Eye mask – the first step to new pleasure | Practices

Eye mask – the first step to new pleasure.

, Eye mask – the first step to new pleasure | Practices
Vision is the most important sensory body. But what will happen if you lose it? Other organs worsen, we will better hear and feel. Why not apply it in sex? Eye mask has become the most popular sex attributes. You do not see what your partner is doing at the moment, what he plans to do next. This excites and enhances sexual tension.

Eye mask can be different

As a mask, you can use a scarf, tie and any other soft fabric. But it is most convenient to use a special mask from a sex shop, which It helps to relax. An important condition – the mask should not slip, shine through, interfere with free breathing and free opening of the eyes under the bandage. If you decide to purchase a bandage in our store, then decide for what purposes it is necessary. For a simple eye tie, a classic bandage is suitable, for a combination with a sexy outfit you can choose something extravagant, for games with dominance it is better to choose a masco-shit. The bought bandage should be comfortable so that the partner in it can be for a long time.

How to apply an eye mask in sexual delights?

For prelude

You are preparing your partner for sexual intercourse, and in front of the mask’s eyes. What a storm of emotions excites the consciousness of your loved one! Now try to play with other senses.

  • Taste sensations. Start offering various food: cream, fruits, etc. Products should be loved and not give excessive satiety. Just do not deceive: "I’ll probably give something sharp, here we will have fun". All love joys will end on this.
  • Tactile sensations. Even those touch and actions that you do in sex constantly can acquire a new outline. With the mask erotic massage, oral affection and kisses will be even more than pleasure.
  • Smell. Food undoubtedly fills the room with pleasant aromas. But you can also light aromatic candles and use essential oils. Fantasy is connected without vision and, for example, the sea aroma will send a mistress to the beach.
  • Auditory sensations. Turn on romantic music, whisper erotic words: all this is incredibly exciting when a partner does not see your actions.

Using an eye mask during intercourse

The use of even the lightest bandage is considered to be BDSM, so use it during intercourse only with the partner you trust. You can blindfold both a woman and a man. At the same time, an active role is always played by a partner who sees everything., Eye mask – the first step to new pleasure | Practices
For the first experiments, just do everything as usual. Give a person the opportunity to get used to and start trusting even more. But then you can add something new to the proximity, for example, sex toys, hot or cold objects, limitation of mobility, etc.

Application of a bandage in BDSM

Those who love games with dominance, it is better to use leather masks. Their choice is different: with a gag, with hoods and so on. A big plus of the bandage is that the subordinate does not see the mood of the owner and all the attributes that he will use. The subordinate is preparing for any turn of events. Therefore, deprivation of vision is so popular in BDSM.

You can combine a bandage to the eyes with the binding of the body. Deprivation of the ability to see and move causes a lot of experiences. But it is only important to remember about safety and stop words. Scripts of BDSM Games with visual restriction can be invented by a huge number, and they will give many pleasant moments.

Security when using a bandage

Simple rules will make the application of the mask to the eyes safe and convenient:

  • Previously coordinate the use of a bandage with a partner. Perhaps he or she is afraid to be devoid of vision, albeit temporarily.
  • Do not tie a tight bandage so as not to cause discomfort. Do not leave a person with a bandage of one for a long time in an unfamiliar space.
  • Before removing the bandage, muffle the light in the room so that bright lighting does not blind your eyes.

You can start using a bandage in bed during intercourse, and then, as soon as you get used to it, you can start various experiments with food, aromas and various touches. As soon as this subject appears in your sexual games, you can no longer do without it.

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