Exercises for the potency of men to stand

How to increase potency – the best exercises.

To improve his male health, a man must monitor his physical condition, pay due attention to intimate hygiene and more often undergo a medical examination. In order for a good erection, there must be an active blood flow to the genital organ. An active blood flow will be if the vessels are elastic and clean, and the pelvis muscles are strong – in this task, exercises for the potency of men will help you if you systematically perform them.

Only those men who regularly play sports have a short chance of inflammatory processes and the development of impotence. Many training involve effective exercises for blood flow in the penis. The constant implementation of such small physical exertion guarantees the uninterrupted and high -quality work of the penis, which in turn directly affects the achievement of orgasm by a woman.

Exercises to increase potency – when to think?

The question of the need to perform exercises for raising an erection often does not stand in the foreground for men, until they seriously face this problem. But experts always advise attentive to their male health, which means, regardless of the beginning of the appearance of signs of impotence.

, Exercises for the potency of men to stand

The quality of a sexual act depends on the degree of excitement and duration of an erection in a man. There are exercises for potency at home to men, but in any case, when such a problem arises, it will be advisable to seek help from a medical officer.

Next, we want to tell and describe physical exercises for potency, which have their advantages and disadvantages.

Static exercises

Static exercises are a training of certain muscles aimed at holding tension using the quality of breathing. This lesson will seem simple to many, but if you fulfill it correctly and with special responsibility, then you will feel how much you will spend the strength on it. Static exercises for potency involve the strengthening of the pubic-button muscle, which affects the raising of the penis.

Earlier in the ancient East, people paid a lot of attention to training this muscle.


Yoga is a holistic Indian multifaceted doctrine of the knowledge of the world and itself. This teaching implies the mastery of the technique of the spiritual and physical world of a person. In this article, we will pay more attention to muscle training responsible for the reproductive system of a man. And give a few training:

  1. The first exercise is called “cobra”. The starting position of a person will be like this: go to the stomach and stretch your legs evenly, squeeze your arms at your elbows, and leave your brushes under your shoulders. Carefully rise to bend your back, and bring your hands to the lock at this time.
  2. The second exercise is called “plow”. The starting position of a person will be like this: lie on his back and twist the spine, do not bend your knees, socks should touch the floor. Raise the lower back, and then gradually get down. During the exercise, the press will also strain.
  3. The third exercise is called “boat”. The initial position of a person will be like this: lie on his back and from this position you will perform the lift of the body. Legs and arms should remain straight. There will be buttocks in the tension.
  4. The fourth exercise is called “onions”. The starting position of a person will be like this: lie on the stomach, make your hands back and bend, at this time you must try to get your hands bent legs with your hands. Try not to breed your knees. This exercises can start performing from the position of lying on your back. In this case, you will bend as if you are on the bridge. For the correctness of the position of the position, knees also cannot be reduced.
  5. And the last fifth exercise is called “locust”. The starting position of a person will be like this: lie on the stomach, put your hands right along the body, put your palms under the hips. Raise straight legs upwards. The main voltage will be on the hips.

The basic rules for performing all exercises: rises should always be done on inhalation, and lowering the body on exhalation;Each position should be fixed at least half a second;Each exercise perform at least five times.

, Exercises for the potency of men to stand

If you regularly make these techniques, then this will positively affect the nerves of the lumbar region, where there are all the sexual centers that are responsible for potency. During physical exercises, all organs are massaged, which helps to resume blood flow throughout the body.

I also want to note the most effective yoga exercise – “butterfly”. Sit on the floor, bend your legs into your knees and fold the feet to each other, move them closer to the inguinal region, ideally – your knees should touch the floor. Do not forget that the back should be straight. Sit for at least two minutes in this position. The constant execution of such a position will contribute to the disclosure of the joints, the tonization of the prostate, the prevention of impotence, etc. P.


Qigong technique is a Chinese teaching that includes static classes and working out the correctness of breathing. From the Chinese “qigong” is translated as “power of energy”. This tells us that a person’s energy is capable of a lot, even for internal healing. The effectiveness of the methodology in practice is determined by the degree of vessel purification and muscle strengthening.

, Exercises for the potency of men to stand

We give a few training:

  1. The starting position of a person will be like this: perform a semi -squirrel, put the feet in parallel, stretch your hands forward, click the thumb into the palm of your hand. Next, you will need to create stress in the inguinal region, this can be done by remembering how we interrupt the urination. Press your tongue to the sky, count up to 15 and inhale, then count up to 10 and hold your breath, then count up to five and exhale only with your mouth. The body should relax on the exhale. This training is done at least 20 times.
  2. The starting position of a person will be like this: lie on your back, put your arms along the body, bend your legs in your knees and put one on the other. Inhale and tear off the lower back from the floor, linger in this position for at least five seconds, exhale and go to the floor. Make this training at least 10 times, changing the legs.
  3. The initial position of a person will be like this: put your feet shoulder -width apart, spread to the sides, put your arms on one on one on one on one. Inhale and sit down, forming a thigh parallel with a floor. At this moment, you must feel how your pelvis tensed your muscles. Linger in this position for several minutes and carefully climb the starting position. Breathing should be calm. This training is done at least five times.

Basic rules for performing all exercises: control your breathing, focus on the correctness of the technique. If you make training regularly, then after half a month you notice real shifts, you will see it right away, since the potency will improve.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are a specialized set of exercises, which includes only five types of classes. The female complex is more in hearing, but it exists in the male version. The main task of such classes is to study the pubic muscles. And this can only be done by compression and relaxation, changing the pace and degree of stress.

, Exercises for the potency of men to stand

The main points in the performance of the male exercise of Kegel:

  1. Complete five approaches by compressing and relaxing the groin muscles.
  2. Tighten the groin muscles, stay in this state for 5 seconds and relax again. Repeat this five times and ten approaches.
  3. Slowly squeeze the muscle, linger in this state for a couple of seconds and slowly begin to relax. Repeat several approaches, at least five.

If, after performing the exercises, your pelvis muscles hurt, then you can relieve such pain in a warm bath. No one to accept it with? Not a problem – you can find a girl for sex without obligation in any city .

Dynamic exercises

Bad potency, sluggish genital organ, low erection – all these are serious problems for a man who signaling the need for medical care. All such signals are not a sentence, but require careful study and maintenance of health.

, Exercises for the potency of men to stand

Further in the article we will talk about dynamic exercises on human muscles that will help to influence an erection. The most effective classes are a “bicycle”, squats and “scissors”. They have known us since childhood. They can be performed even while working as a physical education warming.

Walking on the buttocks

Walking on buttocks – an effective exercise to strengthen the back of the thigh. Starting position of the human body: sit on the floor, align the back and legs, the feet should be parallel to each other, pull the bunches in front of you or bend. Walk the buttocks forward or back until you feel the warmth in the muscles, and then burning. Rest, and then repeat this action again.

The main points in execution:

  • The buttocks must strain and rise. In no case do not half -to -floor on the floor, there will be no effectiveness from this.
  • Place the buttocks and feet in about the same line.
  • Do not bend your knees.
  • Do not swing from the floor, this will reduce the load on the gluteal muscle and will not give the proper effect.

First you can use a soft flooring, and then a harder surface will be needed. We immediately want to say that gymnastic carpets will be inconvenient.

 Bubnovsky gymnastics

Bubnovsky gymnastics – a set of exercises, which is called the name of the kinesiotherapist, who developed them. Such exercises for erection are also aimed at treating the musculoskeletal system.

, Exercises for the potency of men to stand

Before starting to execute the lesson, buy a tape for a fitness that will have to be clamped using the door.

  1. Starting position of the body: lie on your back, put on the foot, take your hands on any support. The meaning of the exercise is to tighten your legs to the stomach, and the tape at this time should give an emphasis on your feet.
  2. Starting position of the body: lie on your back, put on the tape on one leg, leave the other without a tape and pull it out. The leg that in the loop lower the tape with effort, and keep the second on the floor. The meaning is to study the buttocks and parts of the thigh – this is the area that pumps blood to the genital organ.
  3. Starting position of the body: lie on your back, put on the tape on one leg, leave the other without a tape and pull it out, turn over to the side. The leg that is not in the tape is supportive, it can be bent, but not torn off the floor. The meaning is to study the perineum and hip area.

Basic rules for performing all exercises: exhale during efforts;All classes do before the moment a burning sensation appears in the muscles;Completion of approaches – at least five times. Bubnovsky gymnastics will help not only improve an erection, but also reduce the amount of fat deposits.

Power training

Power training are mandatory for men, because it is they who affect the quality of muscle mass. When you perform muscle training, an active production of a male hormone – testosterone, which affects potency.

We list those classes in which testosterone stands out more actively: bench press and sitting, squatting with weighting, craving dumbbells.

The algorithm for performing a squat with weight:

  • Starting position: the back is flat with a tilt forward, legs shoulder -width apart, look forward. The knee and sock look in one direction;
  • Take the bar and put it on the rear delta;
  • When performing a squat, do not tear off the heels from the floor. The main load will be on the foot;
  • take a breath when you squat and exhale when you come to your original position.

During the performing of the squat, you must feel how the thigh and buttocks works completely.

You must understand that the correct technique of execution will not only positively affect the potency and muscles of the body, but will also become a guarantor of your safety. After all, damaging the body with power training is easier.

, Exercises for the potency of men to stand

In addition to squat, as exercises for raising potency, assignments for the information and breeding of the legs are perfect. This must be done on a special simulator.

We want to provide you with an approximate strength training to strengthen the inguinal muscles.

  1. The first lesson is a squat. You already know the squat technique. Perform 10 repetitions and three approaches. Rest between approaches – at least one minute.
  2. The second – flexion of the legs in a sitting position. Perform 8 repetitions and 4 approaches.
  3. Third – Buy lying. Perform 8 repetitions and 4 approaches.
  4. Fourth – Full Carry. Perform 12 repetitions and 3 approaches.

We often hear that bodybuilders suffer from a weak erection. This problem can occur only in those who abuse doses of steroids. Because if you eat protein, casein and VSAA in permissible volumes, then this will only help your potency.


Regular jogging and special simulators will help restore and prevent impotence. But remember that long -term such classes can reduce testosterone levels. So everything is fine when it is done in permissible boundaries.

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