertility

Active lifestyle, rejection of bad habits, timely treatment of diseases – all this contributes to, along with the use of a fence window, to increase the chances of success. Women should also pay attention to family planning, using reliable methods of contraception.

This will maintain reproductive health. Also, to increase fertility, special additives and vitamins are developed. But you should not use the biodelines by hand. This can harm the body. They should be consumed as prescribed by the attending physician.

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