Erective rings: Vibrookols | Erective rings

Erectational rings: Vibrookolz.

, Erective rings: Vibrookols | Erective rings
Today we’ll talk about Erective rings, But not about simple, but With vibration. It would seem a primitive simple thing, well, what can be told about it? And here you can. A simple device has a large list of merits and helps a strong floor “not to hit your face” in front of his lady during sex. Available and useful toy for any man. Add to your arsenal Erective ring And 100% will not regret. You can choose very much Compact option with an appearance that does not attract excess attention, but you can Multifunctional ultra -modern device.

Who may need a vibration

  • to men who Problems with an erection
  • those who want extend the sexual intercourse
  • for those who need temporarily Increase the size of the penis
  • those who take care of male health (With regular use, it reduces the risk of prostate cancer, eliminates insomnia and stress, improves blood flow)
  • For variety in sex (the member becomes more sensitive, orgasms are brighter)
  • For additional stimulation of a partner (vibration, antennae, tubercles, etc.P.)

How to choose

You need to answer a few questions:

  • What problem do you want to solve when purchasing this sex toy
  • Does it matter to you the material from which the device is made
  • How often you plan to use (batteries or battery)
  • There will be a simple design device and in functionality, or a “smart” modern gadget on remote control
  • Buying budget
  • Correctly determine the size

A few words about the budget – do not chase the cheapness. Penis is still a very delicate male organ, so choose carefully.
How to determine size? It is necessary to measure the diameter of the phallus in an erect state, and choose a ring 5-10 mm less. The description of the rings on our website indicates just the internal diameter of the device. For beginners, we recommend that you do not opt for metal rings.

What are

  • Simple rings with a removable vibropuli.
    This option is great for those who have never used this kind of things. The ring itself is made of soft elastic material, the penis will be comfortable in it. Maybe absolutely smooth, Or maybe surprise you with different Bugers, grooves, metal balls. By the way, the relief is created not only to stimulate a partner, a man will feel an additional massage effect. The vibropulus is removable – You can use separately. Works from batteries, pay attention to whether they are in the kit. Most often 1 vibration mode, I want more – you buy a more powerful bullet and go. For example, Lavender ring with vibro -pouches from Lovetoy total 199 rubles. We recommend. If you use a ring for masturbation, turn a bullet down to the scrotum.
    Silicon rings will cost more. A good option Vibrating Cock Ring from Fifty Shades of Grey.
    Convenient if the device It is controlled remotely – No need to look for a button on the device itself, distracting from the process and embarrassing the partner. A good price-quality ratio of Vibrook Power Ring from Baile.
  • The vibro -ring is rechargeable
    You plan to use the ring often and you don’t want to bother with batteries? It is worth considering options with a built -in battery.
    Black ring Vibe Ring Strength From the leader in the production market Hydroup Bathmate.
    The flagship in this category is a ring Turbo Cock Ring From their professionals Pornhub. Stylish, powerful, waterproof little thing with 6 vibration modes, convenient shape – guarantees sensual massage and unforgettable orgasm.
  • Vibro -ring with additional clitoral stimulation

, Erective rings: Vibrookols | Erective rings
If you add antennae, tubercles, adhesions for the clitoris to the vibropulus, you get a great steam ring. And voila! The color and varieties of rings with additional clitoral stimulation are surprised by the variety. The whole zoo is already waiting for you: Transparent smooth ring with a rabbit type stimulant, There is Red Bull, There is a cute cartoon dinosaur, Light and air butterfly. Choose what area you need to cover.
If you prefer a more concise design and velvety silicone, then you should pay attention to the following models:
From Pipedream. Ride N’Glide Coupeles Ring – Violet ring with vibration and a long embossed process to stimulate the clitoris. AND Sensual Touch Love Ring with a round brush, internal relief of the ring itself, the touch regime and 2 vibration speeds.

  • Vibro -ring with anal stimulation
    Lovers of anal games will like rings with a special process. The design is simple – an elastic ring, vibro element and anal Christmas tree. Double Fun Cock Ring
    From black silicone will satisfy you and partner.
    There is an opportunity to buy a gadget more expensive? Choose with a control panel. Nozzle C-Ringz, In addition to the remote control and velvety silicone surface has 20 vibration modes.
    Also, in rings with anal stimulation of a partner, the vibro element is located right at the scrotum, which will bring additional pleasure and piquancy of sensations.
  • Double rings with vibration
    Rings for lovers of the next level – with a patch of scrotum, that is, double. We insert a penis into one, into the other eggs – new sensations and new orgasms. Get ready – the member will be solid, and sex is long.
    Simple and smooth double ring Renegade Man’s Ring with removable vibro -polls, waterproof, 3 vibration modes. Or silicone puffy ring Cock Balls Vibro Harness Black already with three vibro elements.

  • Vibro -ring svakom
    We will allocate the nozzles of this brand separately, they should pay attention to them. These are modern devices made of velvety medical silicone, simple ergonomic shape. Created for couples – the interests of both men and women are taken into account. Similar to keychain beams, these gadgets do not arouse suspicion among others, so family people do not need to be afraid to be “declassified”.
    This lineup will open a pink row with a removable vibropuli on batteries Armor. Inner diameter 3 cm, soft brush on both sides to stimulate the clitoris. Compact size, powerful vibration, modest price.
    The next device is purple Tyler. Elastic, stretches well, there is a soft brush for the clitoris. Built -in battery, powerful motor with 5 vibration modes. Don’t like purple, choose Black. This toy can be used in water, you can, putting on a finger, massage the partner during the prelude, and for their intended purpose – during sex., Erective rings: Vibrookols | Erective rings
    Do you want more vibration options? Wendy Black – Satisfaction with the most capricious: 25 different modes, built -in battery, water resistance. Winni Violet with a remote control will give more freedom. Additionally, you can use as a vibrator for a partner, and leaving him in panties – play at a distance.
  • “Smart” gadgets from We-Vibe
    Modern people who adore all kinds of technological things, those who are always looking forward to the release of the new iPhone, to those who are pleased to be the owner of the latest gadgets – will surely like a vibro -ring from We-Vibe. Everything in them is a pleasant and safe material, a powerful and quiet vibro element, remote control from a smartphone, a free mobile application for creating countless patterns. And they are waterproof, rechargeable, in stylish packaging. Status and multifunctional thing.
    Ring Pivot – compact with powerful vibration, smooth and tender to the touch. It looks like a massive ring.
    Ring Verge, In addition to all of the above, it has a flat shape, which makes it convenient for its use not only for a man, but also for a woman.
    You use in prelude to stimulate erogenous zones, during sex, masturbation. Both will necessarily fall into this ring.
    Choose your ring of omnipotence, try and enjoy.


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