Erogenous zones in men – 17 male erogenous zones

17 male erogenous zones.

There are a lot of erogenous zones on the body of men, when touching which, you can make them moan from pleasure. Most men and women know only the most common erogenous zones in men, but there are many more on them. Read on and you will find out what touch and where they drive men most of all.

1) scalp. The scalp is very often an erogenous zone in men – and some people also consider the head massage the best remedy for baldness. If you have long nails, get out from under his hair and begin to scratch gently or just make a sensual massage with fingertips. Fingers should be like you to wash your head and try to rub the shampoo into its hair.

2) ears. In a whisper gently tell him in the ear all your sexy fantasies that you are going to realize here and right now. At the same time, your tongue can smoothly and gently slide around the neck to his ear. Play the tip of the tongue with the lobe of his ear, then run them along the contour of the ear, barely touching it. If you like you and you can climb your tongue into your auricle and gently tickle it there. He will feel your breath and it will start it even more.

3) lips. Most men like women like to kiss. There are many techniques for kisses. Someone loves delicate kisses, someone likes more intense and passionate. Before you start your tongue in his mouth, spent tenderly with your tongue in his two lips at the same time. Then grab his lower lip with your lips and cling to his buttocks with your fingers (he will have to like it).

4) neck. Both men and women have a very sensitive place for kisses. Especially the side side near the ears. Spend the tongue from his collarbone to the ear, taking his lips at the end of his earlobe. If this technique works, you will immediately notice this, as its skin will be covered with goosebumps.

5) shoulders. While you caress his lips or kiss your neck, you can gently melt his shoulders. Such a sensual massage will help a man to relax faster. If he sits and his shoulders are naked, you can spend your hair through them. It will be possible for him a little tickling, but this is very nice at the same time.

6) elbows. From your shoulders go down to the elbow. A girl can immediately make several circles with her tongue around the elbow, and then draw her tongue along the inside of the hand (where the veins pass) from the elbow to the fingertips.

7) fingers. There are many nerve endings in the fingers as in the ears and feet, which also makes them sensitive to touch. After you spent the tongue from the elbow to your fingers, grab it tightly on the lips one of the fingers. Look into his eyes and at the same time do with your finger what you are going to do with his member. This will undoubtedly lead any man and make you wish even more.

8) chest. Not only women in breasts are a sensitive erogenous zone. Many men also like games with their nipples like women. Twist them, squeeze, lick, bite, etc.D. In the process of experiments, it will become clear to you that your partner starts more.

9) back. Some male representatives do not like when they are massage on their backs, but most find it erotic. Spend, slightly pressing your palms, along its back, namely, in two large muscles on both sides of the spine. Use a massage cream or lubricant for these purposes to make touch softer and pleasant. The lower back in men is also very sensitive.

10) buttocks. We often consider everything buttocks – men’s men, and women are male, and some men even love when they are taken for them. Massage or squeeze them when you kiss a partner, press it for them to you. Some also like it when, during sex, the girl takes them by the buttocks and presses them to her, as if wanting him to enter even deeper.

11) Member. The head is usually the most sensitive part of the penis and the most erogenous zone in men, since most of the nerve endings are concentrated there. When stimulating the penis, pay more attention to the bridle (the place where the upper flesh joins the head), as well as the crown (the edge of the head that passes throughout the circle, a kind of excavation) since they are especially sensitive. If you stimulate the member simply with your hands, do not forget to use the lubricant. It will make sensations much more pleasant. As for the penis and its stimulation, it will be useful to know the following:

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12) scrotum and testicles. A scrotum is the skin in which the testicles are located. Some men have a scrotum so sensitive that touching it gives them pleasure. Take his testicles in the hand and fingering carefully with your fingers massage them. Do not compress them or delay them, as you can hurt him. It is very pleasant for men when their testicles are licking their tongue or suck. You can try to take his testicles in your mouth and carefully massage them with your tongue while your hand is busy with a penis.

13) crotch. The crotch is a plot between its testicles and anus. Some like it when a woman presses (puts pressure) on their crotch with her finger or fifth palm while she makes him a blowjob or when she just masturbates him. Also very pleasant touches with a language or licking.

14) anus and prostate. Most men consider any games with their anus disgusting. But if you discard all the prejudices of the stereotypes and take it in fact, then there are also a lot of nervous endings in the anus, which makes it also sensitive and capable of giving pleasant sensations when stimulating it. I think there are not many representatives of the stronger sex who, having tried Anilingus, will say that it was unpleasant. Also, through the anus, you can stimulate the prostate, which is a male point G. The prostate is a small gland the size of a walnut, which is 4-5 centimeters from the entrance to the anus on the front wall (in the perineum under the pelvic bone between the anus and testicles). It is sensitive to stimulation through the rectum. If he is not against experiments, lubricate the finger well with a lubricant and enter it into his anus. Keep in mind that it is dangerous to stimulate the prostate with large nails, since you can damage the delicate skin of the rectum. Instead of a finger, you can use sex toys or anal cork. More information about prostate massage can be obtained in the article – article.

15) hips. Men’s hips can also be very sensitive. Spend, barely touching your nails, along the lateral outer thigh and at the same time gently blowing on its testicles. You can also do this with the language. The inside of the thigh is no less sensitive, and sometimes even more sensitive.

16) knee. To be more precise, not a knee but a popliteal zone. There are also a lot of nerve endings. Kisses and licking this male erogenous zone will deliver a lot of pleasant sensations. Do not be surprised if your man laughs, as it can be pleasant and at the same time tickling.

17) feet and fingers. Stop massage is a great way to express love for your man. Reflexologists argue that all nerve endings of the foot are associated with all organs and parts of the body. Explore the whole foot and determine which zones stimulation are especially pleasant for your partner. Some say that if you turn the fingers of the feet back during an orgasm, this may increase pleasure.

It will be very interesting in the comments on this article to find out the erogenous zones (except genitals) of our visitors.

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